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02:25  20 april  2021
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Salihamidzic or Flick? Effenberg becomes clear

 Salihamidzic or Flick? Effenberg becomes clear of the dispute in the sporting leadership of Bayern can only have a logical output, says Sport1 expert Stefan Effenberg. © Provided by sport1.de salihamidzic or flick? Effenberg is clearly just in the most important phase of the season Robt in FC Bayern behind the scenes a power struggle in the sporting direction - which is also publicly discharged. The focus is on coach Hansi Flick and Sports Management Hasan Salihamidzic .

Dans l'émission d'Europe 1 © Pixabay in the emission of Europe 1 "Historically yours", Stéphane Bern looks at the roots of a French expression of everyday life. On Monday, he is interested in the origins of "to be pigeon", an avian expression that means that we get, and whose history goes back to France of the 16th century.

Stéphane Bern offers every day, in historically yours with Matthieu Christmas, to discover these expressions that one uses on a daily basis without necessarily knowing their origin. Monday, the facilitator explains the roots of the phrase "to be pigeon".

"What is the relationship between getting herself and the pigeons? When we are the turkey of the stuffing, when we have been fooled, it is sometimes said that we've pigeon". 16th century, the people of the high society was fond of a bird that is called the hoopo. It has a very supplied feather crest, which had to be removed before consuming it. In other words, had the Unbridled. This will give the verb "Duper".

Comment: Without Meghan, Harry's reconciliation with the Royal Family is lighter

 Comment: Without Meghan, Harry's reconciliation with the Royal Family is lighter Great Britain and the Royal Family are in deep grief. On Friday (April 9), Prinz Philip († 99) died at Windsor Castle. The husband of Queen Elizabeth (94) did not allow much collapse around his death. And so on Saturday - in compliance with Corona rules - in the presence of 30 people a funeral card held.

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more and more rare, The bird was replaced by the pigeon, much easier to trap. The volatile was loved in the Middle Ages, as well as a means of communication that cooked cooked and well salted. The pigeon festival was a very good fertilizer for the vegetable. It was called that of Colombine.

The pigeon as a symbol of wealth

and when a lord had a dovecote it that To say he was rich. There was even a rule: the amount of pigeons that we had had to be proportional to the lands that were possessed. When a wedding arrived, he was commonplace that the lords make additional bows: understand pigeon holes in the dovecotters, to make believe that they had more than they had in real life.

Thus, we were passing as we were richer than one was, and the father of the future bride, who thought to marry his daughter richer than in reality, then "pigeon". "

Psychology: Why are we grieving around persons of public life? .
How does it explain that we take the death of famous people who we did not know personally? © Provided by cover media There are several reasons why we mourn the death of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Queen Elizabeth II. Lasted mourning in many people, and Royal fans put in public places Everywhere in the United Kingdom flowers, news and plurdles down.

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