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17:40  28 april  2021
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UN: 2021 Crucial in the fight against climate change

 UN: 2021 Crucial in the fight against climate change The year 2021, according to the UNO, is a "crucial" year to curb the "catastrophic" effects of climate change. This was announced by the World Organization World Organization (WMO) on Monday in the presentation of her annual report for 2020 in Geneva. UN Secretary General António Gutres said at the idea that people would have to be protected from climate change before the "desastrous effects". Therefore, all states would have to commit to climate neutrality by 2050.

Die Spirntrennen werden auch auf die Strategien Einfluss haben © Motorsport Images The spain races will also affect the strategies

The introduction of a "sprint qualifying" means a turf for the formula 1. The traditional weekend with training On Friday, qualifying on Saturday and the race as the ultimate highlight of a weekend on Sunday is slightly softened, although the main race continues to be the nonplusultra in the meaning of a weekend.

For a long time the teams had argued about the introduction, on Monday, Formula 1 announced the agreement. At three race weekends, the new format should be tested this season. The most likely venues are the race weekends in Silverstone (16 to 18 July), Monza (10th to 12th September) and Sao Paulo (5 to 7 November).

COVID-19. In Germany, Angela Merkel imposes the national fire cover

 COVID-19. In Germany, Angela Merkel imposes the national fire cover © AFP / INA FASSBENDER a bus for fast tests in Bottrop. Thanks to a new law against the pandemic, the German government can decide on the restrictions reserved for the Länder. But where is the good student of the first wave of Covid-19 , in the spring of 2020? With nearly 250 00 new contaminations per day, Germany is immersed in a third wave, which doubles an organizational cacophony.

The schedule at these events lives on Fridays a 60-minute training and then qualifying in the well-known format. On Saturdays, a second, also one-hour training follows the "Sprint-Qualifying" over 100 kilometers, whose result determines the startup for the Sunday race.

Less tire sets, more uncertainty

Through the new format, the well-known strategies are thrown over the pile. Although the final details are still worked out, some points are already leaked - and these are the strategists against completely new challenges.

The number of available tire sets per driver is reduced from 13 to twelve at the three weekends. These are divided into six sets of soft tires, four sets of medium and two sets of hard tires for all riders.

hidden opportunities in the mobility of the future: Investment strategies for growth prospects

 hidden opportunities in the mobility of the future: Investment strategies for growth prospects © DWS G Ev of the decarbonization of the transport system, one of the four large issuers of CO2, most investors have so far to fuel cells and electrical and hybrid motors for cars and Trucks thought. But the bike can make a significant contribution to it. Because around three quarters of greenhouse gases produced in transportation are generated in urban transport, so on routes as made for the bike. And now, more and more people are actually changed for short trips from the car to the bicycle.

For the first free training, the regulation then applies that all drivers need to use two sentences - released mixture - one of which needs to be returned at the end of the session to Pirelli. Almost already revolutionary it will be in qualifying. All drivers are required to use only soft tires in all three sections.

In addition, a maximum of five sentences may be used. If it creates a driver in Q3, he may only use a fresh sentence, even if he left even more. In the 2nd free practice on Saturday morning, the driving selector choice for the 60 minutes is completely free.

advantage for the top teams?

also for the sprint race on Saturday there are no specifications, but the tendency will probably go to use one of the six soft sentences during this race. Box stops are not provided. In the main race on Sunday stands the drivers - unlike normal weekends - the choice of the starboard free. The regulation to use at least two mixtures during the race remains but persist.

Club on Climb Races: "Crazy up"

 Club on Climb Races: The 1st FC Nuremberg wants to continue his strong seasonal sprint against the ascent candidates of the 2nd football Bundesliga. The Franconian traditional club welcomes on Tuesday (6.30 pm / sky) first the table-four Holstein Kiel. Subsequently, the "Club" occurs on 10 May at the third Hamburger SV before he meets at the home game on 16 May on leader VfL Bochum. "We just want to win our games», proclaimed coach Robert Klauss on Monday. The aim is to still "for three good weeks".

Thus, for the drivers, there are various considerations in the beginning of the weekend. So it can be assumed that in the first training in most teams on the use of the soft tire is dispensed with. Because the six existing sentences are needed for qualifying and sprint race. Of course,

exceptions can give it, if a team should be sure in the first session that it comes in qualifying with less than five sets. In the optimal case, a driver can deny the qualifying with three sentences - each one in Q1, Q2 and Q3 - each. If one adds the sentence for the sprint race, two sets of soft tires remain, which could mean great advantage for the main race on Sunday.

Even if only a soft set can be saved, the team gives the team an additional strategic scope against those competitors who have no soft tires available on Sunday. Already faster vehicles could therefore give another advantage.

sprinklets as an extended Longrun

But even off the soft sentences could be the races on Sunday to the strategy summit. The free tire selection in the first stint allows different considerations. Does a start on the hard mature sense, or rather the medium? So far, such considerations for the candidates had to be taken in the top 10 in Q2, now the decision only falls on Sunday.

¿PBTAG | StartingGridF1Portimaovaovesches | PB¿¿¿¿-btag & 124; PB¿um to be able to meet these, the sprint race on Saturday is decisive. Because in addition to the fight for the best starting places for the Sunday race, this also occupies the role of a Longrun in training. A racing simulation in a third training will not exist on the three weekends.

Electrical Taxi for Uber: British Stromer Startup brings exclusive job .
under the name "Arrival Car" Arrival develops, the British specialist for electric vans and buses, now an e-taxi specifically for the needs of British uber drivers. © ARRIVAL A timely vehicle in plan view must be sufficient as an announcement of the "Arrival Car". in cooperation with the British branch of the driving service provider Uber aims to create an electric taxi, which specifically covers the requirement profile to a vehicle far more kilometers than a car.

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