US News Growing impatience in the group: Will the Union summit be at the shunt of Laschet and Söder?

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The mood test in the Union is before: Latschet has not lost to Söder

 The mood test in the Union is before: Latschet has not lost to Söder CDU boss Armin Laschet has not yet abandoned in the race around the Chancellor's candidacy yet. This shows its attacks on the SPD candidates. A comment. © Guido Kirchner / DPA Armin Laschet (CDU, Links), Prime Minister of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, and Markus Söder (CSU), Prime Minister of the State of Bavaria. It looks in between again and again afterwards, but then North Rhine-Westphalia has prime minister, which at the same time leads the federal CDU, but from the mood hole.

On Sunday, leading politicians of CDU and CSU meet for the exam. Well possible, that the Union faction tip in the K question is serious. A comment.

Markus Söder (l, CSU), Ministerpräsident von Bayern, und Armin Laschet (CDU), Ministerpräsident von Nordrhein-Westfalen © Photo: Sven Hoppe / DPA Markus Söder (L, CSU), Prime Minister of Bavaria, and Armin Laschet (CDU), Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia

from now on. Volker Bouffier, CDU-Grande, Hessian Prime Minister, a kind of lord sealing the interests of his party, is in the Chancellor's candidate question as impatient as a number of Union members already .

Many, from CDU, as from CSU, fear for their parliamentary seats and therefore penetrate a rapid decision to give it at least a bit of election campaign until September. I mean: a confrontation with the political opponents - those outside the Union. So much time is not anymore. Soon the next holidays are on, the summer holidays.

Chancellor Angela Merkel familiar Markus Söder - believes the vast majority of German

 Chancellor Angela Merkel familiar Markus Söder - believes the vast majority of German the CSU and the Chancellor - that was not a harmonious relationship. But now my two-thirds of the German, Angela Merkel trust CSU boss Markus Söder. Competitor Armin Laschet has the look. © Peter Kneffel / DPA It was once the dispute. Since a CSU chairman left the Chancellor 13 minutes on the party stage and kept her a little friendly lecture on refugee policy. Later, the same CSU chairman explained, he did not leave himself from a Chancellor, "which is only because of me Chancellor." Yes, it w

What Bouffier has in mind, at the same time, some of the CDU Bundestag deputies among the 50 Union representatives who have just declared that they do not want to accept this scope without a faction meeting. In which CDU and CSU are discussed and in doubt also decide.

There is Markus Söder, the Bavarian Prime Minister and CSU boss, opposite right now not as a winner set . Stand Today he has no majority, should actually be tuned in the group. The CSU alone has in the Union Faction 45 of the total of 245 seats.

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are now the possible chancellor candidates of the Union , CDU boss and NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet and Söder, both invited to the top clause of the Union faction on Sunday. Chancellor Angela Merkel is also explicitly asked for the deliberations. What in turn is of special spikerie because the meeting can become a kind of shunt of Laschet and Söder for the possible succession of the Chancellor.

Hamburger CDU Landeschef against altitudes of his party at Chancellor's Candidate Grüß

 Hamburger CDU Landeschef against altitudes of his party at Chancellor's Candidate Grüß The internal competition for the Chancellor's candidacy of the Union has triggered open concern in the ranks of CDU and CSU. After CDU boss Armin Laschet as well as CSU boss Markus Söder both officially thrown their hat as a candidate into the ring, the Landesverband Hamburg now warns of soles of the CDU. "The decision on Chancellor's candidacy must be made and coordinated together," said CDU country leader Christoph Ploß of the Düsseldorf "Rheinische Post" (Monday issue).

Merkel, for many years CDU chairman, has recently been void for lashing and recognizing over Söder. Internally, the Chancellor is kept held to harm the interests of its CDU; Individual leaders of the party carry Merkel, moreover, to wear a belonging degree of compliance with the failure of Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer's ambitions. She was laser predecessor. The relationship between Kramp Karrenbauer and Merkel is now also considered shattered.

It is called Söder Tue so as if he was already elected

in the consultations behind closed doors in Berlin want faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus and CSU country group chief Alexander Dobrindt in the executive circle about the modernization of the state debating. This requires content contributions from Laschet and Söder.

In the personnel question, the two party chairmen had agreed on a decision between Easter and Pentecost. That explains the growing impatience. Söder has recently revealed more clearly that he plays with the idea of ​​a Chancellor's candidacy. However, in addition to Bouffier, other prime ministers from the CDU are quite skeptical, which concerns the person Söder.

Söder is said to have an increasing slope to authoritarian behavior and great political maneuverability to read, for example, on a rapid turn to green positions. Recently it was also called Söder Tue as if he was already elected. Well possible, that is why the Union fraction peak is now serious and draws the decision-making process.

The German line chooses Armin Leschet as a candidate for the succession of Angela Merkel .
© Michael Sohn, AP Armin Laschet, confirmed, Tuesday, April 20, as Conservative candidate with German Chancellery, intends to register in direct heir of the Angela Merkel's moderate and pro-European line. After several days of internal confrontation, the German line endorsed, Tuesday, the candidacy of the centrist Armin Leschet in the elections of September to succeed Angela Merkel. The German centrist Armin Laschet officially candidate from the right to the estate of Angela Merkel .

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