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04:40  17 april  2021
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a Rwandan priest, refugee and naturalized French, was indicted and incarcerated on Wednesday, accused, among others, of To have "supplied food to the militia" having massacred Tutsi in his church in Rwanda in 1994, which he disputes. The genocide in Rwanda has made more than 800,000 people according to the UN, mainly exterminated Tutsi between April and July 1994.

Marcel Hitayezu, born in 1956, was indicted, particularly for "genocide" and "complicity Crimes against humanity ", by a specialized investigating judge of the Paris court, according to the national anti-terrorist prosecutor's office (UNAT), also responsible for crimes against humanity. Facts he has contested. He had been challenged Wednesday at his home from Montlieu-La-Guard (Charente-Maritime), according to a source close to the investigation.

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"Priest of the parish of Mubuga (South) in Rwanda in 1994, Marcel H. is blamed for having", in April 1994, "deprived of food and water of Tutsi having refugees in his church" and To have "supplied food to the Interahamwe militia (militias created in 1992 by the MRND, Party of Juvenal Habyarimana President) who attacked the refugee Tutsi" in the building, said the UNAT.

Its extradition definitively rejected in 2016

"Marcel H. challenged these facts during his examination of the first appearance before the investigating judge," added the public prosecutor. This priest had been covered by a request for extradition of Rwanda, that the Court of Cassation had definitively rejected in October 2016, as was the case for all suspects of a genocide participation claimed by Kigali.

Seven Catholic Religious, including Two French, Kidnapped in Haiti

 Seven Catholic Religious, including Two French, Kidnapped in Haiti © Estailove St-Val, Reuters Seven Catholic Religious, Five Haitians and two French, were kidnapped in Haiti, April 11, 2021 (Illustration). Five priests and two nuns were abducted Sunday in Haiti, according to the Conference of the Bishops of this country, indicating that two French citizens were among the hostages on the outbreak of violent crime and the multiplication of kidnappings in the Caribbean country.

To examine the charges against Marcel Hitayzu, the French justice had opened judicial information three years later, on July 26, 2019. "It was until Wednesday Vicar of the parish of a parish in Montlieu-La-Garde", indicated the diocese of La Rochelle.

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"The Church must question»

according to the daily the cross , The priest, after three years passed into refugee camps in the east of Congo, was "arrived between 1998 and 1999" in this diocese and "refugee status (had) been granted on January 26, 2011."

"It's a great news," Alain Gauthier reacted. For this co-founder of the collective of the civil parties for Rwanda (CPCR) , civil part in this file, "the Church must question how to give responsibilities to people who are suspected of having participated in the genocide "

seven Catholic religious, including two French, removed in Haiti

 seven Catholic religious, including two French, removed in Haiti © supplied by the point S ept religious Catholics, five Haitians and two Frenchmen, were kidnapped Sunday in Haiti, announced to AFP the spokesman for The Conference of the Bishops of this poor Caribbean country, with a strong insecurity. The police suspects an armed gang - baptized "400 mawozo" - active in the area where these kidnappings occurred, to be originally from a police source.

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another refugee priest in France, Wenceslas Munyeshyaka, was accused of playing a role in the 1994 massacres. He benefited from a non- -Mieu in 2015, which has become final in 2019.

Testimonies of survivors

In December, a journalist from AFP, who accompanied Alain Gauthier in his investigations in Rwanda, collected the testimonies of two survivors of Mubuga. These two women, who wished the anonymity, said that the priest used to sing in the terrorized survivors of "songs usually sung during the lifeguards of the dead", while the "Interahamwe", Hutu extremist militias And armed arms of the genocide, roamed. "We were like dead living," unloaded one of the survivors.

one of them, aged 10 in 1994, told AFP, shaken by crying, remaining in the church "two weeks hidden in the corpses of his family" as she was frightened after the Attack on April 17, 1994, until a bulldozer pick up the bodies to emerge from this abyss.

Joint by phone Friday to Rwanda, Bernard Kayumba, 52, who spent three days in the church before being able to flee the night of April 15, reacted with emotion. " Really ? He launched, adding, "I am very happy, it's a new very well received." In 1994, he was a student at the Grand Seminar and knew Abbé Hitayezu since his native parish. "I was extremely disappointed; He showed the behavior of a criminal, "said Bernard Kayumba. "He made meetings with the local genocidal authorities, with the bourgmestre, with the gendarmes, before our eyes; It was Marcel who delivered the Tutsi who were in the church, "he assured. "Marcel must answer his actions," he concluded.

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