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22:25  12 april  2021
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Nuclear Iranian: The United States joins the

 Nuclear Iranian: The United States joins the © Reuters - Pool The US State Department Spokesman Ned Price in Washington, March 31, 2021. The United States announced this on Friday to participate Next week in Vienna to talks with the major signatory powers of the 2015 Agreement on Iranian nuclear power, while remaining "open" to "direct" discussions with Iran.

L'usine d’enrichissement d’uranium de Natanz, en mars 2005. Finger © Raheb Homavandy The Natanz Uranium Enrichment Factory, March 2005.

Sunday in Iran in the complex from Natanz, one of the main centers of the Nuclear Program of the Islamic Republic? As always in such a case, there are official statements, informal comments and speculation. Sunday morning, therefore, a spokesman for the Iranian organization of atomic energy (OIEE) first announced an "power failure" in the uranium enrichment plant of the Chahid-Ahmadi- Rochan of Natanz, fault caused by an "accident", of unknown origin, "in a portion of the electric circuit" of the factory. "neither death nor wounded nor pollution."

Resuscitation attempt for atom deals with Iran starts

 Resuscitation attempt for atom deals with Iran starts for three years it was as good as dead - the atom agreement with Iran. In Vienna, tip diplomats try to save the EU now, which is still to be rescued. Above all, the US dampen expectations. © Mohammad Berno / Iranian President's Office / AP / DPA / Picture Alliance Hassan Ruhani, President of Iran, attended a nuclear power plant (archive image) At the meeting in Vienna, it's all about, for the next few weeks a timetable for work talks of experts to determine technical details.

In the evening, The OIEE described the act accident of "Antinuclear terrorism" . The event occurs in a sensitive context, at the time the States Parties to the Iranian Nuclear Agreement negotiate in Vienna to bring the United States back, but also in the aftermath of the inauguration to Natanz. An assembly plant of uranium enrichment and testing of new centrifuges.

A "scheduled" operation

This Monday morning, Tehran, by the voice of his foreign minister, accused - without surprise - Israel from being at the origin of the accident. In fact, several media from the Hebrew state, citing anonymous sources within the intelligence, had already advanced the track of a sabotage operation led by the Mossad. Without the case, in remaining, is very clear in the plan of the procedure: Israeli public television, Kan, first mentioned a cyber attack. In the United States, the New York Times , on the faith of American and Israeli sources, evokes an "role played by Israel" and a detonation of explosives: the operation, "planned" , would have "Totally destroyed" The independent electrical circuit that feeds underground uranium enrichment centrifuges.

Speculation about explosion on Iranian ship

 Speculation about explosion on Iranian ship was an accident or a stop? According to the government in Tehran, an Iranian ship has been slightly damaged in an explosion in the Red Sea. About the exact backgrounds there is still a lack of ambiguity. © Planet Labs Inc / AP / Picture Alliance From a bird's eye view - Cargo ship The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tehran confirmed media reports, after which the Iranian freighter "Iran-Saviz" had been damaged in an explosion on Tuesday evening in the Red Sea.

This Monday, the spokesman for the OIEA, Behrouz Kamalvandi, officially reported an "small explosion" at the complex's electricity distribution center. For its part, the Iranian press agency Nournews, citing an anonymous source at the Ministry of Intelligence, ensures that the person at the origin of the power failure has been identified and that "the necessary measures are taken for [the ] Stop ", without giving details.

Not the first time

the Israeli executive, he has kept any comment. Sunday evening, during an event organized to celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the creation of the Hebrew State in the presence of the leaders of the army and the intelligence services of the country, the Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu, was content with Declaring that "the fight against Iran and its supplements and the Iranian weapons efforts is a huge mission."

It is certainly not the first time that the Natanz complex, in the center of the country, is targeted. Its name reminds usually stuxnet, the computer virus discovered in 2010 , deemed to have been designed jointly by Unity 8 200 of the Israeli army and the American NSA to slow down the Iranian nuclear program - it would have been derailing nearly 1,000 centrifuges of uranium enrichment. More recently, in July, a centrifuge assembly plant had been ravaged by a fire caused by an explosion and awarded by the Iranian authorities to an "sabotage" . Iran also accused Israel for murdering, in mid-November near Tehran, the Nuclear Physicist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

This Monday, the spokesman for Iranian diplomacy, Said Katibzadeh, indicated that he was still "too early" to evaluate the material damage. While ensuring only centrifuges "IR-1 type", is first generation, had been damaged. The two anonymous officials interviewed by the New York Times, , believe that it will take "at least nine months" to Iran to restore the production of Natanz's enriched uranium.

Nuclear: Iran warns the United States against "sabotage" and "sanctions" .
© Handout The Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his counterpart Russian Sergei Lavrov, April 13, 2021 in Tehran the Iranian Foreign Minister warned the United States on Tuesday that they would not get any advantage in nuclear discussions through "sabotage acts" or "sanctions". "We have no problem coming back to our commitments (...) But Americans must know that neither sanctions nor sabotage will provide them with a bargaining instrument and that these actions will only complica

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