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15:15  08 april  2021
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Coronavirus: The South African Variant could "cross" the Pfizer-Israeli study

 Coronavirus: The South African Variant could Health-Coronavirus-Israel-Study: Coronavirus: The South African variant could "cross" the Pfizer-Israeli study © Reuters / Amir Cohen Coronavirus: The South African variant could "cross" the Israeli Pfizer-study vaccine by Maayan Libell Jerusalem (Reuters) - The variant of the coronavirus identified for the first time in South Africa is capable of "crossing" in a Certain measure The Pfizer and Biontech vaccine, concludes an Israeli study published Saturday but which has not yet been reviewed by

In Brazil, the variant P.1 spreads rapidly quickly. It is dangerously, above all, because it is contagious. Also greeting Covid-19 patients can re-ill. Vaccinations have less effect.

Die Welle der neuen Coronavirus-Variante P.1 fordert mittlerweile Tausende Opfer täglich © Lincon Zarbifti / dpa / Picture Alliance The wave of the new coronavirus variant P.1 is now demanding thousands of victims daily

these days confirmed, which virologists had already warned since January: the virus variant P.1 has now enforced and is spreading at breathtaking speed .

, there were fewer than 1000 deaths in Brazil every day at the beginning of January, the numbers have risen dramatically since the end of March. Currently, there are more than 3,000 deaths daily. About 90 percent of new infections are attributed to the variant P.1.

Covid-19: a new variant discovered in Alsace?

 Covid-19: a new variant discovered in Alsace? © Juan Diego Montenegro / Sopa Images / LightRocket / Getty Images Covid-19: a new variant discovered in Alsace? while the English variant ramps in the region, another appeared at the Strasbourg CHU. The Covid-19 epidemic continues to circulate in France, and even more in some areas such as the Ile-de-France, the Hauts-de-France or the Alpes-Maritimes.

I cry for the people of Brazil ???????? # P1 is serious. The World Better Wake Up.


@MaxCroser & @OourWorldindata ) # COVID19 pic.twitter.com/uradmaljen - Eric Feigl-Ding (@DRericding)

April 3, 2021

Reliable can be used Number of new infections not determined. But it is clear: the infection has been completely out of control. Since the beginning of the pandemic (as of April 8, 2021) are more ill in Brazil than 13 million people demonstrably at Corona.

, however, physicians also go out of a high number of dark figure. Many sick and recently recent were probably never statistically recorded. The country has more than 200 million inhabitants. Other countries in which the variant spreads are Mexico, Sweden, Belgium and Colombia.

What is known about the SARS COV-2 variant P.1?

"absolutely necessary": the opposition calls for the closure of the aerial links to fight against the Brazilian variant

 © Copyright 2021, the Obs after the repeated calls of health professionals , the opposition has in turn claimed the Closing air routes with Brazil to limit the propagation of the Brazilian Variant , still very minority in France.

physicians have proven the variant for the first time on January 10 in Brazil. It has 17 mutations, three of which are the spike protein. The latter probably lead to the fact that the virus can penetrate more easily into the cells and multiply there.

is particularly problematic, the mutation E484K, is likely to be responsible for people who have already survived a coronavirus infection once again.

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First, P.1 mainly described

in the state of Manaus , which was noteworthy in that many people in Covid-19 were precisely there and physicians actually had hope, that there soon a natural herd immunity could occur. This hope has smashed through P.1. The mutations of the variant P.1 are similar to those of the South African variant B.1.351, but have developed independently of her. runs a disease with p.1 heavier than with other variants?

experiences from other countries in which p.1. has occurred, suggest that the severity of the courses is not heavier than the original wild type.

Peru enclosed in the infernal spiral of

 Peru enclosed in the infernal spiral of © Reuters - Sebastian Castaneda An inhabitant of Lima receives a dose of Pfizer-Biontech, March 23, 2021. The Brazilian variant spreads disturbingly throughout Latin America . In Peru, the first case of infection of this variant was detected in February in the Loreto region at the Brazilian border. Since then, it has spread at high speed throughout the country, and until Lima, where it represents nearly half of the new cases.

but final data are hardly available so far. It is clear: the variant is much contagious. In Brazil, has meant that the health system is hopelessly overloaded. Therefore, the high deaths. ICUs are not available for most patients and oxygen supplies are running low.

The fact that there are such circumstances no reliable figures on new infections, make it almost impossible at present to make a statistically reliable statement on the dangerousness of the variant P.1.

How effective are the available vaccinations still? act

Whether and how well the currently available vaccines against the variant P.1 has been clarified yet not exhaustive. It is known that about drugs from AstraZeneca and BioNTech form in the laboratory neutralizing antibodies against the variant. But a preliminary study shows that these are not so effective as against the wild type.

Vaccine Escape of variants vs Pfizer-Biontech & Nih-Moderna: Troubling New Peer Reviewed Paper Shows Even 2-Tip Recipients Have Serious Trouble Neutralizing The

# B1351 ???????? Variant-as Little AS VS Old Sars & Bat Coronavirus. # P1 is Poor Too. 1-dose worse. Lots of Graphs ???? # COVID19 pic.twitter.com/glXBOqMU4l - Eric Feigl thing (@DrEricDing)

March 14, 2021

It is also known that the AstraZeneca vaccine

is not as effective acts against the South African variant , which yes has similar mutations in the spike protein.

Nevertheless, it is still useful to maintain the vaccine strategy, because even with infection with a virus variant,

is probably the highlights of milder vaccination. vaccinated persons must then be more rarely treated intensive care and less patients die.

Author: Fabian Schmidt

Coronavirus / Poland: Daily Death Record in 2021, Hospitals in difficulty .
Sant Coronavirus-Poland: Coronavirus / Poland: Daily Death Record in 2021, Hospitals in difficulty © Reuters / Aleksandra Szmigiel Coronavirus / Poland: Daily Death Record in 2021, Hospitals in Difficulty Warsaw (Reuters) - Poland registered Wednesday the largest number of coronavirus related deaths since the beginning of the year and the fears increase for the health system which trouble dealing with a third wave of the epidemic.

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