US News policers burned at Viry-Châtillon: a verdict highly anticipated by the police

10:15  17 april  2021
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Roubaix: Custody of four suspected police officers

 Roubaix: Custody of four suspected police officers of the Roubaix police station officials are investigated by Lille © M.Libert / 20 minutes the central police station Roubaix police.

According to Portland police , the protesters lit a fire at the back of the union office, possibly in a garbage can. Other members of the group were seen using accelerants on a door as flames began to engulf part of the building. Videos posted to social media show an inferno raging in front of the entrance to the building as officers arrived at the scene. Police declared a riot and ordered the crowd to disperse. At least one arrest was made. The blaze was later extinguished by the city’s fire department.

Police blocked the central Ring Road and sought to disperse the crowd. Between hundreds to thousands of demonstrators have gathered at the Maria Theresa Square in the center of the Austrian capital, according to various local media reports. The protesters defied the ban on the large protest issued by the authorities. Large numbers of police in riot gear were deployed to the scene. They blocked a section of the Ring Road to prevent the crowd from marching to the Austrian parliament and the Vienna State Opera.

in the microphone of Europe 1 Saturday, the lawyer of a police officer concerned, Me Thibault de Montbrial, however denounced a trial that s "is unfolded" in a total Omerta atmosphere ". "The solidarity of the neighborhood and the solidarity of the band, to the end, will be passed before the truth," says Thibault de Montbrial. "Many witnesses have not come and others have, roughly, had memory failures, either lied."

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"Many witnesses did not come"

on October 8, 2016, the two police cars stationed near the Greater Borne, one of the cities the More sensitive from Île-de-France, had been stormed by a group of cottage individuals. Among the injured agents, two had been very serious. They always carry the sequelae. This is particularly the case of the police defended by Mr. Thibault de Montbrial. "It is a trial that concerns, out of terrorism, the most serious facts against police forces in France for about ten years", insists the latter. "In the environment of the police, there is a lot of expectation around this trial. We know that the situation is extremely tense, it is even more than in 2016. Nobody understands the sentence does not Either not at the height of the savagery of the facts. "

Turkey: Life Prison for 32 ex-military in connection with the 2016 Putsch

 Turkey: Life Prison for 32 ex-military in connection with the 2016 Putsch © AFP - ADEM Altan A soldier holds an anti-drone pistol while the security forces go up guard before the courthouse Sincan, outside Ankara, April 7, 2021, before the verdict hearing in the trial of 497 accused for the attempted failed coup of 2016. in Turkey, a court of Ankara condemned Wednesday, April 7th Thirty former soldiers at life prison. Justice has found them guilty of playing a leading role in the missing coup of July 2016 against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

1. High -speed trains are a prerequisite for a thriving modern economy. 2. The Asian tiger in under threat as a trophy for hunters on safari; as a source of parts for traditional medicine; and for its skin. 3. The share price dropped to an all-time low in January but bounced back at the end of the financial year. It is essential, if this demand is to be satisfied, that the plans begin by considering the manner in which the building materials were produced. The building’s impact on the green or man-made environment that surrounds It also needs to be evaluated by the architect at this stage.

In the wake of George Floyd's killing by police , protesters flooded streets across the country all week to demand racial justice and policing reforms. Most of those protests have been peaceful. Property damage and looting have marred others. But in several cases, the country has also witnessed what appears to be excessive police force against protesters, reporters and bystanders.

"This file is political"

in December 2019, eight young people had been sentenced at first instance to sentences ranging from 10 to 20 years of criminal imprisonment. Five others had been acquitted. The General Prosecutor's Office had appealed. Despite the new requisitions of this week, "the sentences that have been requested" are "quite disconcerting because we did not understand the logic of a breakdown between 12 and 25 years, while we are dealing with People who were in co-action, that is to say that they all participated in these facts of violence in a meeting, "says Me Thibault de Montbrial. "On arrival, it's a very mixed feeling. What will jurors come out of that? It's going to be interesting to see."

For its part, Sarah Mauger-Poliak, a lawyer of one of the accused, denounced "requisitions that illustrate, in my opinion, the total absence of independence of the prosecution and who recall how political this file".

Trial Derek Chauvin: According to the Defense, the Protocol of the Arrest was "reasonable" .
© Reuters / Jane Rosenberg Portrait drawn from the expert in use of the force and techniques of arrest Barry Brodd, during his Appearance in the trial of Derek Chauvin, accused of the murder of George Floyd on April 13, 2021, in Minneapolis. The trial of Derek Chauvin entered its third week. After the appearance of the 38 witnesses of the Prosecution against the former police officer accused of the murder of George Floyd, places to the witnesses and experts of the Defense.

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