US News Number of cyberattacks rises: German companies report on particularly high damage

17:30  19 april  2021
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SPD ministers want to enforce test obligations for companies

 SPD ministers want to enforce test obligations for companies against the will of the economy want Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil and Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz (both SPD) will prevail a corona test obligation for companies this week. © Gregor Fischer / DPA Can Hubertus Heil and Olaf Scholz enforce with their proposal for test obligations? "I want us to choose this on Tuesday in the Federal Government," said the "Picture on Sunday" - the coalition partner Union is so far against it.

The number of cyberattacks on companies rises and German companies are particularly affected. Although they always spend more security for safety, German companies recorded particularly high damage in international comparison, such as a published on Monday survey of the special insurer Hiscox. "There were more damage in the last year, but above all significantly more expensive and significantly more complicated damage," said Hiscox cybermanager Ole Sieverding. "The main driver is the topic of Ransomware."

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For a ransomware attack, a part of the data or systems of the victim is typically encrypted. For release, the attackers then demand ransom (English: Ransom). 19 percent of the more than 1000 respondents said German companies declared to have been attacked by Ransomware in the past twelve months. The proportion of companies affected by a cyberattacke increased from 39 to 43 percent, in Germany from 41 to 46 percent. The most common episode of an attack was a computer virus outbreak.

Reduced guest list: Mourning service of Prince Philip: These three German nobility were invited

 Reduced guest list: Mourning service of Prince Philip: These three German nobility were invited to his wedding with the Queen they were not allowed, but his funeral will attend Prince Philips German relatives. © Picture Alliance Landgraf Heinrich Donatus by Hesse, Prince Philipp To Hohenlohe-Langenburg and Bernhard Erbprinz of Baden have been invited to Prince Philips Mourning Card in Windsor The wedding of Queen Elisabeth II. And Prince Philip took place in 1947, two years after the end of the war .

Risk of Cyber ​​attacks rises by HomeOffice

In the increase in cyber risks, the Corona pandemic also plays a role. Because much more companies have employees in the home office, the attack area increases as she says. In addition, just at the beginning of the pandemic "very many phishing campaigns have been seen specifically on the subject of Corona. This will probably become less, but the mechanism will remain the same with new topics - such as the European Football Championship. "

But the procedure of the attackers at Ransomware has changed. Previously, this is usually automated happened, she says verding. "An employee clicks on an email attachment, then the achievable system is encrypted directly and a small ransom requirement is set." Meanwhile, the attacker - manually resisted - driven by hand - many days unnoticed in the system and attempts, "Maximum rights to skip before He attacks very targeted and very painful with the encryption ".

Who are the three Germans who come to Prince Philips funeral?

 Who are the three Germans who come to Prince Philips funeral? Only 30 guests may prove Prince Philip (1921-2021) on Saturday (17 April) in the St. George's Chapel in Windsor. In addition to the closest kinship of the prince's prayer, the published published by the Buckingham Palace can also be found three German nobleman: Prince Philipp of Hohenhohe-Langenburg (51), Erbprinz Bernhard von Baden (50) and Prince Donatus, Landgrave of Hesse (54 ). © [M] Imago Images / Arnulf Hettrich / KGC-102/195 / Starmaxinc.com / ImageCollect Erbprinz Bernhard von Baden (l

The mean damage due to cyber attacks was at the German companies at a good 21,800 euros. This is almost twice as high as the value over all eight countries examined. The highest damage mentioned in the survey by a single attack came from Germany: 4.6 million euros. However, the German companies have also massively raised their expenses for cyber security. In the current year, they are 62 percent higher than 2020.

Germany: too little investments and IT skills shortage

German companies set differently than emerging countries much stronger on their own in-house servers and hardly use cloud offers, said Rüdiger Trost, security expert of F-Secure. "The disadvantage: In order to updates and IT security, you must then take care of yourself." In conjunction with the IT skills shortage in Germany and a frequently too little investment in IT security, "an explosive risk cocktail" arise.

Vaccines, Remote Courses, Autototes: There are several sites before the return

 Vaccines, Remote Courses, Autototes: There are several sites before the return © Stephane Mahe in a School of Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire (Loire-Atlantique) on April 2, just before the closing of classes. Another ten days of vacation for the 12 million students in France. The school calendar announced by Emmanuel Macron on March 31, on the eve of the third national confinement, will be held, confirmed the spokesman of the government, Gabriel Attal, this Friday on France Info . The Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, will not be a priori more to isolation.

"In Germany we do not have the most tolerant error culture," stressed comfort. "Problems will therefore be addressed by reference to the argument" We've not done so "at all. But this is a deadly credo in the environment of IT security. It is about being constantly questioning yourself. "

For the high damage in Germany, according to the Federal Office for Safety in Information Technology (BSI), the malware had contributed especially the malware. Emotated was even crowned by the BSI for the "king of malicious programs". The program is able to read contact relationships from mail mailboxes and can then be automated to send very authentic spam mails. "Emotated and repelled malware have already caused high damage to those affected in business and administration."

In January, investigators succeeded after more than two years of investigation a blow against the emotated criminals. The infrastructure of the malicious software "was taken over and switched off". However, cyberang ripers will always find new ways to attack companies and organizations above all. Finally, a serious security gap in the Microsoft Communication System Exchange facilitated the criminals the crafts, because many companies did not bring it to the turn on their on-site systems in good time the security updates. (dpa)

Diplomatic crisis: Czech Republic throws dozens of Russian diplomats out .
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