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15:15  10 april  2021
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EU countries agree to share "solidarity vaccines"

 EU countries agree to share health-coronavirus-EU-vaccines: EU countries agree to share "solidarity vaccines" © Reuters / Dado RUVIC Countries Of the EU agreed to share "solidarity vaccines" Brussels (Reuters) - most European Union countries have agreed on Thursday to share some of their future deliveries of vaccines against coronavirus with five members of the Community Bloc that they feel the most troubled in the face of the sanitary crisis.

A custody fee of usually 0.5 percent now requires 300 banks and savings banks. Not only money money accounts are affected.

Lange Zeit verlangten Banken vor allem bei großen Summen ab 100.000 Euro Strafzinsen. © DPA For a long time, banks demanded, especially for large sums of 100,000 euros of penalty interest.

For more and more savers, larger sums are mainly on the call money account to a minus business. Overall, 300 banks and savings banks now require an so-called custody fee of mostly 0.5 percent , as evidenced from data of the comparison portal Verivox.

In the first 100 days of the current year, more than 100 money houses introduced penalty interest (as of April 9). Dynamics once again significantly tightened this year, explained Oliver Maier, Managing Director of Verivox Financial Comparison GmbH.

15.300 Points mark falls: DAX sets recorddrally Fort

 15.300 Points mark falls: DAX sets recorddrally Fort Even after Easter, the DAX does not seem to go out. © Provided by finanzen.net Daniel Roland / AFP / Getty Images The DAX rose with a profit of 1.21 percent at 15.289.97 points in the trade and thus marked a new record high at the beginning of the trade. In the further course, it is even further upwards, the 15,300 points mark is skipped. The current all-time high is now at 15,311.86 units. Currently, the stock market barometer wins 1.28 percent to 15,300.83 meters.

According to his assessment, Corona has accelerated the trend. "In the pandemic, many consumers prefer their money on the account instead of spending it. For banks, this is a problem, because they pay even penalty interests on excess deposits, "Maier said.

"The more aspects you need to accept, the greater the pressure on credit institutions to pass on these costs to your customers." Commercial banks currently need to pay 0.5 percent interest if they park excess funds at the European Central Bank (ECB).

Even if there are enabled allowances for certain sums, this remains a billions of loading for the industry. The costs give more and more money houses in whole or in part and calculate their customers negative interest rates.

penalty interest usually apply for call money

Why everyone speaks (and for a long time) "Bleisure"?

 Why everyone speaks (and for a long time) © Shelgraraphy / Shutterstock Many hotel groups prepare for the trend "Bleisure" which mixes pleasure, travel and business favored by the development of teleworking, the "Bleisure" is in the process of becoming the great trend of tomorrow's trip . The hotel groups, traditionally attached to business tourism, are now focusing on the leisure and the All-Inclusive to stick to the new expectations of travelers.

for a long time banks demanded, especially for large sums of 100,000 euros of penalty interest. In the meantime, Verivox, according to at least 95 institutes of negative interest rates from a total balance of 50,000 euros or less.

The comparison portal evaluates the price ranges published on the Internet of about 1300 banks and savings banks. Mostly penalty interests apply to daily allowance, but partly they are also charged for giro and clearing accounts. According to

consumer protectors, negative interest rates for existing and new customers are only permitted if the custody fee was explicitly agreed with them. It is not enough to change only the General Terms and Conditions (GTC).

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DAX Stable to record the day before

 DAX Stable to record the day before According to records the day before, investors at the German stock market are waiting for the weekly center. © Fredrik of Erichsen / DPA The DAX is the most important stock index in Germany. shortly after the commercial launch, the DAX increased by 0.06 percent on Wednesday to 15,221.13 points. For the MDAX of medium-sized values, it was 0.26 percent to 32,550.84 points. The eurozone key index Eurostoxx 50 also gave a moderate 0.11 percent to 3966.19 points.

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The BVB had to be deserved in the quarterfinals of the Champions League Manchester City. At the break there was Dortmund on semi-final course, but then a penalty brought the turning. The emergence caused discussions after the game. © Imago Images Referee Carlos del Cerro Grande shows on the point, Emre Can (# 23) was with the hand on the ball. it ran the 52nd minute, as a fashion on the left side ran to the baseline and brought the flank.

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