US News Donald Trump Tackcle Michelle Obama!

12:25  15 april  2021
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If all companies pay a minimum tax rate

 If all companies pay a minimum tax rate are state matters. US Finance Minister Janet Yellen sees the apparently global and calls for a worldwide minimum tax rate for internationally active companies. © Leah Millis / Reuters US Finance Minister Janet Yellen: The USA worked with the G20 group of leading economies to find a drawing consensus, Yellen said in the run-up to a meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. The aim is to not mutually undercut each other in dealing with the corporations.

Donald Trump tacle Michelle Obama ! © Cuisineaz Donald Trump Tackcle Michelle Obama!

Moving from the White House will not be enough for Donald Trump to stop talking about him ... and mock his political opponents! And it's Michelle Obama who takes for his rank, this time!

Have the tongue hanging

Since leaving the White House, Donald Trump has found refuge in Mar-A-Lago where he has a huge resort. And for the least that we can say is that man still does not have his tongue in his pocket although he is no longer leader in the United States. Indeed, the Washington Post asserts to have in its possession a recording on which one can hear the businessman laughing with the physics of the woman of Michelle Obama.

Washington resumes the help of the Palestinians, defends a two-state solution

 Washington resumes the help of the Palestinians, defends a two-state solution © Said Khatib A Palestinian circulates by bike in front of the closed doors of a school managed by the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) In Rafah, April 6, 2021 the United States announced on Wednesday the resumption of assistance to Palestinians, against the opinion of Israel, and reaffirmed their support for a two-state solution, refocating their position in relation to that Adopted by Donald Trump.

be the turkey of the joke

according to the remarks reported by the famous newspaper, it would be during the weekend of 10 and 11 April 2021, at a meeting of Republicans with rich donors, that Donald Trump would tackle the woman Barack Obama. During the interview, the former US president would have spoken and said "Barack Hussein Obama and the very beautiful Michelle Obama ..." A remark that is not a compliment, but who was indeed a mockery on the physique of the ex first lady.

As usual

it's not the first time that Donald Trump shows goujerie. Remember, on the occasion of the July 14 parade, in 2017, he had targeted Brigitte Macron. By teaming up with his husband Emmanuel Macron, Donald Trump had complimented Brigitte Macron for "his good shape". An allusion to the age of the first lady who has nothing of an awkwardness!

dispute over refugee ceiling in the US: Biden wants to take more fled to massive criticism .
US President Biden wanted to maintain Trump's upper limit of 15,000 refugees per year. Left Democrats were horrified. © Photo: Picture Alliance / dpa / Ángel Hernández migrants run through the Mexican city of Sayula de Alemán towards the US border. after protests against his announcement, the recording of refugees do not increase for the time being, US President Joe Biden is towered back.

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