US News First Summit for Biden with the Japanese Prime Minister, a look at Beijing

20:30  16 april  2021
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biden will make announcements Thursday on the limitation of firearms

 biden will make announcements Thursday on the limitation of firearms © Jim Watson The American President Joe Biden speaks from the White House on March 18, 2021 The American President Joe Biden will unveil the measures to limit the measures to limit Firearms, especially to prevent the proliferation of intracable weapons called "ghosts", indicated those responsible for the White House. The Democrat will announce six measures "to cope with the health outbreak of firearm violence," said one of them under cover of anonymity.

  Premier sommet pour Biden avec le Premier ministre japonais, un oeil tourné vers Pékin © provided by the point

J OE biden receives Friday the head of the Japanese government Yoshihide Suga for his first real summit at the White House, during which They will unveil a two billion dollar initiative on the 5G, new stone in the strategic competition facing the China .

"The Alliance Japan - United States must be strong at this moment," said the Prime Minister at a meeting with Vice President Kamala Harris, before being received by Joe Biden .

echoing the Union of Democrats desired by the new President to counter China, he mentioned an alliance based on "freedom, democracy and the rule of law".

The spokesman for the White House Jen Psaki said that this summit, and the one planned in May with the South Korean president moon jae-in, had to send "a strong message" on "the crucial importance" of the relations of America in Asia .

USA: Biden plans to take action against "Ghost Weapons"

 USA: Biden plans to take action against USA-Weapons: USA: Biden plans to take action against "Ghost Weapons" © Reuters / Kevin Lamarque USA: Biden plans to take action Against "Ghosts" Washington (Reuters) - US President Joe Biden will disclose Thursday the first steps taken by its administration to reduce armed violence, including a plan to reduce the proliferation of "ghost weapons" after. A series of mass shootings pushed it to act.

The choice of the Nippon leader as the first guest in Washington reflects the priority given by Joe Biden to the nearest allies of the United States to make a common Front facing the inexorable rise of Beijing - the main geopolitical challenge identified by the democrat .

According to a US official, Japan must announce on this occasion "a very substantial commitment" of two billion dollars, in partnership with the United States, "to work on the 5G and the next steps".

The former US President Donald Trump had started a pressure campaign on many countries to give up using the equipment of the Chinese Giant Huawei, which has established itself as a leader in the deployment of the fifth generation of networks Mobile. The Biden government wants to continue the offensive.

biden and suga ready to present a united front on Taiwan

 biden and suga ready to present a united front on Taiwan USA - Japan / Taiwan (Urgent): biden and suga ready to present a united front on Taiwan by Trevor Hunnicutt and David Brunnstrom Washington, April 15 (Reuters) - US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga will present a united front on Taiwan at a summit meeting on Friday, according to a senior official of the US administration.

The two leaders must also evoke the increasing tensions about Taiwan, which denounces more and more hostile actions from Beijing.

"None of our countries does not want to climb tensions, nor provoke China, but we nevertheless try to send a clear signal to say that some acts of China" are "contrary to peacekeeping and stability" , said the American senior.

"Fundamental Challenges"

It noted that Afghanistan's American withdrawal, announced this week by Joe Biden, was going to "release the time, attention and resources" to focus "on" the " Fundamental challenges of the 21st century, which are in the Indo-Pacific region ".

The Japanese Prime Minister will also be consulted on the US strategy facing North Korea.

The White House has also welcomed the fact that Yoshihide Suga had "announced that it would join in the United States to unveil a new" greenhouse gas emission reduction on the horizon 2030 of Here the high virtual climate summit organized by the Democratic President in a week.

Lead 1-Xi Jinping will take part in the climate summit organized by biden

 Lead 1-Xi Jinping will take part in the climate summit organized by biden China-USA / Climate (Lead 1): Lead 1-Xi Jinping will take part in the climate summit organized by biden (updated all along with Additional elements) PEKIN, April 21 (Reuters) - Chinese President Xi Jinping will participate Thursday at the climate summit organized by the United States on invitation of his American counterpart Joe Biden, "said Beijing, which will mark the first Common meeting of the two leaders since Biden has come into office at the White House in January.

This first bilateral summit of the 46th US President, who intervenes only three months after his arrival in power because of the health restrictions, will be observed to seize the contrasts with the often hectic encounters of Donald Trump with his counterparts. A common press conference is scheduled in the afternoon.

But Yoshihide Suga will probably stay on his guards in the face of the Americans to enlist Japan more frankly in their confrontation in front of China - the Nippone economy still depends largely on trade with Beijing.

Tokyo has abstained in recent months to join American sanctions against the repression of Muslims Uighours by the Chinese authorities.

According to Michael Green, former Councilor for former President George W. Bush on Asia and Current Vice President of the Circle of Centre For Strategic and International Studies, "The Biden Administration is worried about increasing aggression From China and the land lost by the United States in the region in recent years ", and therefore wants to" catch the time lost ".

Japan, on its side, wants to monitor its more cautious strategy methodically. "So there are some nuances in the public expression of their positions, but they go globally in the same direction".

16/04/2021 18:28:11 - Washington (AFP) - © 2021 AFP

biden will recognize the Armenian genocide after talking with Erdogan .
a spokesman for the US State Department mentioned on Friday an "announcement" expected Saturday on the "Armenian genocide". © Kayhan Ozer / AP / SIPA Joe Biden will become Saturday the first President of the United States to recognize the Armenian genocide, after a call to his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan who warned in advance against anywhere. Will to support what he denounced as a "lie".

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