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21:10  06 may  2021
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In the balance sheet scandal, according to a Wirecard's former DAX Group, it has given hints on irregularities for years before the insolvency.

Rote Lichter leuchten vor dem Schriftzug von Wirecard an der damaligen Firmenzentrale des Zahlungsdienstleisters. © Peter Kneffel / DPA Red lights light up before the lettering of Wirecard at the then company headquarters of the payment service provider.

He has seen in connection with the Wirecard business in India "Red Flags", ie dubious indications of inconsistencies, said the forensic of the auditing firm on Thursday in the Bundestag Inquiry Committee. He made aware of these clues. Nevertheless, the auditors are not discussed. The annual accounts would have been tested anyway.

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forensics are examiners working with criminalistic methods. The "Red Flags" appeared in the course of a special exam to the India business, the 45-year-old said. Since he did not work as an auditor in the true sense, he could not judge whether his hints for one intervention would have sufficient or not.

According to the Green Fiscal Politician Danyal Bayaz, the forensic honored EY's examiner colleagues with this statement. "There are strong evidence that risks were not sufficiently named and appropriate," he said. The testates of EY's auditor now looked "more questionable than it was already the case». Examiner of EY had appreciated Balance of the Group before Wirecard Bankruptcy in June 2020 and are now confessed with the accusation, not exactly enough to have.

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The Wirecard case is considered the largest balance sheet scandal of the German post-war period: a suspected billions of charges with damage to thousands of small investors. In the summer of last year, Wirecard acknowledged a balance sheet of 1.9 billion euros. The Munich Public Prosecutor's Office assumes that the company has ruled spot gains since 2015.

In the Inquiry Committee also spoke a former lawyer of the scandal company. He rejected allegations, according to which the respective demonstration allegations were freely invented in the case. That was not limited to a predator pistol, "said the Munich. He has received information about very concrete data, numbers and people.

The lawyer had reported the public prosecutor's office Munich 2019, Wirecard will erupt from the media industry. As a result, Financial Supervision had banned BaFin bets on falling courses at Wirecard - what many investors interpreted as a sign, in the scandal company, despite critical media reports, everything was fine. According to the deputies, the suspected billions of billions was only uncovered much later.

He has passed on his information about the extortion, "because it was my job as a representative of a then injured in a market manipulation process," said the lawyer. He had not been involved in the decision to the short sale ban.

of the Munich reported, his contact persons at Wirecard had been Group Chef Markus Braun, Top Manager Jan Marsal's and ChefjustiCiarin Andrea Görres. From Marsalk he feels deceived, from Braun, as well, he said - by Görres, if not. Brown is already in custody, Marsalk is on the run. Both are accused of being significantly responsible for the alleged billions fraud at Wirecard.

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