US News Stellantis Douvrin: 800 protesters against the relocation of the production of an engine

02:05  11 april  2021
02:05  11 april  2021 Source:   ouest-france.fr

Burma-Les Challenges call for the "Guerrilla Strike", Internet Access Blocked

 Burma-Les Challenges call for the Burmese-Politics / (Photo, TV): Burma-Les Challenging calls for the "Guerrilla Strike", Internet access Blocked April 1 (Reuters) - Burmese activists organized vigils to candlelight Thursday night and endeavored to find solutions after the army ordered telecommunications companies to block Internet access on Friday. This prohibition prevents the movement of dispute to mobilize via social networks and disseminate images of the repression led by the junta.

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La production d'un moteur essence de l'usine Stellantis pourrait être délocalisée de Douvrin vers la Hongrie. © Philippe Huguen / AFP The production of a gasoline engine of the Stellantis factory could be relocated from Douvrin to Hungary.

Several hundred protesters scrolled in the Pas-de-Calais to denounce the relocation of the Douvrin plant to produce engines in Eastern Europe.

about 800 people (unions and prefecture) paved Saturday near the Stellantis factory (ex-PSA) to Douvrin ( Pas-de-Calais ) to protest against the relocation of the production of an engine Essence in Hungary, synonym of "programmed death" of the factory, according to unions.

"Employees are very worried" , reported Laurent Dubois (CFTC), which calls for "the maintenance of employment on our site" founded in 1969, where about 1,500 people work.

Burma. Salves of applause to challenge the junta and support the democracy

 Burma. Salves of applause to challenge the junta and support the democracy © EPA / Maxppp of the pro-democracy protesters dressed in black brandish balloons and photos of victims of the armed troops, in Rangoon, April 5, 2021. Pro-democracy mobilization continues in Burma after the bloody coup in February 1st. This Monday, April 5, salvations of applause resulted in greeting the armed ethnic factions opposed to the junta.

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According to the unions, the plant may no longer have any production by 2025, with the probable stop of diesel engine in 2023 and the offshoring end of February of the production of EP gasoline engine 3 to the Opel factory From Szentgottard, Hungary, in 2023. "Without this production, we will be forced to close the factory. Offshoring sounds the end for us », predicts Joel Petit (CFDT).

"PSA has undergone competitiveness agreements, and finally barely Stellantis created, the direction announces the relocation" of the EP engine, is registed Scheenaerts, of the CGT, which was not "not signatory" . "What is emerging is the programmed death of the French mechanics" (former name of the factory).

of the plant is currently coming out of a third engine, the EB gasoline, also produced in other group sites. In June, management must announce where its new generation will be produced.

Nigeria: More than 1,800 detainees escape after the attack on a prison

 Nigeria: More than 1,800 detainees escape after the attack on a prison © Pius Utomi Ekpei, AFP The state of IMO is located in the old independence region of Biafra. More than 1,800 detainees escaped Monday from a southeastern prison of Nigeria after the attack of an armed group. The penitentiary authorities ensure that the situation is now "under control". This is the most important attack on a prison in the recent history of the country. It's a spectacular escape that took place in the middle of the night.

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Policy mobilization

were present at the Employees, inhabitants and elected.

"The production of a new engine on this site is essential if we want to preserve the jobs: @Stellantisfr must engage! , Tweeted The President of the Regional Council Xavier Bertrand (EX-LR) , candidate for his own succession, but also to the presidential election.

I met this morning, with local elected officials, the inter-union of the French of # mechanics to #double . The production of a new engine on this site is essential if we want to preserve the jobs: @Stellantisen must engage! pic.twitter.com/iddrljeb8m

- Xavier Bertrand (@xavierbertrand) April 10, 2021

"It is necessary to stop subsidizing companies that relocate the jobs outside the country" , estimated in a Sébastien Chenu communiqué (RN) MP and head of the list to the regional, who sees in the situation of the factory an "umpteenth proof of the failure of the mandate of Xavier Bertrand" .

Spectacular Evasion in Nigeria: The police calls to "destroy" the separatists

 Spectacular Evasion in Nigeria: The police calls to © provided by AFP image from a video of the Owerri prison AFPTV where more than 1,800 detainees escaped after an attack by "Armed men", on April 5, 2021 in the south-east of Nigeria The Nigerian Chief of Police called Tuesday to "destroy the last man" the separatist band Biafrais after the spectacular attack of a prison in Southeast of Nigeria this weekend, which has allowed more than 1,800 prisoners to escape.

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For MP Bruno Bilde (Rn), which was also present, "Our territory, efforts and know-how employees should not be despised for short-term financial interests! .

The construction Very close to an "mega factory" of batteries for electric cars from 2022, under the aegis of the Automotive Cells Company (ACC) - which combines stellantis equal parts with the French battery specialist SAFT, a total affiliate - trouble reassuring unions. "It does not absorb (lost jobs)" , according to Mr. Small.

According to ACC's management that had presented the project on February 16, this plant could generate between 1,400 and 2,000 jobs by 2030.

"VAC will allow some of the employees to be resumed from 2023 [...] Transfer conditions are being developed ", assured a group spokesman.

A reclassification cell has just been created.

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