US News three months after its creation, Stellantis already relocates to Hungary

13:50  11 april  2021
13:50  11 april  2021 Source:   latribune.fr

Baschayev breaks Japanese dominance on the third day of Antalya

 Baschayev breaks Japanese dominance on the third day of Antalya The day of the heavyweight of Antalya was dominated by Japanese women - although not always with the better end for them. © from Euronews Video Shori Hamada, World Champion of 2018, made it into the last round in half-heavyweight. And there she reached her seasonal support: after a second place in Doha in January Hamada now brought the gold medal. The 30-year-old comes in time for Tokyo in top form. In the final of Antalya she defeated Beata Pacut from Poland.

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Selon les syndicats, Stellantis a programmé la mort du site de Douvrin dans le Pas-de-Calais © supplied by the Tribune according to the unions, Stellantis has scheduled the death of the Douvrin site in the Pas-de-Calais

created in January 2021 with the benevolence of the French Government, Stellantis has not blown on its first candle that already offensive activities installed for more than 50 years in France ... about 800 people (unions and prefecture) have marked Saturday near the Stellantis plant (ex- PSA) in Douvrin (Pas-de-Calais) to protest the relocation of the production of a gasoline engine in Hungary, synonymous with "programmed death" of the plant, according to unions. "Employees are very worried," AFP Laurent Dubois reported (CFTC), which calls for "the maintenance of employment on our site" founded in 1969, where about 1,500 people work.

How the Pierre Hermé Pastry manages competition and fight against copy

 How the Pierre Hermé Pastry manages competition and fight against copy © Europe 1 The famous Pierre Hermé Pastry launches in its shops the "reasoned delicacies", less caloric 30% cakes than their original recipe. Come on Wednesday present them in the show "It does good," he evokes his report to the competition and the copy, two elements constituting his profession.

We' re just about a week away from releasing Nemesis, our next big Expansion for Stellaris . So big in fact, that we' re naming it after one of For Nemesis it ' s no different, however the patch that we' re working on is currently undergoing testing so we cannot yet reveal what's in it, nor when it might become available to you all. But we'll let you know more as soon as we are confident in the build that we have! But in all honesty, considering how big the 3 .0.0. change log is, it should take you all plenty of time to read through.

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Despite the Covid-19 crisis, the PSA and FCA automotive groups, who merged and created Stellantis, recorded profits in 2020, despite a sharp drop in their turnover. FCA has a margin of nearly 4% while PSA is 7%. These good results combine Stellantis's financial robustness that must now implement its merger and release the promised synergies.

The programmed death of the DOUVRIN

plant according to the unions, the plant may no longer have a production by 2025, with the probable stop of the diesel engine in 2023 and the offshoring announced at the end of February. EP gasoline engines 3 to the Opel factory of Szentgottard, in Hungary, in 2023. "Without this production, we will be forced to close the factory. The offshoring sounds the end for us", predicts Joël Petit (CFDT) . "PSA has undergone competitiveness agreements, and finally barely Stellantis created, the management announces the relocation" of the EP engine, regis Scheenaerts, the CGT, which was "not a signatory".

Football. Political imbroglio between Hungary and Germany around the return of a coach

 Football. Political imbroglio between Hungary and Germany around the return of a coach © West France Imbroglio Politics between Hungary and Germany around the removal of a football coach. Thursday, April 8, Hungary summoned a representative of the German embassy in Budapest, denouncing a "obstacle to freedom of expression" after the limogeage by a club of Bundesliga of his Hungarian coach of the guards for Examination judged homophobic and xenophobic. When the political class blends with sports cases and especially Football , it's never a good sign.

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"What is emerging is the programmed death of the French mechanics" (former name of the factory). The factory is currently coming out of a third engine, the EB gasoline, also produced in other group sites. In June, management must announce where its new generation will be produced. "The production of a new engine on this site is essential if we want to preserve the jobs: @stellantisfr must commit it!", Tweeted the President of the Regional Council Xavier Bertrand (Ex-LR), candidate for his own succession but also to the presidential election.

A mega-factory batteries

The construction close to a "mega-factory" batteries for electric cars from 2022, under the aegis of the automotive joint venture Cells Company (ACC) - which brings together stellantis equal With the French specialist of Saft batteries, a total bodily - trouble reassuring unions. "She does not absorb (lost jobs), according to Joël Petit.

According to the CCA management that presented the project on February 16, this plant could generate between 1,400 and 2,000 jobs by 2030. "VAC will allow some of the employees to be resumed from 2023 ( ...) Transfer conditions are being developed, "said A PFA a spokesperson for the group. A reclassification cell has just been created.

Vaccination in Hungary: Viktor Orban Optimist, worried teachers to resume .
School © AP - Zoltan Balogh at Saint Margaret Hospital in Budapest, Hungary, Wednesday, April 14, 2021. "Three million Hungarians are Vaccinated! " It is Prime Minister Viktor Orban who announced it on Wednesday, April 14 in a video posted on social networks. Viktor Orban welcomed Hungary posted one of the highest vaccination rates in Europe. Among the last vaccinated, there are teachers and school workers, most received a first dose.

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