US News The EU is financially disengaging Eritrea

22:30  28 april  2021
22:30  28 april  2021 Source:   rfi.fr

Ethiopia: The European Council does not trust Addis Ababa

 Ethiopia: The European Council does not trust Addis Ababa © AP - Nariman El-Mofty A girl from the Tiger facing the refugee camp of Umm Rakouba hosting people who fled the Ethiopian region, in Qadarif In Eastern Sudan, December 14, 2020. Ethiopia was at the agenda of the European Foreign Affairs Council on Monday, April 19. Member States' ministers have heard the minutes of their Finnish counterpart who has just completed a diplomatic tour in the Horn of Africa and the Gulf.

(illustration) Le président érythréen Isaias Afwerki à Mogadiscio, le 13 décembre 2020. © photo / Farah Abdi Warsameh (Illustration) President Eritrean Isaias Afwerki in Mogadishu, December 13, 2020.

The European Union is preparing to reallocate 121 million Euros of development aid to Eritrea for other projects in the Horn of Africa. This volte-face of the Brussels Commission is motivated, according to our information, by the blockage by Asmara of the funded projects, but also by the commitment of Eritrean troops in the Tiger.

If it is approved by the Member States, the decision will mark the end of the controversial support that Europe has brought since 2018 to the autocratic regime of Eritrea.

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In all, this concerns eight of the nine infrastructure projects initially funded on European funds, worth 121 million euros. The reason, explains to RFI a spokesman for the Commission, is that these projects are at a dead point "because the Eritrean government has been refusing their final approval for months."

The Commission therefore intends to reallocate this money to other projects in the region: 62 million for the democratic transition in Sudan, 18 million for assistance to refugees from Tiger, 20 million food aid in South Sudan and 20 million for support for refugees from the Horn of Africa. The final decision of the Member States is expected "soon," said this source.

In addition to what it calls the "lack of erythrean commitment", another reason participates in the decision: even if the discussion on this disengagement is earlier than the war in the Tiger, "the situation is still aggravated by the 'Involvement of erythrean troops in the current conflict, "admits this spokesperson.

For its part, the Eritrean Minister of Information has made this decision a SibyLline response, to its habit: according to Yemane Ghebremeskel, "amplifies the ambivalence [European] on the serious crimes of the deceased TPLF", The dissident party driven out of power in the Tiger.

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