US News dispute over refugee ceiling in the US: Biden wants to take more fled to massive criticism

11:25  17 april  2021
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biden will make announcements Thursday on the limitation of firearms

 biden will make announcements Thursday on the limitation of firearms © Jim Watson The American President Joe Biden speaks from the White House on March 18, 2021 The American President Joe Biden will unveil the measures to limit the measures to limit Firearms, especially to prevent the proliferation of intracable weapons called "ghosts", indicated those responsible for the White House. The Democrat will announce six measures "to cope with the health outbreak of firearm violence," said one of them under cover of anonymity.

Biden 's polls gets worse: Now the president's average approval has fallen BELOW 50% for the first time amid intense criticism over his bungled Afghanistan withdrawal. Biden 's average approval rating has fallen to its lowest level of his presidency – dipping below 50 per cent – in the aftermath of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. It also came after the president received a slew of criticism from both sides of the political aisle for remaining silent and claimed he was 'vacationing' in Camp David as the Taliban took the capital city of Kabul on Sunday after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled .

" We hope this signals that the U . S . is going to take a leadership role on resettling people who need it," said Yael Schacher, senior U . S . advocate for independent advocacy group Refugees International. "This is a really important reset for the United States ." Biden 's announcement comes after he signed executive orders Tuesday to create a task force to reunite migrant children with their families, address root causes of migration from Central America, and review the legal immigration system. The decline in the number of refugee arrivals over the course of Trump's presidency has gutted the

US President Biden wanted to maintain Trump's upper limit of 15,000 refugees per year. Left Democrats were horrified.

Migranten laufen durch die mexikanische Stadt Sayula de Alemán in Richtung der US-Grenze. © Photo: Picture Alliance / dpa / Ángel Hernández migrants run through the Mexican city of Sayula de Alemán towards the US border.

after protests against his announcement, the recording of refugees do not increase for the time being, US President Joe Biden is towered back. BENDEN announcement, the upper limit of his predecessor Donald Trump from 15,000 refugees per year to maintain initially, had taken care of on Friday for sharp criticism from their own warehouse and refugee herself. The white house then explained that the number was only provisional.

The immigration at the highest Mexican border for 15 years, Republicans accuse biden

 The immigration at the highest Mexican border for 15 years, Republicans accuse biden © Copyright 2021, Obs The arrests of migrants at the United States with Mexico reached their highest Level in fifteen years, according to statistics published Thursday, April 8 which emphasize the pressure on President Joe Biden, accused by the opposition to minimize the crisis. More than 172,000 people have been apprehended by the border guards last month after being illegally entered the US soil, 71% more than in February.

Biden had pledged to boost the cap to 62,500 in the current fiscal year and to 125,000 in fiscal 2022. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki issued a statement later on Friday, following the backlash, saying that Biden would announce a higher refugee cap by May 15. Biden has been consulting with advisers on how many refugees the US can accommodate through the end of September, she said, and given the “decimated” program that he inherited from Trump and the current border “burdens” on the Office of Refugee Settlement, “his initial goal of 62,500 seems unlikely.”

US President Joe Biden delivers remarks as he takes part in a Munich Security Conference virtual event from the East Room at the White House in Washington, US , February 19, 2021 © Reuters / Kevin Lamarque. And his struggle to help democracy prevail over autocracy will ring ironic in the Middle East, where he'll rely on Gulf state monarchies to help provide the US with negotiating leverage against Iran. Biden on Friday said the allies must stand up for democratic values and push back against those "who would monopolize and normalize repression."

Biden has given green light for the settlement of refugees from previously locked regions, the White House continued to explain. Until May 15, the President wasted a "final, increased refugee cap for the rest of this tax year".

The Chairman of the Foreign Committee of the Senate, Bob Menendez, had called the number of 15,000 refugees "shocking". Given the "largest worldwide refugee crisis of history, with 29.6 million refugees worldwide, relocations are a crucial instrument in protecting those who flee from persecution." In the US, the inclusion of refugees is a "proud, cross-party tradition".

also the refugee organization of Lirs had criticized BiDen announcement. It was as "deeply disappointing that the government was told the shaming, record-resistant low recipient border of its predecessor" Lirs.

Afghanistan: an inevitable American withdrawal after a missed war

 Afghanistan: an inevitable American withdrawal after a missed war © AP - Julie Jacobson More than 2,000 Americans and tens of thousands of Afghans have been killed since the beginning of the United States intervention in Afghanistan. After twenty years of war, the longest known by the United States, US President Joe Biden announced the withdrawal of all American troops from Afghanistan "unconditionally" by September 11, despite fears of 'a return to strength of the Taliban.

The US government is done playing “good cop” with regard to the “vaccine hesitant.” The Biden administration, which recently opted to send ‘volunteer’ vaccinators door to door in what may be the most ill-thought-out public health campaign in US history, doesn’t just want to meddle with your body anymore – its plans to control Families might be shredded and homes torn apart over the FBI’s recent announcement that we must snitch on our fellow man lest ill-defined “extremism” take root somewhere, but Blackstone and Vanguard turned record profits this year, and that’s what matters.

Biden repeatedly gave confusing, misleading and non-linear answers when discussing masks, national security issues and COVID-19 vaccine approval. There are breakthrough cases of coronavirus in vaccinated individuals, and some cases result in death – thought the rate much higher in the unvaccinated. Biden revealed unvaccinated children, including all those under 12, will have to wear masks in school when CDC releases new guidance. He is optimistic vaccines will soon be approved for children under the age of 12.

Previously, Bidens National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan had notified that under the former president Trump's upper limit of 15,000 refugees stay this year until further notice.

US media threw biders Schlingerkrund before

In view of the criticism, the white house explained the white house have given "some confusion" in the matter. The system for the acceptance of refugees had been so severely elusive by the Republican Trump that the target originally issued by bidene for the time being except range transactions.

several US media threw biders in which Topic to drive a curling course. "That's the turnar On the previous turnaround, "said a journalist at the station CNN, the biders normally rather wonderfully wondered. The "New York Times" wrote, the white house had because of the criticism "abruptly changed the course".

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First Summit for Biden with the Japanese Prime Minister, a look at Beijing

 First Summit for Biden with the Japanese Prime Minister, a look at Beijing © provided by the point J OE biden receives Friday the head of the Japanese government Yoshihide Suga for his first real summit at the White House, during which They will unveil a two billion dollar initiative on the 5G, new stone in the strategic competition facing the China . "The Alliance Japan - United States must be strong at this moment," said the Prime Minister at a meeting with Vice President Kamala Harris, before being received by Joe Biden .

Another C-17 jet was due to take US embassy personnel but terrified Afghan civilians ran onboard. US troops were forced to leave military vehicles abandoned as they hastily fled the country following the Taliban's takeover. More video showed three bodies being retrieved from the streets. C-17 jets were pictured taking off from Kabul Biden insisted he had to decide between asking U . S . forces to

The US is fully withdrawing fromAfghanistan, leaving the country after 20 years of war and more than 100,000 lives lost between Afghan civilians, military, coalition troops and militant fighters. In the wake of the pull-out, critics from both sides of the political aisle have criticised Joe Biden ’s decision to end the US ’s presence in the The UK government pledges to take in 20,000 Afghan refugees over five years. President Biden and PM Boris Johnson have their first talk about the Taliban takeover. US Air Force said human were remains found in wheel well of USAF C-17 aircraft bound for Qatar from Kabul.

for the next US financial year October had promised biders to raise the refugee upper limit to 125,000. This goal continues to apply. The limit of 15,000 people had the lowest since the introduction of the refugee program in 1980. Trump was sworn in 2017 as president, in the year before the beginning of his term, the border had 85,000 refugees.

The refugees are usually checked in their countries of origin or regions and brought in the US success to the US.

"xenophobic and racist politics"

Benden Available from Friday, with which he seemed an increase in the upper limit for the current year, was criticized mainly from left to Democrats. "The retention of the xenophobic and racist policy of the Trump government, including the historically low and heavily fallen upper limit, is simply wrong," wrote about the deputy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter.

more than two dozen MEP signed an open letter to biders, who asked him to change the course - a blurred form of resistance, as it has rarely been rarely given since Bondens. Without a change, the refugee policy is "unacceptable draconically and discriminatory," it said in the letter. "We must comply with our promises to the people who have fled to unthinkable brutal conditions in their home countries, and our goal fulfills to provide them with a secure port so they can start their lives," wrote the deputies. The human rights organization Amnesty International also criticized biders for his course.

The Government of the new US President wrestles with another challenge on the subject of migration: the number of migrants and refugees coming from Mexico across the south border into the United States has recently risen dramatically. Among them are thousands of unaccompanied minors. (AFP, DPA)

biden will recognize the Armenian genocide after talking with Erdogan .
a spokesman for the US State Department mentioned on Friday an "announcement" expected Saturday on the "Armenian genocide". © Kayhan Ozer / AP / SIPA Joe Biden will become Saturday the first President of the United States to recognize the Armenian genocide, after a call to his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan who warned in advance against anywhere. Will to support what he denounced as a "lie".

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