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Hannes Wolf blooms on "his" position - Hütter the necessary keys?

 Hannes Wolf blooms on Already in the previous games one could observe an increasing form at Hannes Wolf. At the 5-0 against Bielefeld, the Austrians often criticized by many "trailers" even criticized by the best players of the Borussia . Maybe his appearance against the Arminia in the future is evaluated as the key game in the relationship between Wolf and the foals.

sausages, salad dressing or mayonnaise: without the sharp spice is missing something. A home classic remained unchanged for 100 years.

  Wie Estragon Senf zum Lieblingssenf der Österreicher wurde © unpict - Fotolia / Paul Blackl / Unpict - Fotolia

"Siaßa or Schoafa Mercure?" - The question of the preferred crowd is not only important on the sausage level. So diverse are the taste notes of the domestic classic called tarragon and Kremser mustard that the wrong tube should have already led to dramas on the family table: one is the middle harvest with his spicy tarragon and anisnotes too sharp. The other gray in front of the coarse grains and the light sweetness.

100 years of mustard production

Many could have been such disportioners. After all, the company Mautner Markhof rose in 1921, so 100 years ago, in the mustard production. His mustard is quite often in Austria. Not only in the two most popular varieties of the Austrians. 700 tonnes of mustard are processed annually for nine mustard species.

Association demands Camping holidays in Lower Saxony in May

 Association demands Camping holidays in Lower Saxony in May a release of the camping holiday in communities with a few corona restanships calls for the association of the campsite companies Lower Saxony. "We want that open," said the chairman Norbert Kloodt on Tuesday of the German Press Agency. "We have the self-sufficient holiday, sanitary facility and kitchen are in the campers, the squares are up to a hundred square meters big," he led out. Camper wanted to enjoy nature above all.

  Wie Estragon Senf zum Lieblingssenf der Österreicher wurde © Deutsch Gerhard from the brewery to the delicatessen

The company from Bohemian Brewer Adolf Ignaz Mautner from Markhof (1801-1889) in 1841 in Vienna-St. Marx was founded as a brewery, in Austria is not just for the seasoning paste. For decades, it worked in various divisions. Some members actually worked politically (ÖVP, Industrial Association, FPÖ or Liberal Forum). In 2004, the heirs sold to the Bavarian mustard manufacturer Delevey. It will continue to be manufactured in Vienna Simmering.

Native Classic

Many products from the HEUER 180 YEARS COMPANY HISTORY PURPOSES CLASSICS. Generations grew except with Kremser and tarragon mustard also with Hesperid vinegar. The mixture of winemaking and wine vinegar and apple juice has been on the market since 1927. Since 1929 there is syrups, many known as raspberry juice or "orangeade". Kren or ethical gurkerl has been part of the assortment since the post-war period. By the way: Only since the end of the 1940s the "original tarragon mustard" is pressed out of the tube. Before that they filled him in glasses and sold him under the brand "Dolphin Senf". The recipe should still be the same as 1921 today.

Corona Measures: Erdoğan lays the Turks dry

 Corona Measures: Erdoğan lays the Turks dry © AP / AP The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is strict alcohol and tobacco opponents. Erdoğan lays the Turks dry on Thursday begins in Turkey a three-week Lockdown. During this time, the sale of alcohol is prohibited throughout the country. "Let my fingers leave my alcohol" - that was the angry Twitter response to an alcohol sales ban, which the Turkish government was completely unexpectedly imposed on Tuesday in Ankara.

  Wie Estragon Senf zum Lieblingssenf der Österreicher wurde © Deutsch Gerhard The name "Original Kremser mustard" goes back to a brand dispute between Mautner Markhof and a mustard manufacturer from the Krem region, which produced the "real Kremser mustard". Although the Vienna entrepreneur sat down. The Kremser mustard itself was likely to have been mixed 500 years ago by winers of the area. Names point to Regional Primages

In general, many mustard names point to taste diversity and regional embossing. The French city of Dijon had the monopoly on the mustard production in the 13th century - their name still stands for a typical sharp mustard. Estragon mustard is a special variant thereof. But sharpness is not everything for a harmonious taste. "Good mustard can not be done with any vinegar," says a French proverb. The French must know it.

VFB record for Kalajdzic: "Just bring the ball into it and I'll do the gate" .
"who is interested?" The VFB Stuttgart has returned with a happy 2-1 win against Augsburg. After that, a duo beamed especially. © Imago Images From the stand: SASA Kalajdzic heads to the Stuttgart 2: 1 win against Augsburg. Whether he is satisfied? When Pellegrino Matarazzo was asked for the 2-1 victory against FC Augsburg at Dazn, he landed his head back and forth and rather answered, "We definitely won the victory." This is already "a bit far happy," the coach of the VFB Stuttgart acknowledge

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