US News is the time of the BIM: teenager killed by the police in Chicago, Eligible Lula and to a 3rd dose of pfizer needed

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COVID-19 in the United States: All adults eligible for vaccination from April 19th

 COVID-19 in the United States: All adults eligible for vaccination from April 19th © Alex Wong, Getty Images Via AFP From the White House, the US President Joe Biden announced the acceleration of the Vaccination Campaign Against Covid-19, April 6, 2021. President Joe Biden announced Tuesday that all adults would be eligible for the VVID-19 vaccine from 19 April, ahead of the previous objective. While the vaccination campaign is accelerating in the United States, the number of contaminations continues to grow. The United States engaged in "a race to life, to death".

Here’s an example of one such post circulating on Facebook, with the user’s name cropped out for privacy purposes: The link included in this post and others like it leads to a now-deleted story that was posted to the anti-vaccine activist website Children’s Health Defense, founded by Robert F. Kennedy Jr As of March 5, 2021, Israel had vaccinated more than half of its population with at least one dose of the two- dose Pfizer vaccine. The country’s aggressive vaccination campaign has been effective, with Israeli data showing the vaccine had been nearly 99 percent effective in preventing deaths from

media captionIndianapolis police : 'Emotions are very high' after FedEx facility shooting. Eight people have been killed and many injured in a shooting in the US city of Indianapolis, police say. Witnesses heard several gunshots at a FedEx facility and one said he had seen a man firing an automatic weapon. "After a preliminary search of the grounds, inside and out, we have located eight people at the scene with injuries consistent to gunshot wounds. Those eight were pronounced deceased here at the scene. Ms Cook said four of the injured had been transported to hospital, one in a critical condition.

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Des manifestants demandent justice à Chicago le 15 avril 2021 après la mort du jeune Adam Toledo. © Ashlee Rezin Garcia / AP / SIPA Protesters ask Justice in Chicago on April 15, 2021 after the death of young Adam Toledo. News - "20 minutes" compiles for you the information that should not be missed this morning in your morning newsletter (BIM)

you missed the info of this early morning? A recap has been concocted to help you see more clearly.

Chicago shocking against the video of a 13-year-old teenager slaughtered by the

police images are terrible. For 15 days and the death of young Adam Toledo, killed on March 29 by the police, anger goes up in Chicago. And after the publication of the video filmed by the bodycam of the policeman ( available here , be careful, the images are shocking), the Mayor Lori Lightfoot has called for calm, Thursday, dreading manifestations and possible overflows, in full trial Derek Chauvin and four days after the death of Daunt Wright in Minneapolis. Adam Toledo tried to escape alongside a 21-year-old man belonging to a gang. Contrary to what the authorities had first indicated, the teenager did not seem to hold a pistol when he raised his hands in the air. A weapon has however been found nearby. It seems that the schoolgirl got rid of a fraction of a second before being shot.

Hong Kong cancels his Astrazeneca orders for 2021

 Hong Kong cancels his Astrazeneca orders for 2021 © Pixabay Hong Kong cancels his orders from Astrazeneca for 2021 Hong Kong asked, on Friday, April 9, the suspension of his vaccine control in Astrazeneca. At issue: Fears of side effects on the population and efficiency deemed lower against new variants than other vaccines. After France, Italy, Spain and many other countries, it is Hong Kong turn to change its vaccine policy with Astrazeneca.

Don’t kill the messenger, by the way. I’m not the one making these decisions, I’m just reporting what’s coming my way from well-positioned, credible sources. Apparently the military feels the need to position itself on the right side of political sentiment, so that the public sees the military as saving the nation from certain doom (which is actually what they would be doing). Sadly, it looks like we’re all going to have to experience a few months of that doom as Biden attempts to rip this nation apart and achieve total economic destruction, which is really Obama’s 3 rd term at play.

This is one of the chief questions that has been raised in former President Donald Trump's political move to advance Operation Warp Speed and push out an untested, unsafe and ineffective injection to the public to save political face concerning the propaganda that was pushed by the mainstream Dr. Joshimar Henry was a resident doctor in the PGY1 program (pharmacy) at Humboldt Park Health in Chicago , according to his Facebook page. He was among the first Chicago residents to get the first dose of Pfizer ’s experimental mRNA shot on December 15, 2020. The surreal, creepy video of the

Brazil: The Supreme Court opens the way for a candidacy of Lula

Bolsonaro against Lula, we go straight. The Supreme Court of Brazil took Thursday a very favorable decision to Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in confirming the cancellation of the condemnations for the ex-left president, making it eligible for the presidential election of 2022. " With this decision of the Supreme Court, Lula is a candidate, "reacted the extreme right president Jair Bolsonaro, suggesting that the population should be concerned for the" future of Brazil "if the icon of the left returned in power. By a large majority of 8 against 3, the judges gathered in plenary confirmed the decision of Edson Fachin J., who had estimated in early March that the Curitiba court (South) who condemned Lula in two trials was "not competent" .

Coronavirus: The South African Variant could "cross" the Pfizer-Israeli study

 Coronavirus: The South African Variant could Health-Coronavirus-Israel-Study: Coronavirus: The South African variant could "cross" the Pfizer-Israeli study © Reuters / Amir Cohen Coronavirus: The South African variant could "cross" the Israeli Pfizer-study vaccine by Maayan Libell Jerusalem (Reuters) - The variant of the coronavirus identified for the first time in South Africa is capable of "crossing" in a Certain measure The Pfizer and Biontech vaccine, concludes an Israeli study published Saturday but which has not yet been reviewed by

Scott Harwell of the El Dorado Police Department in Arkansas told the station. “And he was deported back to Mexico.” Jimenez-Salas was wanted on five felony counts of rape and six felony counts of indecency with a child, all involving the two girls, FOX 4 reported. Arlington Police then spotted the suspect’s vehicle and pulled him over for a traffic violation. The suspect pulled out a gun and pointed it at the Arlington Officer who was working with U.S. marshals, the officer managed to defend himself, killing Jimenez-Salas. Illegal immigrant from Mexico wanted for raping 2 young girls is killed by

*Includes doses provided to Palau, Micronesia and the Marshall Islands. Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; U.S. Census Bureau | Note: Extra doses in Pfizer vials and data reporting inconsistencies may result in the percentage of doses used adding up to more than 100. The Times tracks statewide eligibility based on age, occupation and underlying health conditions, and notes states where that information is known to vary by county. The Times also records the date when vaccines became available to all adults in a state, or the future date when state officials expect everyone to be

Coronavirus: a third dose of the pfizer vaccine "probably" necessary, according to the CEO People who received

the Pfizer vaccine will "probably" need of a third dose within six months to a year, then No doubt an injection each year, affirmed the boss of the American pharmaceutical giant, this Thursday.

"A probable hypothesis is that a third dose will probably be necessary, between six months and twelve months, and from there, there will be a new vaccination every year, but all this needs to be confirmed," said Albert Bourla , CEO of Pfizer, in statements made public by the CNBC chain.

coronavirus: new EU agreement with Pfizer, collective immunity expected in July, announcement von der leyen .
health-coronavirus-vaccine - coronavirus: new EU agreement with Pfizer, collective immunity expected in July, announcement Von der Leyen © Reuters / Pool Coronavirus: new EU agreement with Pfizer, collective immunity expected in July, announcement von der Leyen Brussels (Reuters) - The European Commission finalized a new agreement with Pfizer and Biontech on the Provision of up to 1.8 billion additional doses of their VVID-19 vaccine between 2021 and 2023, Friday announced the President of the

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