US News Capital viewers scandalized by the technique of this real estate agent who proposes a house of 130 m2 to "only" 58.000 euros but which proves to be stuffed with defects

13:20  03 may  2021
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Les téléspectateurs de “Capital” scandalisés par cette agente immobilière qui propose tranquillement une maison de 130 m2 à “seulement” 58.000 euros alors qu'elle est bourrée de défauts © M6 the viewers of "capital" scandalized by this agent Immobilière quietly proposes a house of 130 m2 to "only" 58.000 euros while it is stuffed with defects

a house of 130 m2 to 50,000 euros, no, the viewers of "Capital" have not dreamed. This is what a real estate agency offers in the department of Creuse. According to the teams of "Capital" , it is the cheapest department of France, "where prices are still affordable". It seems to be the case since a real estate agent tells the different well sold in the city of Marsac, a town of 660 inhabitants who lost half of his population in 100 years. Stephanie, 33, a real estate agent born in the region hopes to reverse the trend. And obviously it works since it sold a house of 120 m2 of 5 bedrooms with terrace and garden at 75.000 euros or another 90 m2 to 45,000 euros. Very small prices so for this kind of property. Which inevitably attracts buyers.

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A couple of milf came from Brive-la-Gaillarde, two hours drive from Marsac, thinking of finding the jackpot when they come to visit a house of 130 m2 sold 58.000 euros. It starts well with pieces with stones and exposed beams in this home that his owner wants to sell because it is too "elderly to maintain" says the voice-off of "capital". But it will get complicated on the second floor with the attic part that has two bedrooms. The real estate agency specifies that everything needs to be renovated. It is little to say because the roof insulation falls literally in flap: "It does not matter, it is the insulation that gets off. It can scare like that but ... it allows to see the roof ". This justification a lot pissed off the viewers of M6 , reproaching him to act as if it were nothing. But as is what the potential buyers also think, the visit continues.

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Except that the problems continue: the house is not connected to all-to-forelegs, which will request an additional expense of 5,000 to 12,000 euros. Another expense, just like creating a terrace in a barn. But the couple keeps the course and seems seduced by this good at low prices: "Compared to others, it is rather positive today in any case." It was then that the M6 journalist will put two questions that will change the game: "Do you have your phone on you? Do you have a network? " The man replies that he does not capture at all. The real estate agency replies that it "has already had son shots here but I may have been outside". A bit of bad faith, perhaps, who did not like those who looked at "Capital" . In the end, because of all these faults and all the money that should be added to the departure 58,000, the guests did not buy this house which is always on sale on the site Leboncoin.


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