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14:25  07 april  2021
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coronate tests have not arrived in time: Second league lot of Hamm falls from

 coronate tests have not arrived in time: Second league lot of Hamm falls from the game planned for Sunday afternoon of the ASV Hamm-Westphalia at Dessau-Rosslauer HV had to be laid. For a curious reason. © provided by sport1.de coronate tests did not arrive in time: second league game of Hamm falls out of More than 1000 PCR tests took the handball second division ASV Hamm-Westphalia in this season according to its own statement already before, not one of them positive findings result.

Signal should in future support the crypto Motorcoin. A first test of the new payment function now starts in the UK.

Britische Nutzerinnen und Nutzer können direkt in Signal mit Mobilecoin bezahlen. © Signal British users can pay directly in signal with MobileCoin.

As part of a beta test, British users and users of the Signal App can now deposit their MobileCoin Wallet in the messaging app and perform payments to others directly in the chat. The crypto currency is comparatively new and is only regularly traded since December 2020. Signal boss Moxie Marlinspike has been working since the beginning of the crypto currency project as a paid consultant for MobileCoin. Accordingly, it is not really surprising that the messenger is now on the crypto feed.

"It Ratims": Jean-Luc Reichmann positive at COVID 19 and now confined

 © Denis Guigneburg / Bestimage "it Ratin": Jean-Luc Reichmann positive to Covid 19 and now confined Jean-Luc Reichmann, L 'Host of the show "The 12 shots" on TF1, revealed to be positive at CVIV-19 during an interview with Pascal Negre on RFM, Sunday, April 4th. Jean-Luc Reichmann will not have managed to escape COVID-19. This is in any case what he explained in an interview with Pascal Negro, on RFM, Sunday, April 4, as the recreation .

MobileCoin has various mechanisms to ensure the anonymity of users. The transaction height is also concealed to the outside. MobileCoin uses various techniques that are used in similar form in crypto currencies ZCash and Monero. When signal expanding the support for crypto feeding to other markets is currently unknown.

Signal: MobileCoin and the problem with volatility

Like other crypto currencies, the MobileCoin is currently still partially massive price fluctuations. The maximum value of the currency was more than $ 70 within the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, however, the value moves at around 57 dollars. Since the end of March 2021, the course rose by almost 600 percent.

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The high volatility makes MobileCoin, as many other crypto currencies, therefore, for the time being a rather poor cash. Marlinspike, according to the US Publication Wired , therefore thinks about the money in US dollars or another stable currency to comply with the actual transaction in MobileCoin. But then transactions were likely to understand again, which forces the actual privacy concept of MobileCoin.

Improvement of the Mobile Network in Ile-de-France: "38 zones have already been identified" .
© DR Figure. mobile phone. The establishment of new pylons started in Ile-de-France, particularly in Val-d'Oise, as part of the New Deal Mobile. Michel Combot, Director General of the Telecom Federation, returns to this plan, for which a big job was done with local elected officials. And, in total, these are 5000 white zones that must disappear in France by 2025. How do operators work to cover the white areas? Michel Combot.

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