US News Soaring tensions between Ukraine and Russia: What is known

01:30  14 april  2021
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Lead 1-Ukraine-France and Germany concerned about the multiplication of cease-fire violations

 Lead 1-Ukraine-France and Germany concerned about the multiplication of cease-fire violations France-Germany / Ukraine-Russia (lead 1): Lead 1-Ukraine-France and Germany concerned By the multiplication of ceasefire violations (updated with context, statements) Paris, April 3 (Reuters) - France and Germany are concerned about the multiplication of ceasefire violations in the East of Ukraine and call for "immediate de-escalation" tensions, indicated the two countries in a common statement from their Ministry of Foreign Affairs published Saturday.

Un sniper ukrainien s’entraîne près de la ville de Marïnka, en Ukraine, ce mardi 13 avril. © Anastasia Vlasova / Reuters A Ukrainian sniper trains near the city of Marïnka, Ukraine, this Tuesday, April 13th.

The deployment of Russian military forces at the border with Ukraine causes a revival of tensions in the region. The point on the situation between the two countries.

The voltages between the Russia and the Ukraine are currently outbreak, with a significant Russian military deployment at the border, as well as new violence between the pro-Russian separatists and the forces of Kiev, who called the Westerners using. Here is what we know.

Fighting with the separatists

The forces of Kiev have been engaged since 2014 in a war against the pro-Russian separatists who have taken control of territories in eastern Ukraine.

The Voice: Edgar confides on "Tensions" in his Battle with Vanina

 The Voice: Edgar confides on © Capture TF1 The Voice: Edgar confides on "Tensions" in his Battle with Vanina Edgar is one of the youngest talents of The season 10 of The Voice. In the second edition of the battle Saturday, April 3, 2021, the 17-year-old Aixois faced Vanina, the former Choriste d'Amel Bent. For tele-leisure, it comes back on this experience that has sometimes been under "tensions". This is well known at the top of the greatest competitions, the climate can sometimes be electric.

After intense fights that have made more than 13,000 deaths, the conflict had largely declined in intensity from 2015 and the last ceasefire, decided last year, was overall respected.

new violence broke out early 2021, mainly fighting with the mortar and artillery, which have made at least 29 deaths among the Ukrainian forces, compared with 50 all year 2020.

Moscow deploys its troops

parallel, Kiev A accused Moscow to massage troops at his borders, estimating on Monday, April 12, their number to 83,000 soldiers, of whom about half of Crimea, Peninsula attached by Russia in 2014.

Russia did not denied this deployment while insisting It "did not threaten anyone" and denouncing the "provocations" Ukrainian.

On Tuesday, the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Choïgou confirmed the sending of soldiers on the west and southern flanks of the country, claiming that it was a response to the "threatening" acts . NATO .

Ukraine: Kiev calls NATO to accelerate its membership

 Ukraine: Kiev calls NATO to accelerate its membership © AP - Aaron Chown The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, here in London during a visit to Boris Johnson on October 8, 2020. Tensions between Russia and L Ukraine continue to rise, while the Ukrainian government announced the death of two of its soldiers on Tuesday, April 6th.

According to Sergei Choïgou, the troops deployed in the last three weeks lead "military exercises" that will last two weeks.

Two Russian military analysts interviewed by AFP, Vassili Kachine and Alexandre Goltz, felt that these units accounted for at least 100,000 military.

Washington estimated that week that there had never been, since 2014, as many Russian soldiers deployed at Ukrainian borders.

Westerners behind Kiev

The Western Allies of Ukraine posted their support for this former Soviet Republic, which has been aiming since the arrival of pro-Western power in 2014 to integrate NATO and the European Union .

The United States and Europeans have warned Moscow against any attack, while US forces in Europe has strengthened their level of alert.

Last sign of support dated, the Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg called on Tuesday Russia to give up its "unjustified" military strengthening on the borders of Ukraine.

Kiev accuses Moscow of disinformation on its offensive vells

 Kiev accuses Moscow of disinformation on its offensive vells © provided by the point the Ukraine rejected Friday the accusations of the Kremlin on the preparation of a military offensive against the protracted separatists, accusing Moscow of misinformation and to look for a pretext to attack him. "Liberation by the force of the occupied territories will inevitably lead to many civilian and military losses, which is unacceptable for Ukraine," said the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian armed forces, General Rouslan Khomtchak.

Ukraine, however, urges Westerners to provide him with "practical" support, beyond words. The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called upon accelerating the accession of his country to NATO.

Why now?

Experts highlighted several potential reasons for this climbing.

Number of observers believe that Moscow like Kiev test the new US President

Joe Biden to see how ready to help Ukraine and challenge the Kremlin.

Other analysts believe that Russia wants to send a message to Ukraine, which recently imposed sanctions to one of its Pro-Russian deputies, Viktor Medvedchouk, close to Vladimir Putin, and forbidden three TV channels which are related to him.

others still believe that the Kremlin wants to arouse a patriotic push among the Russians before the legislative of September. The main Russian opponent,

Alexei Navalny , was imprisoned, but the part of the power, Russia united, is very unpopular.

towards the war?

The experts agree that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is for the moment improbable, despite particularly strong tensions.

"It's a new lower in relations between Russia and NATO [...], the worst time since the end of the cold war" , esteem Vassili Kachine.

"The rhetoric of Moscow is quite extraordinary, we no longer heard such intensity since 2014 and the annexation of Crimea" , also reports Timothy Ash, analyst based in London.

If peace negotiations can be a solution, the efforts of mediations carried by France and Germany have led to little progress in recent years.

and new talks do not seem planned: Volodyymyr Zelensky assured for sending an end of March a request to talk with Vladimir Putin, remained unanswered.

Lead 1-Russia strengthens its naval presence in the Black Sea on the background of tensions with Ukraine .
Ukraine-crisis / (lead 1): lead 1-Russia strengthens its naval presence in the Black Sea on the background of tensions with L 'Ukraine (updated with the expulsion of Russian and Ukrainian diplomats) Moscow, 17 April (Reuters) - Two Russian warships have passed Saturday by the Bosphorus towards the Black Sea, where 15 more modest vessels have arrived, Moscow strengthening Its naval presence in the region on the background of tensions with the West and Ukraine.

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