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19:15  16 april  2021
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Report: Barcelona thought about the commitment of City star Kevin de Bruyne to

 Report: Barcelona thought about the commitment of City star Kevin de Bruyne to Kevin de Bruyne extended his contract at Manchester City recently until 2025. Previously, FC Barcelona worked on a transfer of the Belgian. The Spanish top club FC Barcelona has been exhausted the possibility to commit midfield director Kevin de Bruyne from Premier League leader Manchester City. This reports the Times. The Belgian had signed a new, highly doped contract at City a few days ago.

weeks he spent traveling to travel to find matching locations and landscapes, for example, in Spain and Jordan or Morocco, for days he waited for the right clouds - and anyway important was rousing music.

Der britische Regisseur David Lean. © dpa of the British director David Lean.

David Lean was the detailed creator of films as "the bridge at Kwai" and "Lawrence of Arabia", for which he won the Director Oscar in 1958 and 1963. Of course, his "Doctor Schiwago" is unforgotten. 30 years ago (on 16.4.1991), the master of the narrative cinema died 83-year-old in London.

Lean was a perfectionist who needed a lot of time to prepare his works. In his 50-year career he finished only 16 films. He was a great storyteller who made literature on the canvas alive. Many younger directors such as Steven Spielberg explained Lean to their role model.

a crook "sold" fake Warhol for 80,000 dollars on eBay

 a crook © Ander Gillenea / AFP A visitor looks at the work of American artist Andy Warhol titled Shadows, at an exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao on 25 February 2016. It may seem simpler, for a counterfeit aspirant, to make the replica of a silkscreen of Andy Warhol than the canvas of a great old master.

burned into the collective memory - or better: Freor - especially the melodramatic Soviet epic "Doctor Schiwago", in which Spanish mountains served as Russian Ural. Omar Sharif (1932-2015) and Julie Christie (81) brilliantly brillianted Leans as Juri and Lara.

Lean came from a credible London Quaker family. For religious reasons, the parents banned pleasures of every kind - so also cinema visits. His first movie "The dog of Baskerville" he looked at himself secretly. At the age of 19, Lean left his strict parents' home and became tee boy («Tea boy» in a London studio. He became cutter and worked up to the director.

he learned a lot of cooperation with the writer Noël Coward, from which he filmed several pieces. Shortly after the war he created lasting versions of the Dickens-novels "Oliver Twist" and "great expectations".

Regional Elections: Operation Survival for the left Ch'ti

 Regional Elections: Operation Survival for the left Ch'ti to challenge Xavier Ber Tand in the Hauts-de -France, the left and the environmentalists have come to gather around the Karima Delli MEP. But does this unpublished union will suffice? © Ilan Deutsch / Paris Match Lille, Friday, March 26th. While the question of "racially non-mixed" meetings plunges the left into a Fairy Vaudeville, it is a different room that stands at the same time at the theater of the canopy, in the capital of Flanders.

In 1956, Hollywood producer Sam mirrors gave him the opportunity to reach the international audience with the film adaptation of Pierre Boulles Bestseller «the bridge at Kwai». The strip with William Holden (1918-1981) and Alec Guinness (1914-2000) in the main roles was awarded seven Oscars.

1962 followed "Lawrence of Arabia" with Peter O'Toole (1932-2013), a more than three-hour Opus, which many critics look at Leans masterpiece and also showered with Oscars.

Leans pictorial language was often cited in other films, so the "Lawrence" film music from Maurice Jarre (1924-2009) came around 1977 in "James Bond 007 - the spy who loved me" before - then when Roger Moore than Bond walks on foot through the desert to the Nileufer.

on the Boris PastraNak film. Schiwago »responded to the criticism of the mid-60s rather reserved. As a cash register filler, however, this film was about the doctor and poet Juri, who stands for years between his wife Tonja (Geraldine Chaplin) and the beloved Lara (Julie Christie), right behind "from the winch».

In front of the cinemas, long snakes formed. Everyone wanted to see passionate love in the turmoil of the Russian Revolution. It was the beginning of a swung out Russia boom in Germany: Newborn girls were called Lara. In worship for Sharif, men let mouths grow.

A failure for Lean was 1970 the film "Ryan's daughter". It passed 14 years until Lean with a version of the colonial groom "a trip to India" returned. Most recently, he worked on a burlap version of Joseph Conrads «Nostromo». But this movie did not come anymore.

"that on you lament the tiger": Emilienne Malfatto dives in the heart of the tragedy of the crime of honor in an Iraqi family .
A young Iraqi, pregnant while she is not married, waiting for death: for Save the honor of the family, his brother will kill her. A first shock novel by Emilienne Malfatto. © provided by FranceInfo that on you lament the Tiger (Editions Elyzad), a very short novel by Emilienne Malfatto, is the chronicle of an announced death, that of a young Iraqi who committed the absolute prohibition. Pregnant, out of wedlock, she will inevitably be killed by her older brother.

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