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21:00  03 may  2021
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Brazil: Jaïr Bolsonaro A quarter of a quarter The federal budget devoted to the environment

 Brazil: Jaïr Bolsonaro A quarter of a quarter The federal budget devoted to the environment © Brazil Photos / Lightrockt via GE - Brazil Photos Brazil, pastures in the state of the para in August 2020: it is among others for Extensive breeding as large forest areas are cleared. In the aftermath of an international climate meeting during which he has promised to increase expenditures to combat deforestation, the Brazilian President approves a reduction of nearly a quarter of the budget devoted to the environment.

Des militants de l'organisation Attac (Association pour la taxation des transactions financières et pour l'action citoyenne) lors d'une manifestation contre l'évasion fiscale dans un magasin Apple à Paris le 2 décembre 2017. © Christophe Archambault Association of the Attac organization (association for the taxation of financial transactions and for citizen action) during a demonstration against the tax evasion at an Apple store in Paris on December 2, 2017.

The patronat has humor. The evidence in Les Echos, this Monday morning , about the arm of iron in Brussels on the tax transparency of large companies: "The position of the French state is not ours. [...] We must not that the debate on tax transparency be acclaimed by NGOs. It is legitimate that the state listens to companies as well as other stakeholders on these issues. " It is a representative of the French Association of Private Enterprises (AFEP) which is the author of this protrusion in the daily life of the economy, almost believing in a Bercy cylinde by Transparency International and Attac.

Israel accused of "apartheid" towards the Palestinians by the NGO Human Rights Watch

 Israel accused of © Emmanuel Dunand / AFP An Israeli flag floating on Jerusalem. The human rights NGO Human Rights Watch described "apartheid" the policy that Israel's policy on Palestine applies. The Israeli government defends itself and quail the report of the NGO of "Propaganda Tract".

It is imagined that this representative had been on vacation for two weeks and so that he did not see the papers from the world and context. We summarize all that, everyone has the right to rest after all. The evening newspaper first revealed on April 21 that one "white note", "whose content would be supported by several member countries [of the European Union, NDLR], at the forefront of which France, proposes To amend the project on two points, yet crucial, " with a view to very much lightening the tax transparency obligations made to the multinationals of more than 750 million euros in turnover. Reflection has been conducting for several years.

Two days after these first revelations, another article, signed

Background, gives another color to this "white rating": "According to our information, the document was the subject of a consultation of several lobbies, and was built on the basis of a note written by the Medef, then amended by Bercy. An expert in taxation of the employer lobby appears as a perpetrator in the metadata of the document. " To justify AFEP's fright on Monday, there is a possible working text from the Ministry of Economy dictated by Cécile Duflot, the Executive Director of Oxfam France. In the meantime, this NGO as well as CCFD Earth Solidaire and Transparency International France accused the government to make "The Medef spokesman" on this subject. Battle of Lobbys

Normandy. Action near Bercy Against the closing of the last French recycling site

 Normandy. Action near Bercy Against the closing of the last French recycling site © Geoffroy van der Hasselt / AFP during the event in front of Bercy in Paris, Wednesday, April 28, 2021. A hundred protesters showed at the foot of the Ministry of the economy in Paris. They demand aid from the state against relocation The Darblay Chapel, last paper recycling center, based in Grand Couronne (Seine-Maritime).

All laws and negotiations, particularly in Brussels, are the subject of a battle of Lobbys, and NGOs and consumer associations play their score as much as they can in order to counterbalance the arguments of the large companies and powerful. See these reports as a manicated confrontation between the wicked lobbies and the Gentiles members of the European Commission or Parliament would be off-ground. What happens in Bercy is not a rocking point or a surprise: employers' organizations are traditionally more listened to the department than NGOs dealing with tax evasion.

The sentence of AFEP reveals mostly the fear of seeing the European Union go too far to their taste on the tax transparency of large companies. This

"is not a difficulty in itself, the problem is the disclosure of sensitive information to competitors", ensures the AFEP in echos. except that this European reflection has partly started after the media shock created by the cases revealed by the "luxleaks" in 2014 and the "Panama Papers" in 2016 , on the tax evasion around the world, and that the European Union must act. The tax transparency of large companies appears as one of the most effective ways to prevent economic offenses. And what emerged from the battle of the lobbies did not convince the European Parliament of something else.

Mask Faffaire: CSU prescribes more transparency .
The state-owned group has agreed on a draft member law, the place acts as a "Lex Sauter". Investments should be disclosed in the future on the euro and paid lobbying should be banned. © Peter Kneffel / DPA At the beginning of their exam, which was actually planned for January, the CSU Group met on Monday in the plenary hall of the state parliament. CSU prescribes more transparency on Tuesday, at lunchtime, Thomas Kreuzer had screwed down the expectations.

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