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20:40  09 april  2021
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The land has become rar today. Already existing houses are a great way to fulfill the dream of your own home anyway. The roof renovation, the redesign of the floor plan or the modernization of heating and sanitary facilities are just a few examples of how to bring the old building back into shot. But how do you decide what is necessary? In the following article we give you important clues to the hand, which you should consider in the modernization of your house. Inventory and modernization plan before you crash into the work, it is important to give you an overview. Check which parts of your house must be brought to the bottom of your house and what still can be used. Throw a close look at: -Fassaden insulation insulation outdoor insulation insulation of the cellar area heating systems -Sanitary equipment heating, sound and fire protection electronics-flooring windows doors kitchen and bathroom You should definitely the age of the Include house. It is not worth to miss the walls a new paint, if it is foreseeable that the insulation in a few years is urgently needed to be changed. It is recommended to create a modernization plan. In general, it is advised not to save neither at the house construction nor in the case of building services. The budget should be more likely to be spared with internal furnishings. Furthermore, it is advised to commission a specialist. This has the necessary experience to tell you objectively what modernization works are indispensable. These costs come to the cost of house-modernization vary from case to case. While some houses need only slight refreshments, other a comprehensive renovation is indispensable. Have you created a modernization plan, but you can easily estimate what sum you have to expect. However, it must also be considered that the cost of the building material and the craftsmen have great differences. While in the big city for the repair of the outer insulation probably has to be expected at around 40,000 euros, only 15,000 euros may be charged on the country. Modernization loan or mortgage lending? Since the work on the home can be quite fast on a sum in the five-digit area, one usually comes around a loan. The modernization loan is designed mainly on smaller loans. However, it is also possible to use the credit for a larger conversion. In general, credit sums of up to 50,000 euros can be used. Anyone who can already refrain that the cost of his modernization work exceeds this limit must grasp classic mortgage lending. Then, however, it is necessary to make a land register entry and the approval can go into the length thanks to cumbersome bureaucracy.

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Create a priority list Erstelle eine Prioritätenliste © Homify / Press Profile Homify Create a priority list

In order not to break the framework of the loan, you could, for example, create an priority list . It makes sense to classify the upcoming work in different categories. The most urgent work should be done immediately. Modernizations that do not contribute to space recovery or comfort or maintenance of the house can be moved to another time.

Do you need a building permit?

When performing certain construction measures, it may be legally prescribed to apply for an building permit . For example, attachments must be approved and the tearing of carrying walls should also be reported. It is also possible that you have to meet certain conditions because your house is under the monument protection or is in a special neighborhood. Inform yourself in good time and get the necessary permits at the responsible Bauamt of your community.

You also have to consider some rules on the protection of residents

Furthermore, you also have to ensure that you do not endanger your fellow human beings during the modernization work. For construction work on the roof, devices should be attached, which prevents the absorbing building material. With the help of warning signs and barriers, pedestrians can also be held to go into hazardous areas.

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