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COVID-19: New record in Brazil with more than 4,000 deaths in one day

 COVID-19: New record in Brazil with more than 4,000 deaths in one day © Ricardo Moraes, Reuters in Rio de Janeiro, a poster accuses the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro de "Genocide" for his management of the pandemic COVID-19. Brazil continues to sink into the sanitary crisis with the threshold of 4,000 daily deaths from the coronavirus Franchi Tuesday. While hospitals are saturated and the vaccination campaign progresses slowly, Jair Bolsonaro's extreme right president continues to call into question the restrictions imposed by mayors and governors.

You can find more information in our data protection declaration. Doctors Without Borders has declared Brazil 's response to the pandemic a "humanitarian catastrophe" made worse by political mismanagement. Millions of people, especially in the favelas, do not only struggle against the threat of COVID - 19 but also to put food on the table every day.

Many municipal and state health officials and lawmakers blame Bolsonaro's government for undermining their efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus. And the country's National Council of Health Secretaries (CONASS) has asked the federal government to adopt stricter measures to A health worker cares for a COVID - 19 patient at an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Ronaldo Gazolla Public Municipal Hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil , on March 5, 2021. "The health system in Brazil is on the verge of collapse," Sao Paulo Governor Joao Doria told CNN's Becky Anderson during a recent

La pandémie a débordé les capacités des services de santé brésiliens : ici une salle de sport a été transformée en hôpital à Santo André dans le sud-est du pays. © Miguel Schincariol, AFP The pandemic has overflowed the capacities of Brazilian health services: here a gym has been transformed into hospital in Santo André in the southeast of the country .

The concerns caused by the brutal rise of Covid cases in Brazil are fed, in addition to its contagion, by the fact that more and younger victims are affected. A study reveals a disturbing number of children and babies affected.

President Jair Bolsonaro, who has long despised the pandemic, may have to answer what is happening today at Brazil . His country of 211 million inhabitants became the second most affected in the world with more than 360,000 deaths and nearly 14 million cases in total in mid-April.

India: Shortage of vaccines at Maharashtra, the most affected state by COVID

 India: Shortage of vaccines at Maharashtra, the most affected state by COVID © AFP - Punishing Paranjpe A woman is injected the astrazeneca vaccine against COVID. On April 9, 2021. India knows in recent days its worst wave of contamination since the beginning of the pandemic with more than 130,000 cases recorded in Thursday, April 8, for about 120 deaths. As a result, the authorities accelerated the vaccination campaign, administered more than 4 million people a day.

"You can tell their conditions are much more critical." Brazil 's Health Ministry publishes national statistics on the ages of Covid - 19 victims . An AFP analysis of data from that ministry found the number of people aged 30-59 represented about 27% of Covid - 19 deaths over the past three months or so -- a 7% increase from pre-December numbers. The increase in both illness and death in younger people has coincided with the rise of at least one Covid - 19 variant in Brazil . The so-called P.1 variant, which scientists say originated from Brazil , is widely agreed upon to be more easily transmissible, up to 2.2

In the meantime, more and more patients keep dying. On several recent days, there have been so many deaths that burials in São Paulo cemeteries are happening every few minutes. Crematoriums have not been able to keep up. In a video shared with CNN, at least two dozen coffins can be seen The federal government appeared to commit another own goal the following day, with the Health Ministry announcing that it would require more information from municipalities reporting Covid - 19 victim information. That sparked immediate concern that the additional requirements would lower the

"The absence of political will to act in a suitable way to this pandemic is responsible for the death of thousands of Brazilians" , A denounced doctors without borders (MSF) Thursday, speaking of an "humanitarian disaster" . And the Brazilian Supreme Court gave its green light to the establishment of a parliamentary inquiry commission that will address any "omissions" of the Bolsonaro government in the fight against the virus.

Infirmiers et médecins brésiliens sont en première ligne face à l’afflux des patients. Ici une infirmière prie pour les malades et ses collègues à l’hôpital portugais de la charité Belem dans le nord du Brésil le 4 avril, jour de Pâques. © Tarso Sarraf, AFP nurses and Brazilian doctors are on the front line facing the influx of patients. Here a nurse prays for patients and colleagues at the Portuguese Hospital of Belle Charity in northern Brazil on April 4, Easter day.

Less than 40 years in intensive care

with 100,000 new cases a day The country has become a real broth with some 92 new strains listed . And one of its variants - "20J / 501Y.V3" or "P1" - now tremble the rest of the planet that closes its borders. It represents 65% of new contaminations against 22% in early January.

COVID-19. The pandemic is at a "critical point" and "in full expansion", Alert WHO

 COVID-19. The pandemic is at a © Helmut Fohringer / AFP A COVID unit in a hospital in Austria, on April 12, 2021. WHO estimates that the pandemic Coronavirus reaches a "critical point" because of exponentially increasing infections. But if the right steps were taken by governments, the pandemic could be controlled in a few months.

Brazil is the second- most impacted country due to # COVID - 19 with more than three million cases and 100,000 deaths. Sisters Valeria Melo da Silva, left, and Viviane, her husband Luigi do Nascimento visit the grave of their mother who died of COVID - 19 at a cemetary in Brazil . - Copyright AP Photo/Helton Belo.

In Manaus, COVID - 19 victims are being buried in mass graves. Even without the pandemic, Brazil has a high death rate. In the past decade, the country has witnessed some 50,000 murders every year: almost 240 homicides per million inhabitants. By comparison, there were fewer than 10 per million in the European Union. The number of people who die in traffic accidents in Brazil is also four times higher than in the EU, and Brazilians are more likely to die of curable diseases because of their poor health care system. This is particularly true for Brazil 's poorer population

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more disturbing, the age of the victims. If it seemed to rejuvenate in many countries, particularly because of the progression of the vaccination of the elderly, the phenomenon is more marked in Brazil.

Less than 40 years contaminated with COVID in intensive care, more than 11,000 in March, became the majority (52.2%) according to the Brazilian Intensive Care Association (AMIB). They were 14.6% at the beginning of the pandemic and 45% between September and February.

In addition there are disturbing figures, concerning children and babies, revealed by the BBC yesterday .

Between February 2020 and March 15, 2021, 852 children under 9, including 518 babies under one year old died from COVID, according to the Brazilian Ministry of Health. As a comparison, in the United States, 43 babies under one year died of COVID-19 last year, according to information published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Deaths of COVID: Richard Ferrand not favorable to a national tribute "at this stage"

 Deaths of COVID: Richard Ferrand not favorable to a national tribute The President of the National Assembly was not favorable "at this stage" at a national tribute to the deaths of COVID-19. © Reuters / Gonzalo Fuentes France has passed Monday the bar of the 99,000 deaths of COVID-19, since the beginning of the epidemic a little over a year ago. The question of a national tribute to the victims of the coronavirus is under consideration and divides.

Deaths outstrip births in ten Brazilian cities as COVID - 19 cases surge and the total body count nears 400,000. Ten cities such as Rio de Janeiro recorded higher death than birth rates in March. ICU capacity stands at 80 per cent and most patients are under the age of 40. Brazil is currently the global epicenter of the COVID - 19 pandemic, with daily deaths last week surpassing 4,000. Over 13 million coronavirus cases have been recorded in Brazil , among them 380,000 deaths, the world’s second highest death toll behind only the United States.

Of course, the more cases we have and, as a result, the more hospitalisations, the greater the number of deaths in all age groups, including children," Renato Kfouri, president of the Scientific Department of Immunisations of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics told the BBC. "But if the pandemic were And they said the risks of CVST after Covid was " many -fold" higher than in the general population, perhaps up to 100 times higher. A similar pattern was seen for another serious clotting disorder, portal vein thrombosis, which affects blood supply to the liver. The condition has not been flagged by regulators.

underestimated figures

but, according to the non-governmental organization specializing in the vital health strategies, these figures would be underestimated: it states that more than 2,000 children under 9 years of age would be deceased from COVID in Brazil, of which 1 300 babies, relying on the very large rise in death for unidentified respiratory failure in these age classes during the same period.

according to Fatima Marinho, epidemiologist and vital consultant Strategies, in Brazil "In 2019, the number of deaths due to unpredictable acute respiratory failure in babies up to one year was 7,879, and In 2020, this number almost doubled to reach 14,200 cases. This difference, we believe it's because of COVID.

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"Of course, the more cases and hospitalizations, the higher the number of deaths in all age groups, including children" , estimate renato Kfouri, President of the Scientific Department of Brazilian Pediatric Society. Children from disadvantaged backgrounds would also be more at risk.

Socio-Economic Vulnerabilities

A study of 5,857 Covid-19 patients under 20, led by Brazilian pediatricians from the São Paolo Medical School, has identified both comorbidities and socio-economic vulnerabilities as risk factors for Children's Covid-19 deaths.

"The most vulnerable are black children and those from very poor families because they have the most difficulty accessing help. These are the most at risk of death. , recognizes Fatima Marinho.

cases of COVID discovered at the top of the Everest .
© Boy_anupong / Getty Images cases of Covid discovered at the top of the Everest At least one mountaineer has been tested positive at Covid-19, only a few weeks after the Reopening of the highest peak in the world, closed for a year. even the most remote or unattainable corners of the planet face the pandemic. This is the case in Mont Everest, Nepal. Closed for a year, the highest peak of the world has reopened to the mountaineers a few weeks ago.

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