US News Reportage. How European soldiers form the Malian army

14:15  20 april  2021
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in Saudi Arabia, three soldiers executed for "high treason"

 in Saudi Arabia, three soldiers executed for © Fayez Nureldine, AFP Saudi soldiers keep the entrance to the Palace of the Diriya in the Saudi Capital Riyad, December 9, 2018. accused of "collaboration with The enemy ", three Saudi soldiers were executed on Saturday for" high treason "according to the Saudi Ministry of Defense. Seeking to consolidate its power in the Kingdom, the Hirier Prince Mohammed Ben Salmane has been a relentless repression for three years against dissent or potential rivals.

Un cours pour les artilleurs maliens. © OF a course for Malian gunners.

For 8 years, the member countries of the European Union have been forming Malian soldiers who fight terrorist groups alongside the French of Barkhane.

ready to fire?. Right as an "I" Behind a Russian Manufacturing Howler, Red Tip Fanion, Artillery Head East. Three, two, one, everyone in the shelter, screams a soldier. The flag falls. Boom simulates the artiller. The blow does not leave.

This is only one exercise. On the morning of March, the jihadist opponent of the Malian Armed Forces (Fama) is far from the military camp of Sevaré, the city of the center of Mali yet at the heart of all the violence that animate the country.

Burma: The opposition remains mobilized despite the 700 civilians killed from the Putsch

 Burma: The opposition remains mobilized despite the 700 civilians killed from the Putsch © supplied by the Parisian The Parisian The opponents of the military putsch continued to demonstrate Sunday in Burma, despite the repression exercised by the security forces. Protesters continued to meet in Mandalay and Meiktila, in the center of the country, where university students and their teachers marched on the streets on Sunday, according to local media. Some focused symbolically Eugenia's flower stems, say "victory".

To cope with the expansion of the terrorist armed groups, the experienced recruits and military benefits from the short periods of Accalmiear to follow the courses of the European Union Training Mission (EUM), a mission of training issued by various European instructors Since 2013.

Les stagiaires de la 614e batterie d’artillerie de campagne récemment constituée © EUTM The trainees of the recently made

country artillery battery of young Malian soldiers become the pioneers of the 614th country artillery battery. Read more: https://t.co/1kpxkcuehc @eu_eeas @HqEurocorps @un_minusma @fama_dirpa @Mikadofm @ g5_sahel_se #eu pic.twitter.com/gniw6cmmvi

- EUTMMALI (@ EUTMMALI1) March 29, 2021


Calculation of shooting trajectories, environmental topography, obeger's maintenance ... for nine weeks, the 29 trainees of the 614th Artillery Battalion (BA) followed a Tailing workout.

Chad: rise of fever in the north following an offensive of FACT

 Chad: rise of fever in the north following an offensive of FACT © Reuters / Moumine Ngarmbassa a Chadian policeman on the edge of the central market of Ndjamena. In Chad, a new rebel coalition, the National Council for Change, announced that it launched a walk to Faya-Largeau, in the Tibesti, even if no other source confirms for the moment. On the other hand, the government seems concerned by the offensive launched by the Front for Alternation and Concorde in Chad (FACT), in the departments of Wour and Zouar in Tibesti.

Sheltered from a stripped tree, the Spanish captain of Peña, head of the course, watch on the day before graduation. We teach them the use of this coat because the Fama were mainly trained in short shooting, he explains. From now on, they will be able to support the infantry teams on the ground and avoid being in direct contact with the enemy.

Artillery is not the only matter that instructors address. Intelligence, advice or struggle on the ground, the courses are designed at the request of the Malian authorities. And since the arrival of the instructors, nearly 14,000 trainees - on the 18,000 Army soldiers currently counting by Famas - have been initiated to different war techniques.

The hands in visor to observe its troops, Lieutenant Mahamadou Diarra, second commander of the 614th BA, confesses that the Malian army is rebuilt and that all its components need to be refurbished.

Mali: Reflect to better use money transfers down the diaspora

 Mali: Reflect to better use money transfers down the diaspora © Kaourou Magassa / RFI Silver transfer shop in Bamako, Mali. In a report released last year, the World Bank provided for a 23% drop in amounts of money transfers due to the impact of the Pandemic of Covid-19 on employment and wages of migrant workers. In Mali, the silver of the diaspora represents, officially and according to the latest figures available, more than 5% of the country's GDP.

"The Malian military had not been trained in the asymmetrical conflict that still continues"

in 2012, while the independence rebels seize the northern Mali in concert with the elements of Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), Malian soldiers chained defeats and are expelled from their different bases.

In reality, the Malian military had not been trained in the asymmetrical conflict that still continues today, Niagalé Bagayoko, President of the Think-Tank African Security Sector Network (Assn).

Since the beginning of the year 2021, nearly 70 Malian soldiers have lost their lives in 22 attacks attributable to terrorist armed groups present in the center and north of the country. And nothing by May 2019 and 2020, nearly 400 soldiers from Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger fell under the bullets or bombs of the Islamic state at Grand Sahara (Eigs), according to the Terrorism Center Combating.

Several diplomatic and military sources, however, agree that, for several months, attacks are repulsed with increased vehemence. It was noted that the Malian companies reacted effectively and orderly, causing significant losses to the enemy, which represents a significant change in relation to the previous trend in similar attacks, observes the Commander of EUTM, General Fernando Gracia Herreiz.

But in a crisis that registers, with the cross-border expansion of jihadist groups related to Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, the mission also plans to expand. First in Burkina Faso, then in Niger where hundreds of civilians have been massacred in recent months.

The Malian army said eliminated 26 jihadists with the help of Barkhane .
© Michele Cattani, AFP a Malian soldier patrolling the banks of the river in Konna, on March 20, 2021. A joint operation of the army Malian and the French forces of Barkhane has eliminated a group of 26 jihadists in the center of the country, Tuesday said the Malian staff. Some 26 jihadists were eliminated by the Malian army in the center of the country, during a joint operation with the French forces of the Operation Antijihadist Barkhane, announced the Malian staff Tuesday, April 27.

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