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12:50  10 april  2021
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after more than seven decades of their common life slept Prince Philip ( 99) on the side of his wife Queen Elizabeth II. (94) peacefully on April 9th. In the last few weeks, the head of the British Royal House had still passed all the way to make the last life days of the Duke of Edinburgh as beautiful as possible. It has also been renounced on ritualized processes, as reported "dailymail.co.uk".

Queen Elizabeth II. und Prinz Philip © DDP Images / Xposure Queen Elizabeth II. And Prince Philip

He was her heart man. Now Queen Elizabeth II had to say goodbye to her prince's prayer. Moving insights we show you in the video above.

So Prinz Philip spent his last life days

Although the last months of Prince Philip were strongly drawn from illness, he did not want to spend his last life days in the hospital. He wanted to feel as well as possible and insisted to return to his home. But the Queen also draws strength from being allowed to spend a little life together with her husband in Windsor Castle. There were also strict meal times shifted when Philip felt strong enough to dine with his wife together.

majority of the British wishes Prince William as a future King

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In recent weeks, Philip gave much of the day. On warm days he asked that a chair was brought outside. "The sun on the face and a blanket on the lap," says AdelSexperte Richard Kay, as Philip enjoyed life in his last days.

A kingdom in grief. As Emotional United Kingdom is farewell to Prince Philip, we show you in the video below.

Prince Philip did not want to be friable

until the most recently, the prince did not want to show his frailty. When he felt forces to leave his room, he pulled shirts, pants and sweaters and even polished his shoes. Since he fell heavily, he used a stick. Only reluctantly he let himself be persuaded to be pushed in the wheelchair.

Once his reading glasses came out of his arm. As a servant hurried to help to pick them up, he said "Nothing, I'll do that," and bent to the ground. Until most recently, the prince "in good form" had been, as an employee of the royal house confirmed. He read, still wrote letters and phoned his family and close friends.

Royal Condolences for Prince Philip

 Royal Condolences for Prince Philip The reigning families of Europe, which are mostly related to them, have addressed their condolences to Queen Elizabeth II for the death of his husband Prince Philip, which occurred on Friday. © Agency / Bestimage Prince Philip, October 15, 2015 The death of Prince Philip this Friday, April 9, 2021, two months of its 100th anniversary, has generated many reactions in the world.

Once the Queen was impaired as she realized that Philip refused to use his hearing aid. "It means we have to scream," she stated. Even if the health of the prince suggested that his life came to an end, both still last intimate moments of joyous togetherness could enjoy.

In the video below, you will learn which processes of the royal protocol are now launched according to Prince Philips Death.

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