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Argentina: The Government strengthens the restrictions against COVID-19

 Argentina: The Government strengthens the restrictions against COVID-19 Health-Coronavirus-Argentina: Argentina: The Government Strengthens Restrictions against COVID-19 © Reuters / Henry Romero Argentina: Government Strengthens COVID Restrictions -19 Buenos Aires (Reuters) - The Argentine government will strengthen the restrictions on the pandemic in and around the capital Buenos Aires to stem a sharp rise in CVIV-19 cases, including closing schools and imposing A curfew from 20 hours to limit social activity.

Due to the COVID -19 pandemic, restrictions for entry into Germany from many countries apply. Persons entering must complete a digital entry registration. Depending on the place departure, they also have to provide a negative test result or proof of immunity, and comply with quarantine regulations. Under the new Ordinance on Coronavirus Entry Regulations, persons entering Germany following a stay in a high-risk area or area of variant of concern in the last ten days must. proceed directly to their destination following entry and.

proof of vaccination against COVID -19 Accepted vaccines: all those listed on the website of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut. At least 14 days must have elapsed since the second dose of the vaccine dose (or single dose for Johnson&Johnson); proof of recovery from COVID-19, certified by a Unmarried partners may enter Germany from third countries that are not included in the above list, for short-term visits to the partner living in Germany when the general entry requirements (passport and visa, if applicable) are met, under the condition that the couple is in a long-term relationship/partnership and

  L'Allemagne durcit ses restrictions anti-Covid sous les critiques criticisms provided by the

point the Germany entered Saturday into a new phase of locking of its public life including national fire cover after adoption of 'A controversial but judged law "urgent" by Angela Merkel to break the third wave of the pandemic.

While many countries, such as the Italy , the Switzerland , the Belgium , have scheduled the next relaxation of restrictions, the first European economy is countercurrent by activating what it Calls "an emergency brake" provided for in the reform of the Infection Protection Act.

This device "is something new in our fight against the pandemic. And I am convinced of it: we need urgently," Chancellor said in his weekly podcast.

Covid-19: France prohibits flights from Brazil

 Covid-19: France prohibits flights from Brazil The Brazilian (or P1) variant, responsible for epidemic outbreak in this country, worries the health authorities. France has just suspended its flights from Brazil, following the example of Portugal and Great Britain. © Anton Petrus / Getty Images Covid-19: Does France prohibit flights from Brazil? After the British variant and the South African variant, it is now the Brazilian variant that is wreaking havoc.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday extended the country's coronavirus lockdown as its death toll surpassed 35,000. The restrictions in meetings in private will be limited to one other person from outside the household. On Tuesday, Germany ’s disease control agency said 11,897 more coronavirus cases were confirmed in the past 24 hours, up from 9,847 registered on Monday. This puts the country fifth in a tally of COVID -19 infections in Western Europe, behind the UK, France, Italy, and Spain.

What restrictions apply to air, sea and overland travel within Europe (entering Germany from another member state of the European Union or from Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Iceland)? However, under the ordinance governing entry during the coronavirus pandemic (Coronavirus-Einreiseverordnung), travellers are required to complete digital registration on entry, to present proof of a negative COVID -19 test result, proof of vaccination or proof of recovery from COVID -19; and to comply with the the quarantine regulations depending on the risk status of the country of departure.

"I am convinced of it: if we manage to reduce infections clearly and quickly, progressive relaxes will be possible in the near future," she promised.

- "Breaking the third wave"

adopted this week at the Bundestag under the protests in the street of several thousand opponents on the hard line of Angela Merkel, the text imposes a hardening of the health rules as soon as the incidence rate , which measures the infections over a week, is greater than 100 for three days. Its duration is limited until June 30th.

Beyond a threshold of 165, the face-to-face courses are prohibited.

Saturday, the incidence increased to 164.4 on average in the country, whose confines were ever been strict as in some of its neighbors, such as France or Spain.

The automatic triggering of measurements at the national level must put an end to the tensions with the regions, competent in sanitary and education, but some of which had so far developed or even ignored strict measures yet decided with their downstream.

COVID-19. In Brazil, more and more victims

 COVID-19. In Brazil, more and more victims © Miguel Schincariol, AFP The pandemic has overflowed the capacities of Brazilian health services: here a gym has been transformed into hospital in Santo André in the southeast of the country . The concerns caused by the brutal rise of Covid cases in Brazil are fed, in addition to its contagion, by the fact that more and younger victims are affected. A study reveals a disturbing number of children and babies affected.

A leader of the "Querdenker" group was reportedly intubated in Leipzig after contracting COVID . Meanwhile, a court ruled that protesters in Dresden may not be allowed to demonstrate against restrictions . The founder of the group is Stuttgart-based entrepreneur Michael Ballweg. The full name of the movement put under surveillance — "Querdenker 711" — references Stuttgart's telephone area code. Querdenker adherents, including coronavirus-skeptics and anti -lockdown protesters, claim the COVID -19 pandemic and long-established laws aimed at halting the pathogen's spread infringe on

Demonstrators against anti - Covid restrictions have stormed the offices of ITN Productions, a company responsible for news bulletins broadcast on ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5, in the latest anti-media protest. On Monday, dozens of Britons unhappy with the role of the media during the Covid-19 pandemic stormed the foyer of ITN Productions on Gray’s Inn Road, London. The Met Police confirmed that they were responding to the demonstration and said officers were assisting security staff in removing people who unlawfully gained access to the building.

For the government, it is important to take control over the management of the pandemic. It has been more than 81,000 people in the country for a year and the third wave of infections - marked by a rapid spread of virus variants - has not yet reached its peak, according to viologists.

It is a question of "breaking the third wave of the virus" and relieving the caregivers confronted with an influx of COVID patient, then "re-opening gradually with reinforced use of tests," said Minister of Health Jens Spahn.

- Vive Controversy

In detail, the device includes new reductions in private contacts, non-essential store closures or museums, an increased use of teleworking.

and especially, the most criticized measure, the establishment of a curfew between 22h and 5h, with exceptions in case of professional obligations. It will also be possible to take the air alone or to jog until midnight.

Toulouse: Satanist and anti-Semitic tags found in downtown

 Toulouse: Satanist and anti-Semitic tags found in downtown This is particularly on the Saint-Sernin basilica that anti-religious tags were discovered © Lionel Bonaventure / AFP The St. Sernin Basilica of Toulouse. (Archives) Hate - This is particularly on the Saint-Sernin basilica that anti-religious tags have been discovered of the anti-lopic inscriptions have been discovered this Saturday morning on the forecourt of the Basilica Saint-Sernin at Toulouse , and tags anti-Semites on the walls of a city center, leading to numerous convictions.

More than 8,500 people in a town in northern Germany , who thought they were vaccinated, might have been left without protection against Covid -19 as a nurse allegedly injected them with saline instead of a real vaccine. Thousands of people in the small town of Schortens in northern Germany might have The nurse is staying silent on the new accusations, according to the German media. Germany is not the only nation that saw such incidents during its vaccination campaign. In neighboring France, some 140 people who attended the vaccination center at Reims University Hospital in the town of Epernay

The pace of Europe's Covid -19 vaccination campaign has picked up and in many countries infection rates have been falling. Lockdowns are gradually being eased as the summer tourist season gets under way, and there are plans for an EU-wide digital vaccination certificate to be in place by 1 July. Portugal has lifted many of its restrictions but face coverings must still be worn in indoor public spaces and some outdoor settings. Bars and nightclubs remain closed, and it ' s illegal to drink alcohol outdoors in public places, except for pavement cafés and restaurants. Alcohol cannot be sold after 21:00 unless

"No country that has managed to break the third wave of the pandemic has reached it without strict measures such as prohibitions", justified Angela Merkel in his podcast.

The subject is however very sensitive in a country that has experienced two dictatorships, during Nazism and then in a communist. The measure is considered contrary to the Constitution, notably by the Liberals of the FDP.

The Supreme Court of Karlsruhe has already received 25 appeals against the law, according to one of its spokespersons. Like that of the party Freie Wähler, a partner of the CSU Conservatives to the Bavarian region, which wants to obtain the cancellation of the curves and store closures.

The prohibitions go out could disrupt the travel or plane travel. A spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior advised Friday to people who have no reason, professional in particular, to travel to repel their project.

The regions also declared themselves very skeptical on these curfews, the head of the Government of Hesse Volker Bouffier considering that they should be applied only locally and "as a last resort".

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82,000 dead in April in Brazil, France vaccinates new groups ... The point on coronavirus .
New measures, new balance sheets and highlights: the point on the latest developments in the pandemic of Covid-19 in France and in the world. © Reuters / Ueslei Marcelino The situation in France All French more than 18 can be vaccinated from June 15th, Friday Emmanuel Macron. The more than 50 years can receive it from May 15th.

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