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02:30  17 april  2021
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Bundestag election: Ralph Brinkhaus calls for rapid decision of the K-Question

 Bundestag election: Ralph Brinkhaus calls for rapid decision of the K-Question Union Faction Chief Ralph Brinkhaus urges a quick decision of the most important personnel in the election campaign before the federal election. I find ideas on his own candidacy "Nice - more not". © Michael Kappeler / DPA Union Faction Chief Ralph Brinkhaus ( CDU ) has prompted the party leader of CDU and CSU to a rapid clarification in the question of Chancellor's candidacy. "The interest in the parliamentary group in the decision is huge," said Brinkhaus in Deutschlandfunk .

Söder also emphasized that when he was running for chancellor it was the expectation “that a joint solution would be found”. Either way, he and Laschet would continue to work well together in the future. “We are not Helmut Kohl and Franz-Josef Strauss,” said Söder . On Monday, the top committees of both parties will discuss the candidate question. Laschet and Söder did not want to comment on Sunday whether they wanted to officially get the support of their party leaders for their ambitions.

Söder , the Bavarian state premier who leads the Christian Social Union (CSU), is a right-wing Alpine populist in the tradition of Franz Josef Strauß, the party’ s historic strongman. His closest foreign buddy is Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, with whom he shares an irresistible urge to blame the EU To be sure, Söder has softened his rhetoric and segued towards the political centerground as he eyes power in Berlin. He likely realized he had to make himself more palatable to mainstream voters after his shrill attempts to outgun the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) in a regional election in

For days, the editors have been discussing if, when and above all at what time the Chancellor's candidate is proclaimed. Our author has once again with the pope choice about visual powers - and prepares for everything.

Wann ist es nur soweit? Wird Markus Söder Kanzlerkandidat oder nicht? © dpa When is it only so far? Will Markus Söder be chancellor candidate or not? Söder and the Shining

On the evening of April 19, 2005, the Bayern REDaction gathered in front of the TV to follow the output of the pope's election. The then editor of the editor Sebastian B. had visual powers, commonly called "Shining". So he said to his: "You will still be surprised. The Ratzi will." But the people did not believe the words and drove all sorts of Schabernback with the new boss, who merely wool murderly. But then Josephus Ratzinger joined the balcony of St. Peter's Basilica and fear and terror and fire tongues drove into the unbelievers, because there were only a few minutes left until the editorial deadline.

Sputnik and Markus Söder: Bodo Ramelow warns of competition among the countries

 Sputnik and Markus Söder: Bodo Ramelow warns of competition among the countries Bavaria wants to order millions of doses of the Russian Corona vaccine Sputnik V. But Health Ministers of the Countries were not informed about the Söder-Intuss, reports Thuringia's Prime Minister Ramelow. © Bodo Schackow / DPA Bavaria is still securing a potential EU approval of the Russian Corona vaccine Sputnik V million doses of the agent. The Free State will sign a preliminary contract with a production company in Swabian Illertissen, Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) announced.

With Germany’ s federal elections less than six months away and Angela Merkel’ s alliance in disarray over corruption and mishandling of the pandemic, the Greens have surged in the polls, sparking the idea of a new Green Chancellor . He suggests the current favourite for the top job, CDU boss Armin Laschet, will be replaced by popular CSU leader Markus Söder as the Union ’ s candidate, giving a much-needed boost to the alliance. “It’ s quite possible that they will choose a new candidate in Söder to run for Chancellor , instead of Laschet and this should help revive the fortunes of the CDU-CSU

BERLIN (Reuters) - The leaders of both Bavaria' s Christian Social Union (CSU) and Angela Merkel' s Christian Democrats (CDU) said on Sunday they were both ready to run as the conservative bloc' s German chancellor candidate in a September election. "(CSU leader) Markus Soeder and I had a long conversation before today. We declared our willingness to run for the chancellorship," CDU leader Armin Laschet told a joint news conference, adding they would settle on the candidate soon.

sixteen years after prophecy of the particulate editorial manager B. His again: "That will be." That makes the people shivering. It wants to know: "Age, when exactly? Maybe back to a saddle floors time? Who has there? And who then writes the mapping?" Unfortunately, the shining is too inaccurate until Friday afternoon to provide information on such questions. It only rages: "Soon! Soon! Soon!"

The editors have been planning for days with various Söder scenarios. In the event that Söder makes a retractor after publishing the column this weekend, the author announces that he will never write prophetic lines again. However, if Söder starts at this weekend after the release of the Column as Chancellor's candidate, it has already announced that the author will question his shining, who eliminates the next Bayern trainer. If that works, he could trust himself to a prognosis for the rise of the Sechzger in the 2nd Bundesliga.

for the unlikely case that after publication of the column nothing happens at all, please formulate here: It would be nice if Söder could step on Monday, 19 April, before the press. It does not have to be the balcony of the St. Peter's Basin, the stages of the Walhalla are completely rich. Good would be at 13.30, because the conference break and hunger is breastfed. Satisfied journalists comment on a friendly as people who rausbellelt at night. But if it comes differently, it is ultimately also good.

Söder Contra Laschet: Is the decision on Tuesday in the group? .
If Laschet and Söder can not agree in the K question, the fraction should bring about clarification. That would be at least some MEPs. © Photo: Michael Kappeler / DPA The K question remains draw between CDU boss Lashet (left) and the CSU chairman Söder for the time being. On Saturday, there was first no decision , whether Armin Laschet (CDU) or Markus Söder (CSU) should become Chancellor's candidate of the Union.

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