US News virus snoopers: NASA sensor should recognize coronaviruses at the breath

19:20  27 april  2021
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Two Russian cosmonauts and an American astronaut back on earth after six months aboard the International Space Station

 Two Russian cosmonauts and an American astronaut back on earth after six months aboard the International Space Station Your Browser does not support this video The Soyuz capsule that transported them landed without a hitch in the steppes of Kazakhstan. Two Russian cosmonauts, Sergei Ryjikov and Sergei Koud-Svertchkov, and an American astronaut, Kate Rubins, came back on land without problems, Saturday, April 17 in the Kazakhe steppe, after a six-month mission aboard the International Space Station ( ISS).

A device coupled to the smartphone could snoop in the future coronaviruses in the breath. The underlying technique comes from the international space station.

Der digitale Corona-Schnüffler E-Nose und die dazugehörige App. © Nasa / Ames Research Center / Dominic Hart The Digital Corona Snofulatory E-Nose and the associated app.

In the context of professional sporting events, specially designed dogs have been specially designed in the US, which are intended to sniff up potential Covid19 infections among the spectators. A similar principle now follows the NASA, just puts on something more high-tech. A nanosensors equipped gadget called e-nose should be able to recognize at the breath of a person whether they are infected with the coronavirus.

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The technology was originally designed to measure air quality on the International Space Station ISS. Now it should be rewater for use for virus recognition. Thus this succeeds, the Ministry of Healthcare and United States Social Services is 3.8 million US dollars in the further development. "The portability, the low cost and the non-invasive nature of the device make it perfect for local community screening," explains E-Nose Inventor Jing Li the advantages of technology compared to common test procedures.

E-NOSE: This is how the digital corona snooper of the NASA

E-NOSE works measures volatile organic compounds in the breathing air. Thus, SARS-COV-2 can also be discovered because studies have already shown that the virus can be detected by such volatile organic compounds in the respiratory air. Scientists are now working to identify this specific breath profile. On this respiratory profile, the sensors of the e-nose should be tuned to detect coronavirus infections.

Joe Biden should recognize the Armenian genocide during a speech on Saturday 24 April

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A first field trial with the newly-quoted sensors should still be carried out in the spring 2021. The current prototype of the e-nose can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. There, the data collected by the sensors are evaluated. Unless the field trial is successful, e-nose, according to NASA, can go directly into production and used in first clinical trials.

"As soon as the clinical trials are completed and the sensitivity and specificity are proven, e-nose can be used in factories, airports, grocery stores and companies of all kinds to quickly find active infections," says e-nose Data could then be analyzed by a KI together with the body temperature and other non-invasively recorded data to achieve more accurate results.

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© Photo West France / Yves-Marie Quemener A swab for the realization of a PCR test to Quimper, April 20 (Illustration). Emmanuel Macron presented, this Thursday, April 29, the decommissioning schedule in four stages of May 3 to June 30.

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