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12:30  04 may  2021
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Hamburger Rapper threatens deportation and death penalty

 Hamburger Rapper threatens deportation and death penalty The rapper Momo threatens the death penalty in his home country Iran, as he converted to Christianity. © Provided by www.musikexpress.de The rapper Momo threatens Iran's death penalty in his home country, as he converted to Christianity. The Mohammad Jaffari Alias ​​Momo, who lives from Iran, currently lives in Hamburg, threatens the deportation into his homeland and in the worst case even the death penalty. With the campaign #mombürt, his friends now try to prevent the worst.

The coming of the French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, in Beirut, Thursday, May 6, must be an opportunity to reformulate the roadmap traced by Emmanuel Macron to the multiples crises that strike the country of cedar.

Editorial of the "World". Politics, economic, financial and now humanitarian, the crisis that strikes Lebanon is the most serious since the Civil War of the years 1975-1990. This time, violence does not come from bombs, but the decommissioning that strikes the 6 million inhabitants of the former "Swiss of the Middle East".

eighteen months after the start of a long and vain popular mobilization against the confiscation of power by a cartel of Community parties, nine months after the tragic explosion of the port of Beirut, the country of cedar is no longer than the Shadow of himself. More than half of his population lives below the poverty line. Lebanon, long ranked in the upper tranche of intermediate revenues, has joined the category of poor countries.

false-positive tests at Schalke?

 false-positive tests at Schalke? Bundesliga relegated Schalke 04 announces two alleged Coronafals. The training is canceled. The tests are probably "wrong-positive". © Provided by sport1.de false-positive tests at Schalke? After two supposed corona cases, the training has been canceled on Tuesday at the Bundesliga relegated Schalke 04. As the closed bottom of the table, the PCR tests from Monday to a player and a member of the function team brought positive results.

This catastrophe is nothing natural. It follows from a terminal phase political system, including the founding ideal, the fair representation of communities, has reduced to a vulgar obsession, sharing the cake. The clientelism has phagocyte the state, paralyzing any public action. Prisoner of these grocer's calculations, Saad Hariri, appointed Prime Minister in October 2020, has still not made up of government.

In Lebanon, the party leaders persist in the policy of the worst

obviously, the politico-economic oligarchy makes the choice of the rot, it bets on the lassitude of the historic friend, France. In August, in the wake of the Explosion of the Port of Beirut, Emmanuel Macron had attempted to shake up the inertia of the system, giving his barons two weeks to form a government of experts, determined to reform the country. But this voluntarism faced a regime from which the idea of ​​collective interest disappeared. The French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, has certainly announced, Thursday, April 29, sanctions against Lebanese personalities "involved in the current political blockage or in corruption", which would take the form of restrictions. access to French territory.

MEPs request the EU Anti-corruption sanctions against Russia

 MEPs request the EU Anti-corruption sanctions against Russia EU-Russia: MEPs call on the EU anti-corruption sanctions against Russia © Reuters / Johanna Geron MEPs ask for the EU Anti-corruption sanctions against Russia by Robin Emmott Brussels (Reuters) - The European Union should follow the example of Great Britain and impose new anti-corruption sanctions against Russians suspected of fraud or pots - Wine, said the European Parliament on Thursday in a resolution highlighting a stronger line adopted with regard to Moscow.

Changing Braquet

The announcement also does not specify the identity of the leaders concerned or the precise nature of the sanctions, which singularly limits the deterrent, as well as the French nationality of certain Lebanese leaders. Moreover, the blocking opposite by the Hungary of Viktor Orban to sanctions across the European Union could make it possible to circumvent the sanctions of Paris and to enter France via another country of the Schengen area.

If Emmanuel Macron wants to remain faithful to the promises of solemn solidarity made in Lebanese, he has to change the Braquet. This goes through the publication of the list of penalized persons and the gel of the doubtful assets they own in France. Requisitions of the National Financial Prosecutor's Office for the opening of judicial information in Paris after the complaints of two NGOs for "poorly acquired property" aimed at Riad Salamé, governor of the Lebanon central bank, would constitute another signal.

The fortune of Riad Salamé, one of the most powerful men of Lebanon, interests French justice

The arrival of Mr. Le Drian in Beirut, Thursday, May 6, must also be the opportunity to rephrase the roadmap of The Elysee. Let's stop imagining that Lebanese parties will accept a day of sawing the branch on which they sit. The international community must push for the formation of a firm with exceptional legislative powers, as the country has experienced it in the 1960s and 1970s. Only one executive of this type will have sufficient independence to pass the reforms essential to the rescue from Lebanon.

Thousands Preferences trickle up vaccination - calls for punishments are louder .
The vaccination campaign in Germany progresses - and many who were not yet in turn, now want to be on it. Thousands try tricks or even false information. © Andre Lenthe Photography / Imago Images / Andre Lenthe In the face of increasing attempts from vaccinating, partly with false information to provide premature vaccination, the call will be punishable louder. "Although thousands are caught, but it lacks sanctions," said the Board of the German Foundation Patient Protection, Eugen Brysch.

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