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04:15  20 april  2021
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K question: Merz at K-question against Söder - MPs Paw on saying at saycode

 K question: Merz at K-question against Söder - MPs Paw on saying at saycode The dispute over the Chancellor's candidates in the Union is approaching. The CDU can not take the candidacy, find Merz. 50 deputies demand more participation. © DPA Merz had lost the struggle for the CDU Federal Presidency against Armin Laschet in January. The CDU Policer Friedrich Merz has pronounced in the union-internal rings around the Chancellor Candidature against CSU -Kef Markus Söder .

Le dirigeant conservateur allemand Armin Laschet, le 19 avril 2021 au siège de la CDU à Berlin © Tobias Schwarz The German Conservative manager Armin Leschet, April 19, 2021 at the headquarters of the CDU in Berlin

End of the Nerfs War at the German Conservatives? The Conservative manager Armin Laschet was acclaimed by his party, Monday night, as a candidate for Angela Merkel's succession and to lead a more uncertain legislative battle than ever before.

Armin Laschet (à gauche) donne une conférence de presse avec d'autres dirigeants de la CDU/CSU à Berlin, le 19 avril 2021 © Tobias Schwarz Armin Laschet (left) gives a press conference with other CDU / CSU leaders in Berlin, April 19, 2021

after more than six hours of virtual meeting, the Executive Committee of the Christian Party- CDU Democrat, in an internal vote, for the candidacy of its president against that of the popular Bavarian leader Markus Söder.

Hamburger CDU Landeschef against altitudes of his party at Chancellor's Candidate Grüß

 Hamburger CDU Landeschef against altitudes of his party at Chancellor's Candidate Grüß The internal competition for the Chancellor's candidacy of the Union has triggered open concern in the ranks of CDU and CSU. After CDU boss Armin Laschet as well as CSU boss Markus Söder both officially thrown their hat as a candidate into the ring, the Landesverband Hamburg now warns of soles of the CDU. "The decision on Chancellor's candidacy must be made and coordinated together," said CDU country leader Christoph Ploß of the Düsseldorf "Rheinische Post" (Monday issue).

After a week of duel fratricid between the two men, and a rare crisis in this disciplined training, Mr. Söder had indicated in the day that he would bend the decision of the ruling proceeding.

The support of the CDU officials is net: 77.5% of them voted in favor of Armin Leschet against 22.5% for Markus Söder.

Natural Candidate of the CDU he took in January, Armin Laschet, a supporter of continuity with Angela Merkel's centrist Centrist, had seen his inauguration challenged by Mr. Söder, head of the Bavarian party party.

After months to maintain the suspense on its intentions, this fifty-sized character had brought the tension up on 11 April his application.

- Weight of polls -

The next day, Mr. Laschet had a first support vote on the part of the caciques the CDU. The proceeding that spoke in his favor Monday evening brings together an even wider sample of party officials.

CSU: Horst Seehofer »suffers« under power struggle in the Union

 CSU: Horst Seehofer »suffers« under power struggle in the Union Söder or Laschet? Leading top politicians demand a rapid decision on the Chancellor's candidate of the Union. NRW Interior Minister Reul warns the CDU to drive from the CSU. © Hannibal Hanschke / Reuters should be decided by the end of this week, who leads the Union as Chancellor's candidate in the next election campaign. So it had announced NRW Government Armin Laschet and the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder .

The outcome of this crisis meeting was highly uncertain while Markus Söder in recent days the support of several elected representatives of the Conservative camp.

The Minister-President of Bavaria has a weight argument: it is by far the favorite of the polls to allow the Conservatives to keep the chancery at the end of the legislative elections of 26 September.

Video: Germany: Annalena Baerbock Appointed Green Candidate with Chancellery (Dailymotion)

According to a recent ARD Chain survey, 44% of the Germans deed to conduct the Conservatives in elections, compared to 15% for Mr. Laschet

Markus Söder did not participate in the Monday night meeting.

The CDU must "decide alone where and how" the choice will be done, had he felt earlier in the day, while ensuring that he "would respect" a decision of the executive committee of the CDU.

He had obtained Sunday the support of the organization of the young German Conservatives

Opinion At Lunch: Demoscopy and Politics: What the numbers also reveal

 Opinion At Lunch: Demoscopy and Politics: What the numbers also reveal Markus Söder or Armin Lashet - should the Union be guided by popularity when choosing your Chancellor's candidate? At any rate, survey values ​​should not be the only values ​​that mean something. © Frank Hoermann / Sven Simon / Imago; Processing SZ CSU boss Markus Söder (left) and Armin Laschet, the chairman of the CDU, wrestling around the Chancellor's candidacy (photomontage).

even of the elected officials of Ex-GDR, supposed to be relevant to a candidacy from the rich Bavaria, had spoken in his favor

- Herculean Task -

But prevailing the support of "the base", he could not obtain, as he hoped, a consultation of the Conservative members.

and the Tenors of the IDU meeting Monday night did not judge reasonable to embark on the adventure: disavowing Armin Laschet, installed at the head of the CDU for three months, would have plunged into a sustainable crisis the party of the majority , in power for 16 years.

Especially since the German right has only presented a candidate from the CSU, in 1980 and 2002, two attempts for failures.

Such a confrontation between CDU and CSU has rarely produced since the alliance between these two "brother parties" was sealed after the war.

This victory at the snatch of Mr. Lationchet, aged 60 and leader of the most populous Germany region, North Rhine-Westphalia, may leave traces.

"The one who will come out winner will not leave in a position of force. Söder or Leschet will know that they start an election campaign with only the support of half of their base," commented on Monday the daily Handelsblatt.

"Whatever the winner between Leschet and Söder, it will be very difficult to gather the troops divided against a very disciplined green party," warned the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The Greens are indeed, for the first time, the main opponents of the Conservatives they heave in the polls for elections.

has the opposite of the divisions on the right, the environmentalists offered Monday a image of unity and renewal by designating, after a process without a hitch a quadrangenary lawyer, Annalya Baerbock, to embark on the conquest of the chancery.


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in Germany: Armin Laschet, the new Angela Merkel in the masculine? © Provided by the Parisian The Parisian The choice is made. On Monday evening, after several hours of meeting, the members of the Chrétien-Democratic Party Executive Committee (CDU) voted for Armin Laschet represents them to the September legislative elections, in the hope he became the new Chancellor.

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