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15:15  10 april  2021
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Bundestag election: Ralph Brinkhaus calls for rapid decision of the K-Question

 Bundestag election: Ralph Brinkhaus calls for rapid decision of the K-Question Union Faction Chief Ralph Brinkhaus urges a quick decision of the most important personnel in the election campaign before the federal election. I find ideas on his own candidacy "Nice - more not". © Michael Kappeler / DPA Union Faction Chief Ralph Brinkhaus ( CDU ) has prompted the party leader of CDU and CSU to a rapid clarification in the question of Chancellor's candidacy. "The interest in the parliamentary group in the decision is huge," said Brinkhaus in Deutschlandfunk .

The dispute over the Chancellor's candidates in the Union is approaching. The CDU can not take the candidacy, find Merz. 50 deputies demand more participation.

Merz hatte im Januar den Kampf um den CDU-Bundesvorsitz gegen Armin Laschet verloren. © DPA Merz had lost the struggle for the CDU Federal Presidency against Armin Laschet in January.

The CDU Policer Friedrich Merz has pronounced in the union-internal rings around the Chancellor Candidature against CSU -Kef Markus Söder . "The CDU can not actually take the Chancellor's candidate," said the CDU politician the "Westphalian Anzeiger" (Saturday). Despite the weak survey values, of the CDU chairman Armin Laschet unchanged good opportunities. "Surveys are a moment's intake. They do not believe for a permanent, long-term and personnel policy strategic decision. "Merz had lost the fight for the CDU Federal Presidency against Armin Lashet in January.

Sputnik and Markus Söder: Bodo Ramelow warns of competition among the countries

 Sputnik and Markus Söder: Bodo Ramelow warns of competition among the countries Bavaria wants to order millions of doses of the Russian Corona vaccine Sputnik V. But Health Ministers of the Countries were not informed about the Söder-Intuss, reports Thuringia's Prime Minister Ramelow. © Bodo Schackow / DPA Bavaria is still securing a potential EU approval of the Russian Corona vaccine Sputnik V million doses of the agent. The Free State will sign a preliminary contract with a production company in Swabian Illertissen, Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) announced.

Lashet and Söder want to decide together by Pentecost at the latest, who acts as Chancellor's candidate at the general election in September. There is no accurate appointment for the decision. On Sunday, a clausing meeting of the executive board of the Bundestag Faction takes place. It is expected to be that the exam to become the onshoul of the two potential chancellor candidates . Neither laser nor Söder has officially registered a candidature.

A large group of CDU deputies in the Union faction in the Bundestag called on Friday a say in the decision, who finally goes to the race as Chancellor's candidate. Around 50 deputies (Stand Friday night) had been connected to an explanation according to information from the German press agency, in which it says: "As members of a self-confident CDU / CSU federal group we expect that before a definition of this scope is proclaimed, in one Cross-party faction session of CDU and CSU discussed and in doubt is also decided there. "The call counteracts the previous planning of the party tips to decide with each other.

Bundesliga: Bavaria fan club spokesman: "Absolute madness"

 Bundesliga: Bavaria fan club spokesman: Alexander Fischer, spokesman of the club No. 12 - a umbrella organization of fanclubs and fans of FC Bayern - has vitely pronounced a return of spectators into the stadiums. Especially in the course of the European Championship games in Munich, the topic is currently being discussed hot. © Provided by Spox The fans of Bayern criticize the plans of a sooner viewer return.

in the statement presented by the DPA in Berlin is referred to the "outstanding meaning for our on-site election campaign", which have the decision on the common Chancellor's candidate of CDU and CSU. The "Heilbronner voice" and the "picture" newspaper reported about it. The initiative is also likely to become a topic of the audience of the executive board of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group on Sunday.

The former CSU chief Edmund Stoiber memorized at Friday night to a mutual agreement of the sister parties - as in his own comprehension for the general election almost 20 years ago. With a breakfast in Wolfratshausen in January 2002, the then CDU chairman Angela Merkel had left the chancellor candidate to the former CSU boss Stoiber. With a view to the today possible union candidates, the CDU chairman Armin Laschet and CSU boss Markus Söder, Stoiber said the "Münchner Merkur" (Saturday edition): "There must be no breakfast." And at the same time emphasized: "But I'm pleading for A consensual solution. Alternatively, the faction would have to decide what would be confrontative. "

Growing impatience in the group: Will the Union summit be at the shunt of Laschet and Söder?

 Growing impatience in the group: Will the Union summit be at the shunt of Laschet and Söder? On Sunday, leading politicians of CDU and CSU meet for the exam. Well possible, that the Union faction tip in the K question is serious. A comment. © Photo: Sven Hoppe / DPA Markus Söder (L, CSU), Prime Minister of Bavaria, and Armin Laschet (CDU), Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia from now on.

Söder was once Stoiber's Secretary-General. In the interview, Stoiber avoided but a statement for him. "Both have the stuff to the Chancellor." About Laschet he said, "He succeeded, the CDU to one."

Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) told the newspapers of the Funke Media Group (Saturday): "The decision who for the Union as Chancellor's candidate, in my opinion, should be through in the next two weeks. "

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CDU politician threatens founding a national association in Bavaria .
Will Markus Söder "destroy the CDU"? A supporter Armin Lashes sees this danger - and shows itself in the power struggle around the Chancellor's candidacy ready for the next escalation level. © Sven Hoppe / DPA A Own Landesverband in Bavaria: This idea has brought the CDU in the history of the Union not only once into the game , if she joined together with her sister party, the Bavarian CSU.

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