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02:50  14 april  2021
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Söder Contra Laschet: Is the decision on Tuesday in the group?

 Söder Contra Laschet: Is the decision on Tuesday in the group? If Laschet and Söder can not agree in the K question, the fraction should bring about clarification. That would be at least some MEPs. © Photo: Michael Kappeler / DPA The K question remains draw between CDU boss Lashet (left) and the CSU chairman Söder for the time being. On Saturday, there was first no decision , whether Armin Laschet (CDU) or Markus Söder (CSU) should become Chancellor's candidate of the Union.

Markus Söder sagt nach der Sitzung der Unionsfraktion am Dienstag: © Annegret Hilse / Reuters Markus Söder says after the session of the Union faction on Tuesday: Support for Söder grows

in the dispute over the Chancellor's candidacy reported more deputies for CSU boss Markus Söder in the Bundestag fraction Worth speak, the CDU chairman Armin Laschet device into the defensive.

in wrestling around the Chancellor's candidacy of the Union, the CSU chairman Markus Söder So made ground. In the Bundestag fraction of CDU and CSU, the followers of Söder and CDU boss Armin Laschet delivered an open exchange of impact on Tuesday evening. During the group meeting, exceptionally many Members of Members reported their support for one of the two candidates. According to participants, participants spoke significantly more Union members for CSU boss Söder than for the CDU chairman lashing. Around two thirds of the word reports have failed for Söder. In addition, it was partly significant criticism of lashing, it said. There was no vote at the end of the discussion in the Union fraction.

Growing impatience in the group: Will the Union summit be at the shunt of Laschet and Söder?

 Growing impatience in the group: Will the Union summit be at the shunt of Laschet and Söder? On Sunday, leading politicians of CDU and CSU meet for the exam. Well possible, that the Union faction tip in the K question is serious. A comment. © Photo: Sven Hoppe / DPA Markus Söder (L, CSU), Prime Minister of Bavaria, and Armin Laschet (CDU), Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia from now on.

After the pronunciation, Söder announced talks with lashing and set a fast, shared solution in view. "It's all together, and only if we agree with each other," Söder said at the end of the debate. He will "do everything we come to a good solution in the end". There should be an agreement again this week. "You have to sack the result now, for each individual. Armin and I have agreed that we will discuss this week as soon as it will go on," Söder said.

In the meeting, both candidates had begun in statements and expressly demarcated by the adversary. For example, Söder referred to his persistently good survey values, while Lashet emphasized that the Union never focused on choosing its candidates alone for surveys. Apparently related to Söder, Laschet should have said: "We do not need one-man show." And he complained that Söder would minimize the Bureau and the Management Board of the CDU, which support Laschet. The two bodies are not a splitter group. Söder stopped in the group meeting. The CSU boss said the Union now need "the maximum best list - not the most pleasant". The aim at the general election is not to save himself somehow in the government, but to get so many deputies as possible.

CDU heads of government support Laschet, Söder in Surveys Next

 CDU heads of government support Laschet, Söder in Surveys Next Who is concerned with the K-Question Battle of the Union? Last positioned CDU Prime Ministers for Lashet, in recent surveys, Söder continues to lead. © Malte Ossowski / Sven Simon / Imago Images / Sven Simon at the end of this week should be determined who will be Chancellor's candidate of the Union in the general election in September. For example, it announced CDU -Chef Armin Laschet and Bavaria Prime Minister Markus Söder ( CSU ). But there is still no decision.

in the pronunciation said the Hamburg CDU man Christoph de Vries for participants: "There is no enthusiasm for the candidate lashing, Markus Söder is the better." Finally, it is about the question of whether the Union remains the leading political force in Germany. The Freiburg CDU deputy Matern of Marshal is quoted with the demand for "use the fighting force of Markus Söder". Health Minister Jens Spahn said, "We need a chancellor candidate that holds and holds together." If CDU and CSU argue, the gap always go through the CDU. The most important thing is now unity. Spahn also pointed out that one could see in his own case that surveys were not a criterion for decisions alone. At the turn of the year, Spahn was in a survey of Germany's most popular politician, but now his popularity was broken.

Lashet said he impressed what Spahn said. If the Union had led the current discussion between Christmas and New Year, maybe Jens Spahn would have become Chancellor's candidate.

Chancellor's Candidature in the Union: Söder and the Shining

 Chancellor's Candidature in the Union: Söder and the Shining For days, the editors have been discussing if, when and above all at what time the Chancellor's candidate is proclaimed. Our author has once again with the pope choice about visual powers - and prepares for everything. © dpa When is it only so far? Will Markus Söder be chancellor candidate or not? Söder and the Shining On the evening of April 19, 2005, the Bayern REDaction gathered in front of the TV to follow the output of the pope's election. The then editor of the editor Sebastian B.

from CSU circles it was in the evening after the faction meeting that the decision would probably fall until Sunday. Also Laschet announced a quick solution. It had been a "very good discussion", he said after the appearance with Söder in the CDU / CSU parliamentary group. "I think that has given a very good opinion." There have been a message in all word contributions: "Agree you quickly."

Laschet significantly attacked Söder at the end of the debate in the group. "The big chancellors were not always the darlings of the media," he said for information from participant circles. "I believe that my positions are permanently correct." In addition, its critics should have warned that the media would look out contradictory statements from CSU boss Söder from recent years. "Surveys are short-lived," is quoted. "We have to look at the entire country."

On Monday, the Presidents of CDU and CSU each chaired their chairman strengthened his back for the Chancellor's candidacy. Söder existed, but also to obtain an opinion of the parliamentary group.

for the succession of Angela Merkel, the German right is more torn than ever .
© Tobias Schwarz / AFP The leader of the Conservative Party of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in Germany, Armin Laschet (in the right reflection And the head of the Social Christian Union in Bavaria (CSU) Markus Soeder (left) at a press conference on April 11. The German line remains more divided than ever on the designation of a leader in succeeding in the fall in Angela Merkel, no compromise despite despite a deadline fixed in principle at Sunday night.

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