US News DFB-Level: Landeschefs demand cellar resignation

16:50  02 may  2021
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Nagelsmann change: Million amount for a coach?

 Nagelsmann change: Million amount for a coach? If the FC Bayern has no coach more, that's stupid. Not only for FC Bayern. And expensive, it is expensive too. In the end, however, it is likely to jump out for all a deal in the case of Julian Nagelsmann and Hansi Flick. © Frank Hoermann / Sven Simon / Picture Alliance Places, at least partly: Julian Nagelsmann and Hansi Flick (front) 30 million. A 3 and seven zeros. Or so: 30,000,000.

shortly after Fritz Keller had left the DFB crisis summit by the outset, the Landeschefs announced their desiring judgment in scandal about the Nazi comparison of the President. Cellar, who first was silent, should resign!

Die Amateurvertreter im Verband haben DFB-Präsident Fritz Keller das Vertrauen entzogen. © Uli Deck / dpa The amateur representatives in the association have withdrawn the trust of DFB President Fritz Keller.

The 64-year-old was deprived of the Presidents of the State and Regional Associations during the Conference in Potsdam, as DFB vice president Ronny Zimmermann proclaimed Deputy. Kellers verbal derailment will be "sentenced to the harshest».

in the long-term management dispute between the basement and its adversaries was also deprived of the confidence of General Secretary Friedrich Curtius. "We have respected that the Gentlemen Keller and Curtius do not want to express themselves immediately and directly to these decisions and have asked for the time," Zimmermann said in front of the TV cameras.

Flick special solution between Bavaria and DFB?

 Flick special solution between Bavaria and DFB? FC Bayern leaves Hansi Flick from his contract - and freely freely for the DFB. But without consideration, the farewell should not be supposed to be. © Provided by sport1.de Flick special solution between Bavaria and DFB? One comes, the other goes. At the same time with the announcement that Julian Nagelsmann will become new coaches of Bayern in the coming season of new coaches, the Munich also informed that the Treaty of Hansi Flick is resolved prematurely in summer at its request.

A resignation of cellar seems to be inevitable. Treasurer Stephan Osnaberges and Vice President Rainer Koch, however, had been pronounced confidence in a secret coordination, Zimmermann said. Cook, boss of the Bavarian Football Association and formerly interim boss at the DFB, was initially the big winner in power struggle with cellar.

In addition, the assembly was pronounced against an extraordinary Bundestag, it continued. Public pressure on the DFB in its massive leadership and outside representation crisis has risen massively in recent days. The 64-year-old cellar was in a Bureau meeting in the past few days after a Nazi comparison in a presidium meeting. He had called Koch as "Freisler" and compared with Roland Freisler, the chairman of the People's Court in National Socialism. Basement had asked cook for apology.

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 here everything begins (spoilers): the summary in advance of episode 130 of Friday 30 April © Capture Screen / TF1 Here it starts (spoilers): the summary in advance of episode 130 of Friday 30 April Salome impresses the Cheffe Listrac ... but finds a funny message in his locker in here everything starts. Caroline asks his daughter Ludivine to help him put the bottles of wine stolen in the cellar. Friday, April 30 In here everything starts ... In the early morning, the Teyssier family is shock .

"Such a utterance is completely unacceptable and makes us stunned," the DFB announced as a result of the conference in Potsdam. "The regional and country associations of the DFB are for a democratic, tolerant and diverse society. The statement of the President is incompatible with the principles and values ​​of the associations. »

Secretary-General Curtius and Treasurer Osnaberges had keenly criticized cellar for the Nazi comparison. According to "mirror" information, Curtius has indicated the failure of the DFB boss at the Ethics Commission of the Association. The ethics body had always been committed to commenting on the procedures.

The bidding tip has been destroyed for some time. For months, the camps around Keller and Curtius are almost unforgiving. This led to a great displeasure, the numerous representatives of the state and regional associations have articulated in a protest letter before the meeting.

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With his Nazi comparison, Keller had shot a not only embarrassing, but the following owners. Already at his time as President of the Sc Freiburg, the winemaker and restaurateur was known for its sometimes cholerous outbreaks.

Internally, the DFB works council had already criticized before the conference in Potsdam in a letter over which the "image on Sunday" reported, criticized that the association demanded a "desastrous image" excretion and "trend-setting decisions": "At a new beginning Both structural and personnel consequences are not excluded. »

for the amateur representatives and also for the German Football League (DFL), which were annoyed by the constant negative headlines of their Frankfurt neighboring and partner association, Keller was at least before the momentous Bureau meeting as a credible figure for a new beginning. Especially since predecessor Reinhard Grindel, among other things, had become a watch present of a Ukrainian functionality.

Keller, whose sponsor of which was the died football legend Fritz Walter, was nominated by the conference of regional and national associations as well as the General Assembly of DFL - and unanimously chosen unanimously in September 2019 by the Conference of Regional and Land Regulations. "He who elected me has chosen change. It is important to me that we lead the DFB together into a successful future, with new structures, efficient and transparent, "he promised then.

The Compensation Committee of the DFB, whose establishment Keller had been announced before his choice, set a payment of 246,000 euros per year for the new Association Boss.

Matthew on DFB crisis: "There must be remembered" .
Record international Lothar Matthew has again called for a complete new beginning in the leadership of the German Football Chamber. © Andreas Gora / dpa Lothar Matthew demands a complete new beginning at the top of the German Football Federation. "There must be remote," the 60-year-old said the TV channel Sky with a view of the continuous dispute in the DFB tip to President Fritz Keller.

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