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04:05  14 april  2021
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The Environmental Protection Organization WWF denounces the European Union to China as the world's largest destroyer of tropical forests. For the consumption of Europeans, huge forest stocks would be picked up there.

Im Amazonasbecken: Links Sojaanbau auf gerodeten Flächen, rechts der Straße Regenwald © Marizilda Croup / Greenpeace in the Amazon basin: Left soybean construction on layed surfaces, right of the street rainforest

soy, beef, coffee: so that customers can buy such products in European supermarkets, forests must be in other world regions, states in the new report of the WWF for the years 2005 to 2017. Accordingly, a total of 16 percent of global deforestation in the tropics associated with international trade go to the EU's account.

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Place One of the "world ranking of the forest destroyers" with 24 percent of global tropical forest destruction. India lies with nine percent in third place in front of the US with seven percent. The study is based on satellite images and the investigation of trade flows.

Brandrodung auf Sumatra zur Schaffung landwirtschaftlicher Produktionsflächen © Wahyudi / AFP / Getty Images Fire Rod on Sumatra To create agricultural production areas

For EU imports, according to the WWF report, average tropical forests were scanned by the four-fold size of the Lake Constance. Within the EU, Germany is at the top of the list. The largest causes of deforestation by EU imports were the report, according to the report, soy (about 31 percent of the layered area) and palm oil (around 24 percent), for whose cultivation or production had to soften forests in South America or Southeast Asia . Behind it followed beef , wood products, cocoa and coffee. Under the EU countries, Germany is responsible for most deforestation through imports: On average, 43,700 hectares of forest were scored per year - an area about half as big as Berlin.

Study: Small part of the worldwide habitats ecologically intact

 Study: Small part of the worldwide habitats ecologically intact Only a few habitats in the world are still intact in the view of an international scientific team in their biodiversity. © Provided by Finanzen.net Thomas Lohnes / Getty Images The proportion of ecologically untouched land surfaces with inact wildlife is at just 2.9 percent, the researchers report in the journal "Frontiers in Forests and Global Change". In these areas, the researchers set only a low human footprint and no known species loss.

"Forests are our life insurance"

according to inhabitants, however, Germany is approximately in the EU section. Most of the forest per inhabitant was decorated for imports to the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. The objections, according to the report, not only felt in ecosystems far away from Europe, but also concern the world climate. The imported deforestation caused EU 2017 indirectly 116 million tonnes of CO2 emissions, it is said in the WWF report. The corresponding more than a quarter of EU emissions from agriculture in the same year. Such indirect emissions would not be recorded in the statistics on the emissions of greenhouse gas.

Ödnis auf Sumatra, wo vormals tropischer Regenwald stand © Dimas Ardian / Getty Images Oednis on Sumatra, where formerly tropical rainforest Stand

The report also shows that the EU has reduced the forest destruction caused by imports from 2005 to 2017 by 40 percent. In 2005, the EU share made 31 percent worldwide, Europe was in first place of the "World Ranking of Waldzerstörer" until 2013, as the WWF formulated in the report.

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The WWF called for the Federal Government and the EU Commission to ensure better and binding environmental and social standards in international trade relations. As a first step, the Federal Government must use the EU Commission for a strong EU-deforestation-free supply chain law. "The era of nature destruction must end, because natural ecosystems such as forests are our life insurance," said Christiane Scholl from the WWF.

Palmölplantage auf Sumatra © Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images Palmöll Plantation on Sumatra

Voluntary Understanding of governments and companies to design supply chains deforestation-free, natural destruction has so far been stopped in individual cases. In addition to forests, the EU law must also protect other ecosystems. Because otherwise the natural destruction shift only from the forest to other ecosystems such as wetlands, grassland and savannahs. However, these are as important as tropical forests for climate, biodiversity and livelihood of people on-site.

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