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15:25  18 april  2021
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Hong Kong cancels his Astrazeneca orders for 2021

 Hong Kong cancels his Astrazeneca orders for 2021 © Pixabay Hong Kong cancels his orders from Astrazeneca for 2021 Hong Kong asked, on Friday, April 9, the suspension of his vaccine control in Astrazeneca. At issue: Fears of side effects on the population and efficiency deemed lower against new variants than other vaccines. After France, Italy, Spain and many other countries, it is Hong Kong turn to change its vaccine policy with Astrazeneca.

Berlin's founder scene. But the global comparison shows that the world corporations of the future probably arise on other continents.

Bei dem Berliner Start-up GetYourGuide sieht es ganz Start-up-typisch aus. © Photo: Mike Wolff / TSP The Berlin start-up Getyourguide looks very start-up-typical.

When Klaus Hommel brought his latest IPO to the start, the chess train was not only economical, but also politically motivated. The German Star Investor brought with the Lakestar Spac at the end of February of this year a blank shell, a so-called spac, to the stock market.

The goal of such an undertaking is to find an promising, young company for this shell, which seeks a way to go to the stock market. Hommel has not found the appropriate company yet. But a criterion should fulfill them to his will: it should come from Europe.

Ukraine does not want a military offensive against the pro-Russian rebels

 Ukraine does not want a military offensive against the pro-Russian rebels © AFP President Volodymyr Zelensky salutes Ukrainian troops not far from the forehead held by pro-Russian separatists in the region of Maroupol, 9 April 2021. Depending on the leader of the Ukrainian armed forces, Kiev will not lead a military operation against the eastern separatists supported by Russia. Tensions between the two countries are climbed from a notch these last days, Ukraine accusing Moscow to seek a pretext for an armed confrontation. diplomacy rather than the sound of weapons.

Hardly Unicorns from Europe Leader

because if you look at the biggest unicorns in the world, not only Germany, but all over Europe is suspended. With the Swedish payment service provider Klarna, which is valued at 31 billion US dollars, can only be found in the worldwide ranking of the data network CB Insights only in Seven Start-up from Europe.

with the tech companies Checkout.com and Global Switch follow around 15 seats behind two British companies. The next unicorn from the EU is even only in 90; It is the logistician Bolt from Estonia.

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that's no coincidence. In the US and also in China, the risk capital is very looser. An view of the largest unicorns shows that the big companies of tomorrow probably will not come from Europe. On course, the Chinese Byte dance, which includes the social network of Tiktok, which is also in the field of artificial intelligence at the front. Behind it follow the US companies Stripe, a payment service provider, and Spacex, the Space company of Elon Musk. Among the 20 most valuable startups, eight from the USA, five from China, two from India and one of Brazil, Australia, Singapore, Great Britain - and Kleda from Sweden come.

Russia develops a nuclear torpedo that can trigger a radioactive tsunami

 Russia develops a nuclear torpedo that can trigger a radioactive tsunami © @ 12019/10259 / Pixabay a submarine in the middle of the sea. Photo of illustration. Russian soldiers are currently testing Poseidon 2M39, a torpedo that can be driven away and that would be able to create a radioactive tsunami. An unprecedented weapon that worries. It is a weapon that we would directly seem out of a warfish. According to the US media CNN , the Russia is currently developing a stealth torpedo whose main interest is to create a radioactive tsunami.

Purse for Start-ups

Since sponsors abroad are not only limited to their respective home markets, Hommel's fears an out of European start-ups . "With these companies, which define our digital and innovation sovereignty in the next ten to 15 years, no one must reward us," he says. With his spac he wants to create a first step towards " European Financing Sovereignty ", as he calls it. But even with his own SPAC, the plan was only limited to: The edition came around half of the shareholders from the US and the United Kingdom.

Overall, the money flood for start-ups took no end in the corona year 2020. Although the record value from 2018 could not be achieved, but with around 300 million risk capital, four percent flowed more in the world in start-ups than a year earlier. The largest round of financing in Europe went 2020 to the United Kingdom. The insurer revolut collected 435 million euros. But in the worldwide comparison, the peanut are also. The Indian communication company JIO came 2020 in ten laps to a total of $ 20 billion.

Germany could buy 30 million doses of the Russian vaccine sputnik V .
© supplied by the Tribune still not allowed in Europe, Germany plans to order 30 million doses of the Russian vaccine sputnik. Germany plans to buy 30 million doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, which has not yet received Europe's green light, said Minister-President of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer. "We advocate for a strong approval process by May," Tweeted this Ex-GDR conservative, who spoke with the Russian Minister of Health, Mikhail Mourachko.

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