US News The Catholic Church wants to get involved in a crisis "which has lasted too much" in Haiti

22:45  16 april  2021
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Margreth attended the Easter Office in Aarhus, Marie and Joachim in Paris

 Margreth attended the Easter Office in Aarhus, Marie and Joachim in Paris Queen Margreth II of Denmark attended Sunday at the Easter Office in the Cathedral of Aarhus, while Marie and Joachim were doing Similarly, with their children, at the Danish Church of Paris. © Dana Press / Bestimage - Instagram account of the Court of Denmark Queen Margreth II of Denmark in Aarhus for the Easter Office, April 4, 2021. In vignette, Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and their children the same Day in Paris Denmark has passed this year, Easter festivals under the sign of Covid-19.

Des pélerins prient à l'approche de Pâques, à Port-au-Prince, en Haïti, le 2 avril 2021 © Reginald Luissaint JR pilgrims pray to Easter, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, April 2 2021

Could the Catholic Church draw the way for a crisis exit in Haiti? By not depriving oneself of criticizing "the inaction" of power and having demonstrated this week its ability to mobilize, the institution seems in any case resolved to weigh the destiny of the small Caribbean drifting country.

Des personnes circulent dans une rue de Port-au-Prince, en Haïti, le 12 avril 2021 © Valerie Baeriswyl Persons circulate in a rue de Port-au-Prince, in Haiti, April 12, 2021

The Haitian clergy ended up in recent days on the front line, after the abduction on April 11 of ten people Of which seven religious. An event that shocked the opinion beyond the borders of the island. Perhaps the drop of water that broke out the vase of exasperation and forced the president decried, Jovenel Moses, to announce Wednesday a reshuffle of the government.

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Le cardinal haïtien Chibly Langlois après la célébration d'une messe à Port-au-Prince, le 9 mars 2014 © Hector Retamal Cardinal Haitian Chibly Langlois After the celebration of a Mass in Port-au-Prince, March 9, 2014

"The Catholic Church can help to move the lines. The country needs it", confirms Opponent André Michael. The Haitians are mainly Catholic confession and their country is the poorest of the American continent.

The institution "enjoys great confidence with the majority of the population," says Cardinal Haitien Chibly Langlois, in an exclusive interview at AFP, a few days after this appointment of a new Prime Minister.

"In difficult times", the population sometimes expects "a word from the Catholic Church" because it accompanies it "in the most abandoned and remote places in the country," he continues.

denouncing the "impotence" of the authorities in the face of the multiplication of kidnappings, Mgr Langlois says that "procedure" must be found to "curb that crisis".

Seven Catholic Religious, including Two French, Kidnapped in Haiti

 Seven Catholic Religious, including Two French, Kidnapped in Haiti © Estailove St-Val, Reuters Seven Catholic Religious, Five Haitians and two French, were kidnapped in Haiti, April 11, 2021 (Illustration). Five priests and two nuns were abducted Sunday in Haiti, according to the Conference of the Bishops of this country, indicating that two French citizens were among the hostages on the outbreak of violent crime and the multiplication of kidnappings in the Caribbean country.

While saying that the representatives of the Catholic Church are "not able for the moment to play the role of mediators", the first Haitian Cardinal of History says "think" to "other ways to help" to find a solution to this crisis that has lasted too much ".

In 2014, in a context of political tension, Cardinal Chibly Langlois had participated in discussions between the executive and the political parties.

Thursday, the Church, joined by the private sector of business and the school sector, observed a work stoppage to demand the liberation of the captives --sept Haitians and two French-- abducted on April 11, paralyzing a large part of the Economic activities of this gangred country by insecurity and plunged into a profound political crisis.

Masses quickly turned into protest against the power in place.

by launching this national movement, the Church "gave the evidence" of "its importance in a country of strong religious tradition", considers the businessman and Political Manager Reginald Boulos, who considers that she is above all "A moral force".

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- "Carrier of Hope" -

Monday, the Archbishop of Port-au-Prince had said "the descent into the hell of Haitian society", claiming that the "violence of armies" took "an unprecedented proportion "And that" the public authorities "were" not immune to any suspicion ".

This attitude "can be carried out hope of resolution of this crisis", but the Church "is not strong enough to play an important role in the transition," Temperes the sociologist Augustus of Meza.

The hierarchy of the Catholic Church in Haiti has long been dominated by French priests. The latter had in the 1950s hired an arm of iron with the former "lifetime president" of Haiti, François Duvalier.

This one, nicknamed "Doc Doc", had revived the traditions of Voodoo to make Catholicism, before obtaining the Vatican the power to name the Catholic hierarchy, thus consolidating its authoritarian regime.

then had opened a time of subordination of the Church to the State, pursued under the reign of Duvalier-Son.

Things evolved under Pope John Paul II, the Catholic Church having accompanied the change that resulted in the fall of the dynasty.

Criticizing the power, the Church renews that "with his position taken from the early 1980s," says Auguste d'Meza.

Later, the country was directed several times by a former priest, Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

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