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16:55  30 april  2021
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Nagelsmann change: Million amount for a coach?

 Nagelsmann change: Million amount for a coach? If the FC Bayern has no coach more, that's stupid. Not only for FC Bayern. And expensive, it is expensive too. In the end, however, it is likely to jump out for all a deal in the case of Julian Nagelsmann and Hansi Flick. © Frank Hoermann / Sven Simon / Picture Alliance Places, at least partly: Julian Nagelsmann and Hansi Flick (front) 30 million. A 3 and seven zeros. Or so: 30,000,000.

President Fritz Keller, after his Nazi comparison in the fight for the whereabouts on the DFB tip, was apparently crossed for counterattack. "One is a unspeakable statement from me. The other is the fact that this statement has been pushed out in the smallest circle for the fastest way to the media," quotes the picture from a letter Kellers to the employees of the German Football Federation (DFB ).

DFB-Präsident Fritz Keller steht unter Druck © Provided by Sid DFB President Fritz Keller stands under pressure

So go "it has been up for months. I can promise here: I do not give internal affairs to the media. That's not my style," wrote the 64-year-old: " Why is probably after three residents of Presidents of the Fourth President to the debate? Because he is uncomfortable, asks unpleasant questions and demonstrates education where obviously needs. "

Flick special solution between Bavaria and DFB?

 Flick special solution between Bavaria and DFB? FC Bayern leaves Hansi Flick from his contract - and freely freely for the DFB. But without consideration, the farewell should not be supposed to be. © Provided by sport1.de Flick special solution between Bavaria and DFB? One comes, the other goes. At the same time with the announcement that Julian Nagelsmann will become new coaches of Bayern in the coming season of new coaches, the Munich also informed that the Treaty of Hansi Flick is resolved prematurely in summer at its request.

Thus, Keller shines indirectly the main debt for the leadership crisis in the DFB in the opposing camp around Secretary-General Friedrich Curtius and Treasurer Stephan Osnabergge. Many state presidents would raise "right away" the demand for a new beginning, he led: "And there is also the role understanding for the office of the president. With the current constellation no president can work well and effectively. I do not. And no president in the future."

Keller thus demands a role backward, 2019 he had submitted to several shoulders in the course of the internal structural changes and the distribution of power to several shoulders the directive competence. But now he feels more powerless in his function, the convening of an extraordinary Bundestag should bring improvement.

"They did not deserve to be prevented from the exercise of executives, with new conflicts in a small circle of executives," said the president, who apologized again at Rainer Koch for the Nazi comparison, directly To the DFB employees: "Let us take an end together to this game, let us end this fear culture."

Matthew on DFB crisis: "There must be remembered" .
Record international Lothar Matthew has again called for a complete new beginning in the leadership of the German Football Chamber. © Andreas Gora / dpa Lothar Matthew demands a complete new beginning at the top of the German Football Federation. "There must be remote," the 60-year-old said the TV channel Sky with a view of the continuous dispute in the DFB tip to President Fritz Keller.

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