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10:25  18 april  2021
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COVID: Already ten million Primo-vaccinated, but the rise must continue

 COVID: Already ten million Primo-vaccinated, but the rise must continue © AFP The Prime Minister Jean Castex, announced Thursday that 10 million French had now received at least one dose of vaccine against the COVID-19. This Friday, Europe 1 decrypts how the pace should increase in the coming months, reaching up to 45% of primo-vaccinated by mid-June. Since Thursday, France has crossed the bar of 10 million people having received a first injection of a Vaccine against Covid-19 . The Prime Minister Jean Castex welcomed "a week ahead" on the government's goal.

Scammers are pretending to be government agencies providing information on COVID - 19 through text messages and emails ‘phishing’ for your information. These contain malicious links and attachments designed to steal your personal and financial information. In the examples below the text Scammers are using COVID - 19 in business email compromise scams by pretending to be a supplier or business you usually deal with. Scammers are using COVID - 19 as an excuse to divert your usual account payments to a different bank account. Your payment goes to the scammer instead of the real business.

COVID - 19 Scams . Report Scam Attempts. Report Fraud or Misconduct Related to Government Contracts or Grants. These are scams . Please contact the FBI at www.ic3.gov so that the scammers can be tracked and stopped. Fraud involving payment of Federal taxes should be reported to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

La Direction de la répression des fraudes alerte les Français sur la prolifération des escroqueries encouragées par la peur du Covid-19. Sur Europe 1, l'avocat Roland Perez revient sur ces pratiques et explique comment s'en prémunir. © Pixabay The direction of the repression of fraud alerts the French on the proliferation of scams encouraged by the fear of CVIV-19. In Europe 1, the lawyer Roland Perez returns to these practices and explains how to guard against it.

The crooks realized that the fear of the Coronavirus , entered into the life of the French more than a year ago and continues to mutate, could greatly facilitate the scams while surfing the credulity of some people. Thus, we have appeared false selling sites of masks or hydroalcoolic gels, but also deceptive banking messages knowing that it is more and more complicated to join its bank on the phone, due to teleworking. The direction of the repression of fraud indicates to consumers different types of messages likely to conceal a scam. At the microphone of Europe 1, the lawyer Roland Perez takes stock of these practices.

Covid-19 in Libya: Launch of the vaccination campaign

 Covid-19 in Libya: Launch of the vaccination campaign © Mahmud Turkia Prime Minister Libyan Abdelhamid Dbeibah is vaccinated against Covid-19, April 10, 2021 in Tripoli Libya reported having launched Saturday his campaign Vaccination against COVID-19, starting with Prime Minister Abdelhamid Dbeibah, while cases increase in this conflict fragile country. The announcement was made by the President of the National Center for Disease Control (CDC) Badreddine Al-Najjar at a press conference.

4. Millions Of COVID - 19 Test Kits Sold In 2017 And 2018. As we know the new COVID - 19 disease appeared in China towards the end of 2019. Therefore it was named COVID - 19 which is an acronym for Corona Virus Disease 2019. Data from the World Integrated Trade Solution, however, shows something astonishing Thousands of medical doctors call the pandemic a global crime, and a world dictatorship with a sanitary excuse. Two years before Covid - 19 came to the global scene, the European Union, the USA, China and other nations suddenly started exporting tens of millions of test kits for Covid - 19 .

In many hospitals, Covid - 19 patients are kept in separate units. Masks are usually mandated for both patients and clinicians. Cleaning protocols have been turbocharged. As a result, experts say, the risk of acquiring Covid - 19 when going into a hospital is very low. Mary Anne Oldford, 72, who has an advanced form of sarcoma, a rare cancer, runs an online support group called the Sarcoma Sunflower Brigade. Members make a point of not bringing up Covid - 19 , but when Ms. Oldford asked them recently to weigh in on their anxiety related to the coronavirus, she got responses that illustrated various

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What are the most common scams?

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Fraud agents recall that there is no vaccine that heals from COVID-19, or even Products such as air purifiers, lamps, dietary supplements or essential oils that would prevent the virus or to cure it. These are misleading commercial practices that fall under the law.

There are no state-of-law screening kits for citizens. To banish also: the sites that offer the sale of travel certificates, making believe in the need to buy them to be assured of their legality. These offers are disguised scams generally targeting fraudulently the bank details of the deceived citizens.

COVID-19 IN INDIA: The status of Maharashtra Lack of PCR tests

 COVID-19 IN INDIA: The status of Maharashtra Lack of PCR tests © AP - Rajanish Kakade A caregiver member undergoing a CVIV-19 screening test in Bombay, India, April 3, 2021. India continues to see its cases of COVID-19 increase disturbingly. The country recorded more than 150,000 cases over the last 24 hours, a record for the country since the beginning of the epidemic. One-third of these cases are concentrated in a state: that of Maharashtra, where the financial capital is located, Bombay.

New York will soon introduce the Excelsior Pass, a card which proves you have taken a Covid - 19 vaccine or have a recent negative test in order to enter events and businesses. “Similar to a mobile airline boarding pass, individuals will be able to either print out their pass or store it on their smartphones Businesses and venues will be able to scan a unique code for each passport and see the Covid - 19 history of the person in front of them. The app will reportedly not show detailed medical history, but rather just a simple message that you are or are not vaccinated, or have or have not been

A recent study from Yale University found that of 13,000 patients admitted to in a major hospital with respiratory diseases, practically no one ever had both a cold and the flu at the same time. In fact, lung tissue that had been previously exposed to the cold virus was immune to the flu virus. The third possibility is the scientists’ explanation. Before I give it, please note that either of the first two possibilities, if correct, would render ridiculous the entire response to Covid , not least because it would mean Covid is far less dangerous than has been widely asserted.

Finally, were also reported scams at the so-called state decontamination, but actually allow the thieves to break into homes with the blessing of the occupants.

What to do if we think I have been scammed?

If we want to guard against these scams at COVID, or if we tried to abuse you, you have to go to the CyberMalveillance.gouv.fr platform that lists the deceptive digital practices. If it is too late and you have been the victim of such a scam, it is necessary to file a complaint without delay and do not hesitate to talk about it around it, especially on social networks. The more we will be informed, the more the crooks will be easily unmasked.

Two Russian cosmonauts and an American astronaut back on earth after six months aboard the International Space Station .
Your Browser does not support this video The Soyuz capsule that transported them landed without a hitch in the steppes of Kazakhstan. Two Russian cosmonauts, Sergei Ryjikov and Sergei Koud-Svertchkov, and an American astronaut, Kate Rubins, came back on land without problems, Saturday, April 17 in the Kazakhe steppe, after a six-month mission aboard the International Space Station ( ISS).

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