US News Accident of a Tesla in Texas: According to the group, a driver was "probably" driving

15:35  27 april  2021
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update to Jorge Martin from Hospital to MotoGP crash in Portimao

 update to Jorge Martin from Hospital to MotoGP crash in Portimao © Motorsport Images Pramac Pilot Jorge Martin falls after falling in Portimao for indefinite time from after its double success experience at the Grand Prix of Doha in Losail, where he is at his Just a second race weekend in the royal class directly his first poles and in the race after a long leadership has retracted his first podium place, the Portugal weekend in Portimao for MotoGP rookie Jorge Martin is already over on Saturday.

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Tesla defends after a deadly accident in Texas (United States). The manufacturer ensures that it is "likely" that a person was driving at the time of the collision and maintains that his driving help software was not engaged.

This accident focused on the projectors on driving assistance systems that the Group proposes, the local police that, according to the first elements of the survey, there was apparently no driver when the vehicle s Is crushed against a tree, in the suburbs of Houston, April 17.

Tesla cooperates with the different investigations on the event, assured a group engineering specialist, Lars Moravy. It was "noted that the steering wheel was distorted, which implies the probability that someone was on the driver's seat at the time of the collision, and all belts were found not hanging after the accident."

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The driving aid system is not autonomous

ELON MUSK, the Tesla's boss, has repeatedly, as he had already said in a last Monday tweet, that the Autopilot software was not in question. The automatic management function "was not and could not be engaged in these road conditions," said Lars Moravy. On the other hand, it has not yet been possible to recover the data of the car at the time of impact, collected on a computer card, he stressed. "But local authorities work there and we are waiting for their report.

According to a Harris County Police Manager, Mark Herman, the authorities found only two victims, one instead of the passenger and the other on the back seat. The US Road Safety Agency, NHTSA, like the US National Office of Transport and Security (NTSB) opened their investigations.

The circumstances of the accident have generated many reactions on social networks, relaunching questions about Tesla's conduct aid software capabilities. On its website, the manufacturer warns that its systems do not make the autonomous vehicle and that the active supervision of a driver remains necessary.

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