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00:05  12 april  2021
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Burma-Les Challenges call for the "Guerrilla Strike", Internet Access Blocked

 Burma-Les Challenges call for the Burmese-Politics / (Photo, TV): Burma-Les Challenging calls for the "Guerrilla Strike", Internet access Blocked April 1 (Reuters) - Burmese activists organized vigils to candlelight Thursday night and endeavored to find solutions after the army ordered telecommunications companies to block Internet access on Friday. This prohibition prevents the movement of dispute to mobilize via social networks and disseminate images of the repression led by the junta.

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The opponents of the military putsch continued to demonstrate Sunday in Burma, despite the repression exercised by the security forces. Protesters continued to meet in Mandalay and Meiktila, in the center of the country, where university students and their teachers marched on the streets on Sunday, according to local media. Some focused symbolically Eugenia's flower stems, say "victory". In the suburbs of Okkalapa South, near Rangoun, protesters brandished a banner affirming: "We will win the victory, we will win."

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Total remains in Burma despite the repression and undertakes to finance NGOs in the country

 Total remains in Burma despite the repression and undertakes to finance NGOs in the country © Reuters / Gonzalo Fuentes Movement of the Rebellion extinction movement hold pictures of the victims of the military coup in Burma during a demonstration in front of the headquarters of Total, in the business district of the Defense, near Paris, on March 25, 2021. despite the fierce repression in Burma and the pressure of NGOs with regard to foreign companies present on Place, the French oil group Total decided to maintain its presence in Burma.

fights in the north of the country ... Parallel to this peaceful movement, the military power is disputed by armed groups. Violent fighting thus opposed Sunday the Army for Independence Kachi (Kia) to the Burmese army in the suburbs of Mumack, in the state of Kacin, in the north of the country. "They tried to penetrate our area, but our troops tried to block them on the road," says Colonel Naw Bu, Kia's spokesman, stressing that the army had pounded the positions of the rebels.

"The army mobilizes his artillery against the sectors where she thinks Kia hides in the jungle, and Kia Riposte," he said. Two trucks of the Burmese army fell into an ambush tense by Kia, but the spokesman was not able to give a number of killed or injured.

Attack of a police station, bomb against a bank. Saturday, bloody clashes also took place in Tamu, in the northwestern country, near the border with India, when the army tried to dismantle barricades erected by protesters to protect their neighborhoods.

Burma. Salves of applause to challenge the junta and support the democracy

 Burma. Salves of applause to challenge the junta and support the democracy © EPA / Maxppp of the pro-democracy protesters dressed in black brandish balloons and photos of victims of the armed troops, in Rangoon, April 5, 2021. Pro-democracy mobilization continues in Burma after the bloody coup in February 1st. This Monday, April 5, salvations of applause resulted in greeting the armed ethnic factions opposed to the junta.

In the State Shan, in the North, the National Liberation Army (TNLA) attacked a police station, according to the brigadier General of the TNLA TAR Bhone Kyaw, which refused to give more details. A dozen policemen were killed in this operation, the rebels set at the police station, according to local media. The army rossed with aerial strikes, killing at least one rebel, according to the TNLA.

in Mandalay, the second city of the country, a bomb exploded Sunday morning in front of the MYAWADDY Bank's main branch, which belongs to the army, injuring a security guard, according to local media. The bank, sixth of the country, suffered from the putsch a boycott movement, like the many companies controlled by the army, as well as the pressure of the customers to remove money.

More than 700 dead from putsch. According to the account held by the Assistance of Assistance to Political Prisoners (AAPP), the repression of the demonstrations made 701 people since the army chased the power the civil leader Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Peace Prize in 1991 And always held incommunicado. The junta shows 248 dead, according to a spokesman on Friday.

Turkey: Life Prison for 32 ex-military in connection with the 2016 Putsch

 Turkey: Life Prison for 32 ex-military in connection with the 2016 Putsch © AFP - ADEM Altan A soldier holds an anti-drone pistol while the security forces go up guard before the courthouse Sincan, outside Ankara, April 7, 2021, before the verdict hearing in the trial of 497 accused for the attempted failed coup of 2016. in Turkey, a court of Ankara condemned Wednesday, April 7th Thirty former soldiers at life prison. Justice has found them guilty of playing a leading role in the missing coup of July 2016 against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The AAPP said Saturday that the number of opponents of the putsch killed the day before by the security forces in the city of Bago (65 km northeast of Rangoun) was 82. The United Nations Office in Burma calls for "security forces to authorize medical teams to treat the wounded" in Bago, he tweeted. Some 3,000 people have been arrested since the military coup, according to the APAP.

No diplomatic solution. The outcome of the crisis still seems very distant. "Geopolitical rivalries in Burma make it difficult to find common points, as we still find it and again, but we have a duty to try," wrote the head of the European diplomacy Josep Borrell on a blog.

In this sense, the obstruction of Beijing and Moscow for diplomatic efforts to the UN Security Council for the adoption of an international embargo on the sale of arms in Burma does not constitute "not a surprise" , he said. And it will be all the more difficult to achieve a solution that "the Burmese soldiers have become accustomed for decades to ignore the needs and willingness of the citizens of their country," said Josep Borrell.

Burma: A protest violently dispersed in Mandalay .
Burmese-Politics: Burma: a demonstration violently dispersed in Mandalay © Reuters / Stringer. Burma: a demonstration violently scattered in Mandalay (Reuters) - A man was killed and several others were wounded by army shooting Thursday in Mandalay, the second largest city in Burma, on the sidelines of a gathering for democracy Organized by health workers, report Burmese media.

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