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01:40  03 may  2021
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Corona protective measures: Lovers for vaccinated are to come

 Corona protective measures: Lovers for vaccinated are to come federal and state countries want to advise on Monday about a possible equality of vaccinated, recent and negatively tested people. SPD chancellor candidate Scholz goes one step further. © dpa Who is completely vaccinated against Covid-19 or has survived infectance, can hope for loosening of corona requirements. relaxations for vaccinated are to come who is completely vaccinated against Covid-19 or has survived a contagion can hope for loosening of Corona runs.

How far has Germany progressed with coronavirus vaccination ? There are many safety measures in place in order to prevent COVID-infections in Germany . The government now also has increased the availability of tests so that, free quick tests will be made widely available. By getting the Fintiba Plus package you have the chance to obtain your health insurance with Fintiba and you would be eligible to receive the coronavirus vaccine once the vaccination for your group begins. All those who do not fall into the first three vaccination groups are according to the current plans, expected to be vaccinated

The COVID-19 vaccination is not mandatory in Germany . Distinguishing between the vaccinated and those not vaccinated would be the same as a mandatory vaccination ," Interior Minister Horst Seehofer had warned. The ethics council on Thursday pointed out that it had to be clarified first whether vaccinated people might still be able to transmit the virus. "At the present time, withdrawing state restrictions on freedoms for vaccinated people should not take place as it is not yet possible to reliably assess infectiousness," Ethics Council head Alena Buyx told a news conference in Berlin on Thursday.

Several federal states have already decided arrangements. But the coalition in Berlin still wraps around a nationwide answer to the question: What facilitation is there in the Corona crisis for vaccinated and geneses?

Einfach mal wieder in einen Laden gehen? Oder nur mit © Jens Schlueter / Getty Images Just go back to a shop? Or only with

in the discussion of uniform facilitation for fully vaccinated or geneses in the Corona pandemic, Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has a quick clarification. He hold it realistic that the planned regulation arrives at the Cabinet on Wednesday and receive the approval of Bundestag and the Federal Council until Friday, Scholz said in ARD television. "We have the ambition that we receive this consent and for the rights of citizens would be right," emphasized the Minister of Finance and Chancellor's Candidate of Social Democrats.

an American state offers $ 100 to encourage young people to be vaccinated

 an American state offers $ 100 to encourage young people to be vaccinated © Pixabay an American state offers $ 100 to encourage young people to get vaccinated West virginia will give $ 100 savings vouchers to Its residents aged 16 to 35 who will be vaccinated against COVID-19. be paid to be vaccinated. It is the choice made by the Government of West Virginia (United States).

In Germany , vaccination isn’t compulsory, but strongly advised by all health authorities. If you are unsure what to do, you can ask your doctor for help, or base your decision on the German vaccination system and its specific recommendations. Depending on the country you grew up in, you might However, these illnesses might not be prevalent in Germany at all. Instead, German doctors might recommend vaccinations against other diseases. Even if you are an adult, you might, therefore, have to get vaccinated again. If you are unsure about this, ask your doctor about vaccinations for adults

The Standing Committee on Vaccination at the German Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has published a list of population groups particularly at risk of suffering from complications if they contract the flu. The ‘at-risk’ groups for whom vaccination is strongly recommended are as follows When should I get vaccinated ? The immunity offered by the vaccination only lasts for around six months, and it takes around two weeks after vaccination for the body to build up immunity to the virus. READ ALSO: We'll see more local lockdowns in Germany ': Experts warn of tough measures as Covid-19 cases rise.

The internal vote

Video: Spahn calls timetable for decision to gint for vaccinated (AFP)

Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht (SPD) had previously submitted a draft, which the Federal Government wants to vote internally to "at the beginning of the week" internally. Among other things, he provides relief for starting and contact restrictions. In several federal states, first relief for fully vaccinated and geneses are already valid for Corona specifications. For example, you do not have to show a negative quick test in retail.

Bundesjustizministerin Christine Lambrecht (SPD) © Markus Schreiber / DPA / Picture-Alliance Federal Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht (SPD)

A corresponding regulation had decided about the most populated state North Rhine-Westphalia on Saturday. The quarantine for travelers from Corona risk areas can also be omitted. But even from Lambrecht's own party, critical voices had come up. In addition, critics point to an argument that last also Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had carried out in the debate: it will take time to be completely vaccinated until younger people will be completely vaccinated.

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Corona Regulation: Freedoms for Genisen and vaccinated are to come rapidly .
The Ministry of Justice has made a proposal how Corona restrictions can be relaxed for vaccinated and guts. The internal consultation should be completed by the beginning of coming week. © Mangold / Imago Images The Federal Government is aiming for the rapid as possible agreement on the freedoms of geneses and vaccinated. By the beginning of the week, the proposal of Federal Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht ( SPD ) should be voted in government, government spokesman Steffen Seibert said.

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