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02:50  17 april  2021
02:50  17 april  2021 Source:   rfi.fr

Presidential in Benin: Patrice Heel in an armchair, without opposition

 Presidential in Benin: Patrice Heel in an armchair, without opposition © Yanick Folly protesters block a road to Toui, a bastion of the opposition in northern Benin, April 7, 2021 Beninese are called to the polls Sunday to elect their president while the center and the north of the country are paralyzed by protesters who denounce the confiscation of the election by the outgoing President Patrice Talon.

Une électrice tchadienne glisse son bulletin dans une urne à Ndjamena, le 11 avril 2021. © AFP - Marco Longari A Chadian electridge slips its newsletter into a ballot box in Ndjamena, April 11, 2021.

Chad is still waiting for the results of the first turn of the presidential election of April 11th. Five days after the vote, the compilation of the results is in progress. It is a real ant work that takes place at the permanent office of elections.

With our corresponding in Ndjamena, Aurélie Bazzara-Kibangula

behind the imposing entrance grids of the permanent election office, it is the effervescence. This is where the results are compiled. A process done in camera.

The minutes arrive under sealed from the different provinces of the country by plane or by terrestrial voice. "A long journey due to disastrous roads" entrusted us with a delegate from the office.

Chad: The Cennel announces provisions against the problem of voters without cards

 Chad: The Cennel announces provisions against the problem of voters without cards © AFP / ISSOUF SANOGO The Cennel announced that registrants on the electoral file will be able to present their registration receipt or their voter cards of 2015 , if they could not retrieve their voter card. (Illustration image) To vote for the presidential Sunday, Chadians registered on the electoral lists will have to present themselves with their voter cards. Problem: Some will not have it for the vote for lack of being able to remove it into the distribution offices.

The results of three provinces, the Batha, the western logone and the means Chari are still being transported to the capital.

Once there, the 22,474 minutes are sorted and transmitted in a computer entry room. "Agents are being recruited to accelerate the cadence," says a member of the Ceni.

Some partial results were announced by the Electoral Commission. This is a first in Chad, who used to announce the entire provisional results directly.

But it's too early to give a trend, including the participation rate, real stake of this first tower. According to the Electoral Code, Cennel has until 25 April maximum to announce the provisional results.

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Conferences in Chad: Civil society and opposition parties call for a ceasefire .
© AFP - Renaud Masbeye Boybeye of Chadian soldiers on armed vehicles at a ceremony in Ndjamena, in January 2021. Fighting were raging Saturday between the Chadian national forces and the forehead rebels for alternation and concord in Chad (FACT). In this context, several opposition parties and civil society organizations have signed this weekend a call to the ceasefire.

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