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15:20  19 april  2021
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Charles ABI sanctioned by the Asse after playing a match with friends

 Charles ABI sanctioned by the Asse after playing a match with friends © provided by Sofoot Be careful not to take bad booms. Present at the two-day press conference opposing AS Saint-Étienne Aux Girondins de Bordeaux, Claude Puel announced that Charles Abi would be sanctioned by the club. The attacker took part in a football game with friends, without the authorization of his leaders and especially without respect for sanitary measures.

Annalena Baerbock occurs for the Greens as Chancellor candidate. This will not be the only strength of the party in the election campaign. A comment.

Annalena Baerbock, klebte 2017 noch selbst ihr Wahlplakat. das wird sie als Spitzenkandidatin nicht mehr müssen. © Photo: Imago Images / Martin Müller Annalena Baerbock, made her election poster even her election poster in 2017. This will no longer have to as top candidate.

Every time has a color, says Greens federal managing director Michael Kellner - and that the future is green, is no longer excluded.

Annalena Baerbock as Chancellor candidate : Sambled it had, now it was quasi approved. Never was Robert Daheck, her co in the party leadership, lately as good as the introduction of Baerbock as a number 1.

A European superplus ... without the PSG?

 A European superplus ... without the PSG? © Panoramic The desire to create a closed European superligue is not new, excluding PSG a little more. While UEFA meets on April 19 to establish the next version of the Champions League from 2024, the European SuperLigue project is still in the cardboard. And according to the information of the Team , the last version of the project would not include Paris Saint-Germain. Real sea snake For several years, the closed league project has experienced several forms over leaks in the press.

The two have agreed without noise, without public power struggle and dispute. Past the restless past. Fundamentally here is only the change. What reminiscent of the Union at first glance and how the Weiland has seemed to be the same as its chancellor candidates, the Greens at second glance is fundamentally different.

may be that Baerbock and Dabeck met in the backdrop or in the kitchen, for breakfast as once Angela Merkel and Edmund Stoiber. In contrast to the two, however, the woman is obviously without trouble, secondly, her legitimacy will be in doubt of anyone in the party environment.

The election campaign comes, and the Greens are equipped

Both, Baerbock and Dabeck, are chosen with strongest results and at the same time equipped with the order of leadership, a leadership in the greatest possible commonality. What is possible here, show you an example: the shoulder is successful as nowhere else. What in turn is particularly eye-catching, when looking towards Union.

in Georgia, vandals degraded Native American petroglyphs of more than 1000 years

 in Georgia, vandals degraded Native American petroglyphs of more than 1000 years of the petroglyphs made by Native Americans more than 1,000 years ago were found vandalized on a protected site in Georgia in the United States. The authorities started an investigation to find officials. It is a precious historical heritage that has just been vandalized in the United States.

The election campaign comes, and the Greens are equipped. The party, closed like never, becomes a powerful instrument that she had never been like that. What she calls for in her election program is indeed. Ecology and economy and, not least, to bring together the social issue closer - that should succeed. The social that seemed to be in the background with the green longer. That too fits in the time.

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because in and on the social becomes Much decide for the people in the Corona crisis anyway, which are advised by the consequences, as well as party political. The Greens can succeed in taking the role of the unchanged weakening SPD, so far it is now.

The Social Democrats, as well as traditional works council of the nation, can take advantage of a lot of change - only will not be credited little to nothing. Her values ​​are hardly changing, 14 percent, 15 percent, making little state.

Russia: The fire continues in a historic Factory of St. Petersburg

 Russia: The fire continues in a historic Factory of St. Petersburg © Olga Maltseva Firefighters fight against a gigantic fire in a historic Fabrique of St. Petersburg, April 12, 2021 in Russia Russian firefighters continued on Tuesday morning Attempting to extinguish the immense fire ravaging for 24 hours a historic Fabric of St. Petersburg, killing and three wounded among the soldiers of fire. © Provided by AFP A gigantic fire continued to rage Monday night in a historic factory of St. Petersburg.

The voters: know inside, who is the original

the Greens with stable over 20, currently more than 25 percent and rising, have the historical chance to become the strongest faction of the next Bundestag. If the party can take credibility with creativity. What she can; Not only do you see your sympathizers like that. The political opponent also recognizes it.

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nowhere can it be better read as that a Markus Söder, who hugs a really conservative CSU boss, now trees and wants to protect bees , also explained climate protection on the subject of the coming years .

and where Söder tries to join the spirit of the time, the voters will know: inside, who is the original on this political field. This is chosen first. Not the Union.

Who complains that the Greens still have much statedirigistic in the program, versus the starting position. Especially in the pandemic, the idea of ​​the strong helping state experiences a renaissance, and all the larger competitors of the Greens see the need to invest massively.

that connects, in the rest, with what Robert Dabeck says. An indication of coming: Finance Minister is also a powerful office. Especially the future is not an administration of the existing one - that has survived - and politics this year no small coin.

The other parties, older, gray, less diverse, will look around. If the Greens do not get a high-altitude in their feeling, it may be that after the elections in September their color is stronger than ever. Just as your chancellor candidate on the day of the proclamation.

Legislative .
in Germany: Armin Laschet, the new Angela Merkel in the masculine? © Provided by the Parisian The Parisian The choice is made. On Monday evening, after several hours of meeting, the members of the Chrétien-Democratic Party Executive Committee (CDU) voted for Armin Laschet represents them to the September legislative elections, in the hope he became the new Chancellor.

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