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21:25  08 may  2021
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Urban Development, Mobility and Environment: City of Cologne writes three new top jobs from

 Urban Development, Mobility and Environment: City of Cologne writes three new top jobs from from the municipal election to the signing of the Alliance Agreement between the Greens, the CDU and Volt passed many months. Since the parties agree, it is faster: the bodies of the new members, their future functions and tasks you have negotiated long, are already advertised. Explained Will of the Council Alliance is to re-occupy the vacant places before the summer break.

The coalition agreement in the southwest takes the last hurdle: Greens and CDU wave the work with a broad majority.

Winfried Kretschmann kann sich am Mittwoch zum dritten Mal zum Ministerpräsidenten wählen lassen. © dpa winfried kretschmann can be choose to prime minister on Wednesday for the third time.

eight weeks after the state election, Green and CDU in Baden-Württemberg approved on separate party days to the coalition agreement for a new edition of their coalition . According to the Greens, the delegates of an CDU party tag with a large majority for the agreement.

This allows the Green Winfried Kretschmann to go to the Prime Minister on Wednesday for the third time. First, the Greens had agreed to the contract. 188 delegates voted with yes, 23 with no, 9 contained.

Still in this legislative period: Federal Finance Minister Scholz promises new climate law

 Still in this legislative period: Federal Finance Minister Scholz promises new climate law Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz wants to act quickly after the climate judgment in Karlsruhe. A new legislative proposal should be until 26 September 2021. © Photo: Imago / Jens Chic Olaf Scholz, Federal Minister of Finance, SPD, and Angela Merkel, Chancellor, CDU, at the government bank in the German Bundestag. The Federal Government strives for a rapid adaptation of the climate protection law according to the judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court.

then followed the delegates of the CDU - with 209 yes votes, 44 against, 11 abstentions. Both party days were mostly virtually held. Kretschmann and CDU country leader Thomas Strobl had previously encouraged for the consent to the coalition agreement.

"This is the greenest coalition agreement of all time. And so I'm not just Baden-Württemberg, but the entire republic, "said Kretschmann in the congress in Stuttgart. "This renewal agreement is grass green, but not because we have gagged the CDU, but because the times require it."

Strobl spoke of a "steep and stony way" of the coalition negotiations. "The Greens have occurred pretty much-legged and it was not always easy." Coalition always means compromise. The CDU has intensively with the green gangs, it was quite well suited to anchor many ideas of the CDU.

Facilitations for Corona vaccinated in North Rhine-Westphalia

 Facilitations for Corona vaccinated in North Rhine-Westphalia Who was vaccinated or already infected with the coronavirus, do not have a negative quick test in stores from Monday. In other federal states similar regulations apply. © Rupert Oberhäuser / Picture Alliance Shopping stroll only with rapid test: Vaccinated and genisen in NRW are now except If you want to shop on Monday, you do not need to submit a negative corona short test in North Rhine-Westphalia, provided one is completely vaccinated or recover from a COVID 19 disease.

Many green criticized further cooperation with the CDU

Strobl, who is in Baden-Württemberg Interior Minister, emphasized the internal security and sustainability in fiscal policy. The CDU must now profile through good governance.

At the state election in mid-March, the Greens in Baden-Württemberg had a historical victory and left their coalition partner CDU 8.5 percentage points behind. In the Greens, there had been significant resistance to Kretschmann's desire for Kretschmann's desire to regain again with the Union. Many in the party prefer to have seen a traffic light alliance with SPD and FDP .

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 CDU: CDU party feet Armin Lashet explains after the nomination of Hans-Georg Maaßen, which he expects from the controversial candidate in southern Huringen. © Andreas Gora / Getty Images Good mood makes the Causa Maaßen not exactly the CDU party chairman Armin Lashet. "I give the rules before" Armin Lashet radiates so satisfied as if he had already won the general election. However, only on a poster that they have hung in the CDU headquarters of their Chancellor's candidate.

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unfavorable appointment: CDU party congress is in the autumn holidays .
The mood was positive at the session of the CDU country board on Monday evening. NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet was praised by the former NRW Minister of Economic Affairs Christa Thoben for his in their opinion a very successful appearance at the ARD Talkin Anne. All attacks were well stored, it was said. Lashes have shown that he has chancellor format. © dpa Armin Laschet clarified: "My place is in Berlin." The meeting of the state council was expected with tension.

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