US News COVID-19: Japan Expo cancels its 2021 edition not to offer a degraded experience to its public

14:09  30 march  2021
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Spain is 65 years old for the Astrazeneca

 Spain is 65 years old for the Astrazeneca vaccine © Copyright 2021, Obs Spain grew by 55 to 65 years of age for the administration of the anti- Covid of Astrazeneca, announced Monday, March 22 the Minister of Health Carolina Darias. "The age limit set at 55 is removed and extended to 65 years," she said in a press conference.

Les organisateurs de Japan Expo ne veulent pas perdre « l'âme du festival » en proposant une édition « empêchant les gens de se rapprocher et de se réunir . » © Thomas Samson / AFP Japan Expo organizers do not want to lose "the soul of the festival" by proposing an edition " preventing people from getting closer and getting together.

" At the time of the long litany of festival cancellations, the current conditions, without surprise, do not allow to consider this edition " deplore the organizers of Japan Expo in a statement. Faced with the conditions related to the pandemic The Grand Mass of Nippone culture gives up for the second year in a row to the festivities. The festival was to be held at the Paris-North Exhibition Center Villepinte from 15 to 18 July 2021.

" Given our audience, vaccination is not going to take place right away, declare the founders Thomas Sirdey and Jean- François Dufour . Japan Expo is above all a fan of fans from Japan from all over Europe. Keeping it by preventing people from getting closer and getting together betrays our DNA. »

The COVID-19 out of control in Brazil, already 300,000 dead!

 The COVID-19 out of control in Brazil, already 300,000 dead! © Pixabay The COVID-19 out of control in Brazil, already 300,000 dead! In Constant Acceleration For a month, COVID-19 mortality steals record records in Brazil, the second most endangered country in the world, which recorded nearly 90,000 additional cases of contamination in 24 hours. Criticized for his casualness vis-à-vis the sanitary crisis, Jair Bolsonaro is under pressure. Brazil is definitely very come under the pandemic of COVID-19. 2.009 New deaths were registered Wednesday, which carri

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Third Lounge behind those of agriculture and the world of auto, in terms of daily attendance, Japan Expo requires enormous logistics, impossible to put As a result of the uncertainties inherent in the pandemic. Range by a team of twenty employees and 450 seasonal to organize the coming of 70 artists, the programming of sixteen concert scenes, the logistics of 900 stands or the reception of the 250,000 visitors, the manifestation requires " a complex orchestration and a complex orchestration subtle coordination that is elaborated over time. Japan Expo is a construction between exhibitors, artists and visitors. Beyond economic issues, we do not want to propose a degraded experience that would go against Japan Expo. »

Anti-Covid Restrictions: Only 12% less travelers in transport

 Anti-Covid Restrictions: Only 12% less travelers in transport © LP / Sébastian Companion on line 13, March 25, 2021. After the new anti-Covid-19 restrictions set up on March 20, Attendance has only slightly down. Valérie Pécresse, President of Ile-de-France Mobility (IDFM), the transport authority, is moved to Wednesday in Paris Match. "We have not managed to put people back to teleworking," she deplores.

inconceivable virtual edition

Before adding:" we think to want to maintain the festival, but reducing the number of visitors welcomed, asking the public to stay at a good distance from each other, and avoiding All contact, we will lose the soul of the festival, its atmosphere and therefore the interest-even to make an event. »

The solution of a virtual edition has certainly been evoked to be rejected immediately:" Our audience is essentially composed of geeks that are seen in virtual all year. Japan Expo allows them to see each other and exchange more direct. That's why they come every year. ", sing in unison the organizers.

Another problem of size, the coming of artists. "There are not so many links between our two countries and when the Japanese can move, they are submissive to fifteen days of isolation at the hotel to go and return for four days of festival. "

If renounce for a second year in festures is difficult, the absence of perspectives also weighs heavily on morale. " Since March 2020, our teams are waiting to resume their activities without us being able to give them a specific date. Today we are not able to tell them when working at the next edition ". Despite the aid " welcome " of the state who helped to pass the course, the organizers had to separate from a significant part of people: " today, we turn with a team of twenty people but Last year we were forty. »

Despite all hope is allowed. Thanks to the vaccine, Thomas Sirdey and Jean-François Dufour feel better armed to offer an edition next year. And then, " we can not stay blocked so long, there will inevitably be a way to do Japan Expo 2022, all this social frustration will necessarily stop. In any case, we are ready. We can find ourselves physically together in an edition that will fill these two years of absence. »

34% of the old COVID patients have neurological or psychiatric disorders .
© Copyright 2021, Obs according to a British study, coronavirus would have important impacts on patient mental health, ranging from anxiety to Stroke or dementia for some. The confinement is not the only to play on the mental health individuals in times of crisis. One in three who overcame COVID-19 had an diagnosis of neurological or psychiatric disorders within six months of the infection, according to the biggest study to date on the mental balance of old patients. Coronavirus.

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