US News refugee drama at US border: Joe Bidens Merkel moment

23:40  12 april  2021
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Chancellor Angela Merkel familiar Markus Söder - believes the vast majority of German

 Chancellor Angela Merkel familiar Markus Söder - believes the vast majority of German the CSU and the Chancellor - that was not a harmonious relationship. But now my two-thirds of the German, Angela Merkel trust CSU boss Markus Söder. Competitor Armin Laschet has the look. © Peter Kneffel / DPA It was once the dispute. Since a CSU chairman left the Chancellor 13 minutes on the party stage and kept her a little friendly lecture on refugee policy. Later, the same CSU chairman explained, he did not leave himself from a Chancellor, "which is only because of me Chancellor." Yes, it w

biders promised a human handling of migrants as Trump. Now unaccompanied children come into record numbers - more than he can record. A comment.

Unbegleitete Minderjährige aus Lateinamerika kommen in Rekordzahlen an die US-Grenze. © Photo: DPA Unaccompanied minors from Latin America come to the US border in record numbers.

The opposite of false politics is not automatically the right one. That's what the new US government under Joe Biden is in a relentless way; She is not even the famous 100 days of time in office.

What is playing at the south border of the US , develops a scary destabilization dynamics. It has the potential to cover the undeniable Achievements Bydens in the vaccination and the Economic Hilder to overcome the Corona recession and to urge it for years into the defensive - similar to Angela Merkel in the Refugee Summer 2015.

Corona: Angela Merkel wants to give federal government through Infection Protection Act More power

 Corona: Angela Merkel wants to give federal government through Infection Protection Act More power The pandemic control in Germany is a pit carpet - each state has its own rules. Now the Chancellor wants to give the federal government more power. Also three Union members have started an initiative. © Pool / Reuters The third wave has a control Germany under control, but there is still a unity in the fight against Bund and countries. Now Chancellor Angela Merkel ( CDU ) plans to combat the Corona pandemic a significant tightening of the Infection Protection Act.

In March, US border protection has taken up 19,000 unaccompanied minors from Latin America, more than ever before in a month . In part, children are simply pushed over the border wall and leave to their further fate.

With the policy change, the emergency has grown

before the recording bearings were full. Media disseminate pictures and messages from the use of the US with children who cause shame: neglected, unwashed, poorly supplied in provisional accommodations in which there are not even enough there. Until recently, such scenes had been connected to Donald Trump.

Gallery: Mexico in the USA: Finally at the destination! (DW.COM)

Mit dem neuen US-Präsidenten hat sich die Situation an der Grenze zwischen den USA und Mexiko geändert. Nachdem Ex-Präsident Donald Trump Migration hart bekämpft hatte, lässt Joe Biden nun wieder mehr Grenzübertritte zu. Hier öffnet sich ein Tor im Grenzzaun in der texanischen Stadt El Paso für eine Reihe Migranten aus Lateinamerika, die nun - legal - einreisen und Asyl beantragen können.

biders promised another policy. He will not separate children who are illegally about the border with their parents. This deterrent strategy is Inhuman. He will not move back to Mexico.

Coronavirus / Germany: Merkel wants to impose measures nationwide

 Coronavirus / Germany: Merkel wants to impose measures nationwide health-coronavirus-Germany-spahn: Coronavirus / Germany: Merkel wants to impose measures nationwide © Reuters / Fabian Bimmer Coronavirus / Germany: Merkel wants to impose measures at the national level Berlin (Reuters) - the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, plans to expand its prerogatives to regional leaders to impose more stringent restrictions on a national level in a context of Resurgence of the epidemic due to the new coronavirus, said a government source Friday.

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But with the policy change, the emergency has grown. Now it's BDEN's emergency. The families in Latin America who want a better future for their children do not ask what Biden's intention was and what he said exactly. They heard that he stops and does not return - this communicative misunderstanding looks similar to 2015 Merkel's selfie with a young Syrian.

Biden appeals: does not come! It did not help

biders tried to turn the dynamics with an haunting TV appearance : "Stay at home! Does not come! "It did not help.

19,000 children per month: The number sounds masterable compared to the hundreds of thousands of refugees, which urged 2015 to Germany, especially for a rich country like the US. But the numbers rise rapidly, month for month. And the infrastructure for recording so many children is missing. It will take you to build .

biders is now a double-driven. Driven by the accusing pictures in the progressive media. And driven by Republicans, who charges him Hypocrisy , but pleasantly the double morale.

The German line chooses Armin Leschet as a candidate for the succession of Angela Merkel .
© Michael Sohn, AP Armin Laschet, confirmed, Tuesday, April 20, as Conservative candidate with German Chancellery, intends to register in direct heir of the Angela Merkel's moderate and pro-European line. After several days of internal confrontation, the German line endorsed, Tuesday, the candidacy of the centrist Armin Leschet in the elections of September to succeed Angela Merkel. The German centrist Armin Laschet officially candidate from the right to the estate of Angela Merkel .

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