US News in Vanuatu, the inhabitants of the island of Tanna cry their God, the Prince Philip

20:05  17 april  2021
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Death of Prince Philip: Funerals should be held on April 17th

 Death of Prince Philip: Funerals should be held on April 17th according to the English press, the funeral of Prince Philip, dead Friday at the age of 99, will take place on Saturday, April 17, 2021 in very special circumstances Due to the pandemic of COVID-19. © Fox Photos / Hulton Archive / Getty Images The funeral date of Prince Philip has not yet been officially announced but the English press announces this Friday night that they will take place next Saturday.

since the 1970s, the Duke of Edinburgh, whose funeral is celebrated this Saturday, was doing the 'object of a cult on this small Pacific island. Its inhabitants want Prince Charles to take place today.

While the United Kingdom celebrates this Saturday, April 17, the funeral of Prince Philip, husband, adviser and confident of Queen Elizabeth II for seventy-thirteen, it is the loss of a god that the inhabitants of Tanna One of the eighty islands of the Vanuatu celebrated since his death on April 9th.

Since the 1970s, the Duke of Edinburgh has been the subject of a true worship in this volcanic island of the Pacific Ocean. The inhabitants of the two villages of Yaohnanen and Yakel consider him as the Son of the God of Tanna, went to war and who had to marry a powerful woman.

Death of Prince Philip: "The Queen has the support of the whole country" in London

 Death of Prince Philip: © provided by Le Parisien Le Parisien The United Kingdom is in mourning . Prince Philip has turned out this Friday. Pandemic obliges, the government has asked the public not to gather in front of Buckingham Palace to make a final tribute to the Queen's husband who died at the age of 99. There are many British to share the sentence of Elizabeth II. "I'm sorry and sad! He contributed a lot to the nation, sighs Allan, a retiree who cleans his gleam car.

This amazing worship would have developed after the 1974 visit of Prince Philip in Vanuatu, who was then the Franco-British New Hebride Condominium, before independence in 1980. The Duke would have participated in Kava's consumption rituals, A root-based drink of a local plant.

Jack Malia, le chef du village de Younanen, sur l’île de Tanna, montre une photo du prince Philip et de la reine Elizabeth II. © Jill Gralow / Reuters Jack Malia, the village of Younanen, on the island of Tanna, shows a photo of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II.

"Prince Philip is a black man"

Prince Philip is native to Tanna, told the BBC (in English) Willie Lop, head of the board of heads of the island of Tanna. He went down to the south of the island, and jumped into the sea. " And what does it matter if the Duke of Edinburgh is white, while the local population is black. Prince Philip is a black man. If he became white, it happened in another country. But it's a black man, says the head Willie Lop.

Royal Condolences for Prince Philip

 Royal Condolences for Prince Philip The reigning families of Europe, which are mostly related to them, have addressed their condolences to Queen Elizabeth II for the death of his husband Prince Philip, which occurred on Friday. © Agency / Bestimage Prince Philip, October 15, 2015 The death of Prince Philip this Friday, April 9, 2021, two months of its 100th anniversary, has generated many reactions in the world.

More prosaically, according to the anthropologist Kirk Huffman, the inhabitants of the island of Tanna would have seen the photo of Prince Philip with Queen Elizabeth on the walls of the colonial outposts of New Hebrides. For Dan McGarry, a local journalist cited by the BBC, the fact that he sits on the right of the Commonwealth leader would have strangely provoked a reaction to the colonial presence.

"I will send a message»

Prince Philip seemed to accept the veneration of the inhabitants of Tanna, sending several letters and photographs of himself to the members of the tribe, who in turn have offered him traditional gifts over the years, including a ceremonial stick. Photos Amounted the Duke The stick by hand are today cherished by the villagers.

In 2007, five tribal leaders met with the Duke in person as part of the Meet The natives show of the channel Channel 4. They asked him when he would return to Tanna. When it's hot, I'll send a message, responded the philipe prince in an enigmatic way.

Death of Prince Philip: the spirit of the prince always among us? A tribe is persuaded

 Death of Prince Philip: the spirit of the prince always among us? A tribe is persuaded © Starface Death of Prince Philip: The Spirit of Prince always among us? A tribe is persuaded the death of Prince Philip has moved millions of people. And even in death, he continues to be present. Because of an island tribe who saw the husband of the queen as a God "still feels his spirit in his village '' This Friday, April 9, the royal family announced a sad news." It is with a deep sadness that His Majesty the Queen announced the death of his beloved husband , his Royal Highness Prince Phil

Will his death put an end to worship? "The Spirit of Prince Philip has left his body, but he continues to live" , according to Chief Albi. "It's too early to say where he will live. "He died, but there is a big family that will carry his inheritance. You see all the photos we have from him here. He is a good man ", says a resident of the village of Yaohnanen.

Prince Charles Future God?

A lot on the spot want Prince Charles to take the place of his father and want him to visit them, what his father never did. If Prince Charles agrees to come one day, then he must come here so that we can sit together and speak, explains the chef Malia,

the leaders have a hundred days to find an agreement and if they reach there, they will organize Probably a great ceremony to define the future of movement.

Prince Philip: This precious gift he clears from his granddaughter Lady Louise Windsor .
It was one of the highlights of the funeral of the Prince Philip organized Saturday, April 17, 2021 in Windsor: the arrival in the courtyard of the Castle of its hitch shot by its two ponies Balmoral Nevis and Notlam Storm, on which were carefully laid down the cap, the gloves, the cover and the small used sugars of the deceased ... the presence of this vehicle, orchestrated by the duke From Edinburgh himself, thus illustrated his love for the coupling races.

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