US News The phrase "drinking a barrel" has military roots?

22:05  16 april  2021
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Speculation about explosion on Iranian ship

 Speculation about explosion on Iranian ship was an accident or a stop? According to the government in Tehran, an Iranian ship has been slightly damaged in an explosion in the Red Sea. About the exact backgrounds there is still a lack of ambiguity. © Planet Labs Inc / AP / Picture Alliance From a bird's eye view - Cargo ship The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tehran confirmed media reports, after which the Iranian freighter "Iran-Saviz" had been damaged in an explosion on Tuesday evening in the Red Sea.

Dans l'émission d'Europe 1 © Pixabay in the emission of Europe 1 "Historically yours", Stéphane Bern looks at the roots of an expression of everyday life. On Friday, he is interested in the origins of "drinking a barrel", an expression that originally refers to a unit of measure for wine.

Stéphane Bern offers every day, in historically yours with Matthieu Christmas, to discover these expressions that one uses on a daily basis without necessarily knowing their origin. Friday, the facilitator explains the roots of the phrase "drink a barrel", which originally refers to a unit to measure the wine. The expression will settle durably in popular language from the 19th century.

Burma: At least eleven demonstrators killed in new clashes, reports the press

 Burma: At least eleven demonstrators killed in new clashes, reports the press Burma-Politics: Burma: at least eleven demonstrators killed in new clashes, reports the press © Reuters / Dawei Watch Burma: at least eleven protesters Killed in new clashes (Reuters) - the protesters in Burma against the military coup of February 1st fought back to the repression of security forces in a northwestern city of the country with hunting rifles and bombs During clashes where at least eleven of them were killed, report on Thursday the national media.

It often happens to hear some give an appointment to friends to "drink a barrel". An expression whose meaning is very similar to "drink a shot". But did you know that this expression originated from the 16th century? At this time, it was a real unit of measure for the wine which corresponded to a sixteenth of pint, or 6 centiliters. The glasses at the time had this accurate capacity. Today, they have a capacity closer to 9 or 20 centilitres, according to who you are invited.

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in the 19th century, the phrase "drink a cannon" s 'Impose: It means drinking a simple glass of wine, when it was said "Drinking a Soviet cannon", it was red wine, and when you used the CANNEER VERB ... it was we chained small guns.

London notified from the end of the mandate of the Burman Ambassador in the United Kingdom

 London notified from the end of the mandate of the Burman Ambassador in the United Kingdom © provided by the point L e British Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated Thursday to have been formally notified by the Burmese authorities of the end of the mandate of The ambassador of Burma to the United Kingdom , ousted from his representation by relatives of the junta.

Today, in Ireland, they say "drink a jatte". In the United States, the expression used is "to Knock One Back", which means: "we stick one." In France, we can also say "throwing one behind the tie", we have or not. In the Romanians, the expression is: "Bea a Ciocan", which means "drinking a hammer".

Similarities with the military world

Finally, we can note similarities with the gunshot. The cannon shot evokes the noise of the glasses that clash at the time of trinquer. Then, one drank a trait, dry ass. Note when you say "dry ass" because, when one rests the glass, there is no liquid in it. The container is found ass. Come on, finish with a pretty sentence of Daniel Pennac: "A drunkard, it tells anything, especially the truth."

Soaring tensions between Ukraine and Russia: What is known .
© Anastasia Vlasova / Reuters A Ukrainian sniper trains near the city of Marïnka, Ukraine, this Tuesday, April 13th. The deployment of Russian military forces at the border with Ukraine causes a revival of tensions in the region. The point on the situation between the two countries.

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